Opening in 2024, the David Sobey Centre's automated Store-Lab, located in the Sobeys Inspiration Hub at Saint Mary's University, will serve as a "living lab," providing an exceptional infrastructure for research, education and customer experience. 

The DSC Store-Lab creates collaborative opportunities with brands and retailers, offering an exclusive platform to showcase their products, experiment, and gain valuable insights. Through collaboration with the DSC, retailers gain access to academic expertise and leverage cutting-edge research methods, driving forward their businesses.

Automated cashier-less store technology revolutionizes retail by eliminating traditional checkout processes. Using advanced technologies like computer vision and AI, shoppers can enter, select items, and leave without waiting in line. This seamless and efficient experience enhances convenience and offers a glimpse into the future of personalized and frictionless shopping.

At the heart of the DSC Store-Lab are four key facets that redefine the retail experience for customers and the research potential for our faculty:

1. Retailing

Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind shopping experience within our cashier-less store, the first of its kind in Atlantic Canada. Explore a diverse assortment of health & beauty products, over-the-counter medications, home goods, gift items, electronics, fashion & accessories, and more.

2. Technology Showcase/Testing

Powering the operations of our automated store are cutting-edge proprietary technologies developed by the DSC, alongside innovative solutions acquired from strategic partnerships with Canadian tech companies. Ongoing testing and experimentation with new and emerging technologies will shape the future of retail.

3. Research

Our store acts as a hub for consumer research, product testing, and exploration of novel technologies. Through A/B testing experiments and biometric research, we uncover valuable insights. Faculty associated with the DSC and industry collaborations initiate testing of products, packaging, and technologies, fostering a dynamic environment for innovation.

4. Education

Providing invaluable experiential learning opportunities for Retail Management students, the DSC Store-Lab is where they gain hands-on experience in category management and store operations. Select students participate in technology development projects, while others engage in impactful research endeavors.