Final Exams and Grades FAQ

Where is my final exam?

For classroom codes on and off campus, please click here. For detailed locations of on-campus building, visit our Registration FAQs page.

When will the exam schedule be posted?

The final exam schedule for the fall term is posted in early November. The winter term exam schedule is posted in early March.

Summer session I and II exam schedules are posted within 3 weeks after the term begins.

Where is the exam schedule posted?

The exam schedule is posted in Self Service Banner. For information on how to view your exam schedule, please click here.

What if I have two or more exams scheduled at the same time?

If you have an exam conflict on your schedule, contact your Academic Advising Office as soon as possible. Exam scheduling conflicts include:

  • More than one exam scheduled at the same time.
  • Exam(s) scheduled outside of the official exam timeframe (8:30 a.m.-10 p.m.), according to your local time.
  • More than two exams or more than six hours of exams scheduled in one day.

What happens if I miss an exam?

If for extraordinary reasons you are unable to write your final exam, submit a Deferred Exam Request to your Academic Advising Office for that course as soon as possible. Information on the deferred final exam process can be found under Academic Regulation 10.  

When are my final grades posted?

In the case of courses in which no formal examination was scheduled within the formal examination period, final grades should be posted within one week from the beginning of the formal examination period.

In the case of courses in which a formal examination was scheduled within the formal examination period, final grades should be posted within a week from the day on which the formal examination was written.

In the case of courses taught in Summer Sessions, grades are posted no later than one week from the last day of instruction in the course.

How do I appeal a final grade?

Please click here for information regarding final grade appeals.

How do I calculate my GPA?

For guidelines on how to calculate your GPA, please click here.

What happens when I repeat a course?

In the case of a repeated course, the highest grade is included in GPA calculations. Adjustments for repeated courses are processed after all final grades for a specified term are received. If you have retaken a course, allow 3-4 weeks after the official final exam period for your CGPA to be adjusted.

Both the final grades will appear on your transcript, but the first grade of the repeated course is not included in the GPA calculation.

Where do I get an unofficial transcript?

Unofficial transcripts are available online through Self Service Banner.

If you need an official transcript, please complete a Transcript Request Form.