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Each year, Residence Life strives to create an inclusive, engaged and diverse residence community through our programming initiatives. The RLEAs recognize and reward Residence students who actively build our community. Students must participate in at least one of each of the ‘Basic 8’ ways to get involved in residence in order to be eligible. The more you participate, and the more leadership positions you take on, the higher your chances are of receiving an award.

Residence Leadership & Engagement Award Overview

Are you a Residence student who wants to actively engage in the Residence Community? Do you want to establish yourself as a student leader on campus? Would you like your contribution to the Residence Community recognized? Start working toward a Residence Leadership & Engagement Award today!

Are you a residence student...

Up to ten $1000 awards are available for residence students who engage in our Residence programming. All residence students are encouraged to work toward the award and complete an application. Paid Residence student staff are eligible for a separate award.

Award recipients will be announced in March at the Residence Banquet. Start working on the award early by attending Residence programming on a weekly basis! Check Res Top 5, ask your RA, look for posters, or stop by the Residence Life Office to ask about upcoming programming. We offer a variety of programming every week.

We encourage you all to attend residence events to contribute to the Residence community and open your gateway towards the RLEA Awards!

It is very important that you track your own engagements and make sure to sign in at the programs you attend to make sure all your engagements are counted. You must attend at least one of each of the Basic 8, but the more you engage the higher your chances are of receiving an award!

Check out the link below to learn more about the Residence Leadership and Engagement Awards.

RLEA Information Package

RLEA Application Package

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