Innovation Projects

Technology Shaping the Future of Retail

In today’s retail sector, it’s not enough for brands to keep pace with changes. To thrive and grow, retailers must get out in front of the changes and shape the future.

At the David Sobey Centre, researchers are developing technology to power the next generation of retail innovation.

Retail has never been easy, but now the industry faces unprecedented challenges, from inflation and supply chain issues to trouble attracting talent and satisfying ever-increasing customer expectations.

As a professor in the Division of Engineering, I'm drawn to the complexities of retail. From revolutionizing customer experiences with AI and machine learning to harnessing the potential of computer vision and IoT for inventory management, the retail space offers a dynamic playground for applying precision and innovative solutions. It's where theory meets practice, and each challenge is an opportunity to reshape commerce in the digital age.

Dr. Jason Rhinelander

For David Sobey Centre researchers, each challenge presents an opportunity to create real-world solutions.

We’re not talking about quick fixes that just keep struggling organizations in the game. We partner with retailers to create solutions that move the whole sector forward.

Step into our Retail Imagination Lab and discover three breakthrough technologies developed on campus by our diverse team of researchers:

We’re continually adding to this list. Be sure to follow our LinkedIn page for breaking news about our latest inventions.