Retail Analytics Program

Next Program Date: September 3 - 27, 2024

Online Certificate Program


Throughout the program, Category Management Analysts and Category Managers will gain a comprehensive understanding of the strategic importance of data and analytics in driving effective category management. They will acquire in-depth knowledge and practical skills related to analyzing pricing dynamics, optimizing merchandising strategies, conducting insightful assortment planning, and executing impactful promotional campaigns.

Participants will learn how to develop disciplined routines and best practices for data collection, analysis, and reporting, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve category performance. They will also explore strategies to strengthen collaboration between analysts and decision-makers, fostering a cohesive and synergistic partnership that results in winning category strategies.

By the end of the program, Category Management Analysts and Category Managers will be equipped with the tools and insights to confidently navigate the complexities of category management, leverage data-driven approaches, and effectively contribute to the growth and success of their organizations in a highly competitive retail landscape.

Program Objectives

  1. Gaining a conceptual holistic understanding of how analytics can add value and informed decision-making to the business landscape
  2. Understanding how to organize data, create automation and produce insightful reporting for easier interpretation and digestion geared toward varied audiences.
  3. Developing extensive data skills for practitioners to produce meaningful analysis and reporting to be more effective in their role.
  4. Inducing a mind shift from producing canned reporting to preparing detailed value-added analyses and reporting


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