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Now Hiring Residence Assistants! 

Do you want to make a difference in our residence community? Would you like to be a part of a supportive and diverse team of student leaders?  

Consider applying to be a Residence Assistant (RA) for the 2021-2022 Academic Year 

The RA Application deadline has been extended! 

RA Applications are now due on Thursday, February 25th at 11:59pm. The RA application is submitted online. 

RAs work about 15 hours a week within an 8 month contract (September-August). RAs are paid approximately $14.91 an hour. 

More information regarding the RA position and the application process can be found in the digital information booklet below: 

Residence Assistant (RA) Application Information Package

The RA Application Package consists of four (4) parts: 

1. Residence Assistant (RA) Personal Statement (document provided below)

    RA Personal Statement

2. RA Applicant Schedule (document provided below) 

    RA Applicant Schedule 2021-2021

3. A Current Resume (to be provided by the applicant) 

Once completed, the first three (3) parts of the RA application Package are to be submitted to the RA Selection Committee through the following online form. This form will ask applicants to provide some more personal information prior to uploading the first three (3) parts of the RA Application Package documents. Applicants will need to log into thier SMU student email account to access the submission form. The link to this submission form can be found below: 

RA Application Package Submission Form  

The fourth and final part of the RA Application Package are RA Recommendation Forms. These forms are to be filled out by student peers from the SMU community.   

RA Applicants are required to have current or former SMU students complete an RA recommendation form. RA Applicants can ask up to ten (10) current or former SMU students to fill out a recommendation form on their behalf. The more recommendation forms that are submitted the stronger your RA application will beRA applicants cannot fill out recommendation forms for themselves. The link to the RA recommendation form can be found below: 

RA Recommendation Form 

If you have any questions regarding the RA application process, please reach out to We are happy to provide clarification and answer any questions that arise.  

All the best and good luck!  

The RA Selection Committee  

RA Selection Committee