Custom Programs

Enroll in our tailored custom programs, designed to meet the unique needs of your company. Our expert instructors collaborate closely with you, analyzing your organization's requirements and meeting with your executives to develop a custom program. With a deep understanding of your challenges and goals, we create a program that addresses specific skill gaps, empowering your employees to excel in their roles. Our practical guidance and industry insights deliver immediate impact, supporting your organization's growth and unlocking new possibilities for success. 

The David Sobey Centre team did a great job on our custom Category Management Training for the Northgate organization. They took the time to learn about the Northgate stores and our competition. And importantly they also learned our culture. The training was highly effective and well-received because of the team's willingness to customize the syllabus to reflect the “Northgate Way.” I am confident that our organization will have accelerated success due to this training.

Dan Jones, Sr. Director, Strategic Pricing & Data Integrity, Northgate Markets

Category Management - Custom Program

Our Custom Category Management Program is designed to meet the specific training needs of your Category Management Team. The program offers a comprehensive approach to embed discipline into daily routines with engaging sessions taught by leading industry experts.

View brochure here: Category Management Custom Program Brochure

Leadership Skills for Store Managers - Custom Program

The objective of the program is to develop the personal leadership and decision-making skills of store managers to help them become more effective in their roles. Store managers who are highly successful, think strategically, get the best out of their staff, and utilize data and technology to make evidence-based decisions. This program will develop the leadership and decision-making skills of store managers (and district managers).

View brochure here: Leadership Skills for Store Managers Custom Program Brochure

Customized Retail Team Education

Are you looking for something tailored to your company or industry's unique needs? Contact us. We are happy to create a program that will boost your team's skills, connections to each other, and abilities to innovate and cope with change.