Course Withdrawal Schedules

Course Withdrawal Regulations

Final Grades:
W- Authorized withdrawal from course, not calculated in GPA.
F- Failure or withdrawal after deadline, calculated in GPA.

Graduate Students - 2016 Summer Graduate Refund Schedule (PDF)

May- June 2016

 Classes held  May 9- Jun 23 (7 Weeks)

Dates Refund Final Grade
Until May 13 100% No grade
May 14- May 20 55% W
May 21- May 27 35% W
May 28- Jun 16 0% W
Jun 17- Jun 23 0% F







Classes held May 9- Aug 19 (16 Weeks)

Dates Refund Final Grade
Until May 18 100% No grade
May 19- May 25 70% W
May 26- Jun 1 55% W
Jun 2- Jun 8 40% W
Jun 9- Jun 15 25% W
Jun 16- Jul 15 0% W
Jul 16- Aug 19 0% F

July- August 2016

 Classes held Jul 4- Aug 19 (7 Weeks)

Dates Refund Final Grade
Until Jul 8 100% No grade
Jul 9- Jul 15 55% W
Jul 16- Jul 22 35% W
Jul 23- Aug 11 0% W
Aug 12- Aug 19 0% F

Course Withdrawal Regulations

Additional withdrawal information can be found in the Academic Calendar- Academic Regulations, Section 16.

Course Withdrawals

  1. Non- attendance in a course does not constitute an official withdrawal. Students must drop courses online through Self Service Banner. 
  2. Students who officially withdraw after the last day to add or drop courses are eligible for a proportional adjustment of tuition over a four week period. Student fees, medical, dental and U-Pass are non-refundable after the last day to add and drop courses.
  3. Students are responsible for all tuition and related charges. The Course Withdrawal Schedule will apply to the date the student withdrew in Self Service Banner, regardless of when they stopped attending the course.
  4. Students who leave the University without officially withdrawing and who subsequently officially apply for and are granted a retro-active withdrawal by the University, will be charged a $50.00 administration processing fee in addition to the regular University fees assessed up to the official withdrawal date established by the Registrar. Student fees such as medical, dental, U-Pass, student association and journal fees are non-refundable for retroactive withdrawals.


  1. If a student lives in Residence and withdraws completely from the University, they must notify the Centre for Housing and Residence Life. Please view the Residence Life Handbook- Residence Agreement section for details about penalties and fees.

Scholarships & Student Loans

  1. Students who have a Scholarships or Student Loan should contact Financial Aid & Awards before withdrawing from any courses. Withdrawing from a course could affect renewal of the scholarship or Student Loan funding.

Credits and Refunds.

  1. For more information about credits on a students account, resulting from a course withdrawal please visit our Refunds webpage.

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