The David Sobey Centre conducts and funds applied and collaborative research addressing real issues and opportunities relevant to the retail sector. The centre's research provides insights that improve business practices and outcomes for retailers. 

Work at the DSC addresses cutting-edge issues such as applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) in retail, labour challenges, development of leaders, changing consumer behaviour, digital marketing and sustainability, among other topics.

This research is accomplished through the DSC's unique approach and infrastructure which include: 


The DSC brings together expertise from all areas of business (as such marketing, management, strategy, finance, and accounting) as well as allied fields such as psychology, information systems, engineering, computer science and more to conduct multidisciplinary research addressing unanswered questions. Through multidisciplinary research, DSC faculty find innovative answers to questions and challenges facing the retail sector.


DSC-sponsored research projects are often conducted in collaboration with retail companies, which allows access to real-life data. Collaboration with retailers allows DSC to engage in research that is relevant to the retail sector.

Infrastructure and Equipment

DSC’s research infrastructure includes a biometric research lab, a digital innovation lab, a mock store and a cashier-less retail store that is also a “living lab”. Researchers can conduct unique research using our world-class research infrastructure and equipment such as EEG (to analyze brain activity), eye-tracking, facial recognition, etc. 

Sharing and Dissemination

The DSC empowers the retail community to make more effective decisions across the retail value chain. We do this by disseminating our research findings through blogs, short videos, panel discussions & symposia and executive programs. By providing easy access to insightful research, the DSC helps retailers make better decisions and improve their business outcomes.   


Through its annual research funding program, the DSC has awarded research grants of more than $500,000 to support 48 unique research projects spanning all functional areas of business as well as organizational psychology, computer science, engineering, and geography. DSC enables the creation of new knowledge by supporting unique research.