New Student Checklist

Use the New Student Checklist to get organized and stay ahead as you prepare for university.

Before Classes Begin

Your First Week of Class

  • Attend your classes! Try introducing yourself to professors, TAs, and a few classmates.
  • Order your books and supplies at the Campus Bookstore.
  • Join a society based on your interests! Checking out the list of active societies and groups.
  • Pick up your Halifax Transit U-Pass through SMUSA and the SMUSA Info Desk in the O'Donnell Hennessey Student Centre. Students may be eligible to opt-out of the U-Pass and must opt-out during the opt-out period.
  • Learn about the health plan and download your plan card(s) on the Student VIP website. Students may be eligible to opt-out of the health plan during the opt-out period. Dependents can also be added to the plan(s) for an extra fee during this period. Contact with questions or to learn more.
  • Review and pay tuition fees by the Winter Term deadline through the Service Centre.