If a student has a credit balance, their "Account Summary by Term" in Self Service Banner will have a dash (-) before the dollar sign of the Account Balance. Therefore a credit of $100.00 looks like -$100.00. 

When students have a credit on their account, they may be entitled to a refund. Refunds can be issued to students when it is determined a third party, such as a sponsor, scholarship or student loan has no claim on the credit balance. Interac online payments through Self Service Banner are refunded using the Interac system.

Scholarship & Bursary Refunds

International Student Prepayments

Graduate student refunds


How to request a refund

Refund requests: Send an email (from your preferred email address in Self Service Banner) to Students will need to provide: a request for the credit, their full name, A# and confirm local address. A cheque will be mailed to your local address listed in Self Service Banner within 10 business days of receiving the request. If there is no local mailing address, the cheque will be mailed to your Permanent address.

Verify your addresses and/or email address in Self Service Banner under the Personal Information section. Local and email addresses can be updated online.

To update Permanent address, complete Change of Permanent Address form and email to

Scholarship & Bursary Refunds

A student who has had their entire term balance paid by scholarship or bursary and has a credit on their account, can request a refund after the last day to withdraw from courses with a tuition refund.

Please visit Course Withdrawal Schedules. Questions about refund eligibility can be directed to the Service Centre.

International student prepayments

In some countries, tuition prepayments can be beneficial in the successful processing of study permits and/or visas. In these cases, refunds can be provided under the following conditions:

  1. Students show proof of visa or permit refusal or do not enter Canada and show proof of visa/permit cancellation.
  2. Students return home and notify Canadian Immigration officials of their return, and show proof of the cancellation of their Canadian study permit.
  3. In an instance where a student enrolls in virtual courses without having obtained their study permit and it is not granted, tuition fees will be refunded in accordance with the course withdrawal regulations and schedule.

Refunds are returned to the payee, in the country of origin and are pro-rated according to the refund schedule, less any required University deposits, administrative fees and services charged.


Graduate refunds
Graduate students requesting a refund of Graduate awards will be issued refund cheques. Students living off campus will receive their cheque via mail.

Note: Refund cheques may take up to two weeks to be issued and received via mail. Students are expected to budget/plan accordingly for the processing and mailing of their cheque. Students registering or requesting their refund cheques late, will experience delays receiving their funds.

Refund Requests: View information on how to request your refund cheque.

Graduate students awarded University administered fellowships and scholarships (e.g. an FGSR Fellowship, FGSR Graduate Award, Tri-Council Scholarship/Award) will receive their funds (less tuition and associated fees) in three installments, one at the beginning of each term, provided they are registered early in full time studies and are in good academic standing and request their refunds by email as follows:

Fall Term- Register by August 5, 2022 and request a refund cheque by emailing by August 30, 2022 to receive the 1st installment via mail on September 7, 2022.

Winter Term- Register by December 2, 2022 and request a refund cheque by emailing by December 20, 2022 to receive the 2nd installment via mail on January 6, 2023.

Summer Term- Register by April 7, 2023 and request a refund cheque by emailing by April 18, 2023 to receive the 3rd installment via mail by May 5, 2023.

MBA students will receive their scholarships in two installments in September and January provided they have registered on time.