Joint Master of Arts in Women and Gender Studies Program

2022-2023 Timetable


Graduate Coordinators 2022-2023

Saint Mary’s University:
Dr. Michele Byers
McNally South 425
Email: michele.byers@smu.ca

Mount Saint Vincent University:
Dr. Marnina Gonick
CAR 102
Phone: 902-457-5988
Email: marnina.gonick@msvu.ca

Administrative Staff 

MSVU                                                             SMU
Phoebe Smith                                                Maria Shaw
Seton 561                                                        MS 424     
902-457-6547                                                  902-420-5871                                  
Email:   phoebe.smith@msvu.ca                     Email: maria.shaw@smu.ca


Mount Saint Vincent University

GWGS 6601.01 Feminist Theory         GWGS 6620.01 ST in Women and Gender Studies
                                                               Title:         African and African Diasporic Feminisms
Term:            Fall                                    Term:        Winter               
Day/Time:     T  4:30-7:00pm                  Day/Time: T 4:30-7:00pm                                      
Instructor:     Marnina Gonick                 Instructor:  J. Maki Motapanyane
Location:      Seton 555                          Location:   McCain 105

Saint Mary’s University

WGST 6603.01  Graduate Seminar                   WGST 6602.02   Feminist Methodologies
Term:                   Fall                                           Term:                   Winter
Day/Time:            T 10:00am-12:29pm                 Day/Time:            MW  11:00am-12:45pm
Instructor:            Michele Byers                           Instructor:            Michele Byers
Location:              L 177                                        Location:              MM 211

  • GWGS courses are taught at Mount Saint Vincent University and WGST courses are taught at Saint Mary’s University.
  • MSVU students register for ALL their courses through MSVU.
  • SMU students register for ALL their courses through SMU.


Students may take electives at either MSVU or SMU. Below you will find a selection of relevant elective courses for GWGS/WGST graduate students. It is possible to take other university courses as well as Directed Reading/Independent Study courses of particular interest to you. Please consult with your Program Coordinator about how to do this.

  • Students should consult the relevant calendars for course descriptions and are responsible for ensuring that any requirements for admission to courses are met. 
  • Students may need permission from the professor and / or their Program Coordinator before enrolling in electives. Additional forms may also need to be submitted for registration purposes.
  • Please consult with your Program Coordinator about your elective courses.*

Notes re Elective Courses at MSVU:

  • All courses with a “WOMS” prefix must be upgraded to Graduate Level by the instructor of the course using one of the Directed/Independent Study Numbers noted above, an upgraded to graduate level course outline and appropriate permission forms completed and approved before the course is available on the system and registration can take place. (Link to Directed/Independent Study Form: https://www.msvu.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Directed-Study-Form-for-MSVU-electives.pdf)
  • All courses with a “GWGS” prefix are at graduate level and can be registered for using the course number listed.
  • Independent/Directed Study Numbers: GWGS 6609, 6614, 6615, 6616. Directed Reading / Independent Study courses are one-on-one courses developed in consultation with a professor. Please consult with your Graduate Coordinator for additional information about the process.
  • Thesis: GWGS 6699(01)A Fall; GWGS 6699(01)B Winter; Continuation: GWGS 6699(02)

Notes re Elective Courses at SMU:           

  • Many of the SMU electives are upper level undergraduate courses housed in departments and programs across the Faculty of Arts.
  • DO NOT register for these courses online, through Banner. For these courses to COUNT towards your degree, they must be assigned a graduate level course numbers (these start with a 6).
  • Discuss your potential electives choices with your Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC)—they will help you make your selection and will help you fill out the appropriate paperwork (the DS form below), and a course outline with the professor that includes an addendum explaining how the course will be upgraded for graduate students.
  • You may also be interested in exploring the possibility of taking a Directed Reading course as one or more of your electives. Directed Reading (DR) courses are one-on-one courses developed in consultation with a professor, usually in an area of their specialization for which no regular course is being offered. Your GPC can help you decide if a DR course is right for you, and who might be an appropriate professor to approach.
  • All electives require the same paperwork: https://smu.ca/webfiles/DirectedStudyApplication-withsignature.pdf. Your GPC will help you fill out these forms.
  • The SMU WGST Thesis Course Numbers are WGST 6698(0) and WGST 6699(0)—you do not need to register for them until the rest of your course work is complete.

* In some cases, students may take courses at another institution, if the relevant course is not offered at either SMU or MSVU. This requires additional paperwork and may requirement addition payment for courses. Students wishing to take a course at another institution should speak to their graduate program coordinator.


Mount Saint Vincent University Elective Courses 2022-23
Note: Courses listed as (18) are online only

Fall 2022 / Winter 2023

GCYS 6025.01
  Equity, Accessibility, Diversity and Inclusion in Child & Youth Study   
Winter  Th 04:30-07:00  Sarah Reddington  McC 106

GFDD 6501.01  Gender, Sexuality & Education         
Winter  Th 04:30-07:00  Marnina Gonick  TBA

GFDD 6531.01  Feminism & Educational Practices.   
Fall  Th 04:30-07:00  Marnina Gonick  SAC 337

GWGS 6612.01  Senior Seminar: Critical Perspectives on Gender & Violence
Winter MW 12:00-01:15  Adwoa Onuora, Nancy's Chair at MSVU  McC 302

To upgrade to Graduate Level, please see Notes re Electives at MSVU.
Electives MUST be arranged in consultation with instructor of the course.

Fall 2022

CANA 2301  Black Culture in Canada
Th 04:30-07:00  El Jones SAC 503

ENGL 3311  Indigenous Feminisms & Sexualities
T Th 12:00-01:15  Bernadette Russo  SAC 555

WOMS 3371 / SOAN 3371  Women, Resistance and Empowerment   
T Th 12:00-01:15  Maki Motapanyane  McC 301

WOMS 3400 / POLS 3400 / PHIL 3400  Sex Work & Sex Trafficking
MW 10:30-11:45 Gayle MacDonald  McC 105

Winter 2023

CULS 2211  Canadian Popular Culture
Th 04:30-07:00  El Jones  SAC 503

ENGL 2207  Queer Literature and Culture
T Th 10:30-11:45  Bernadette Russo  SAC 549

FSGN 3314  Family Violence
F  09:00-11:45  Deborah Norris  EV 401

FSGN 3552(18)  LGBTQ Families
W  12:00-01:15  TBA  Online

HIST 3314  Witches, Witch-Hunters and Scholars 
MW  01:30-02:45  Adriana Benzaquen  SAC 553

WOMS 3301 / PSYC 3331(18)  ST:  Feminist Counselling
04:30-07:00  Mary Delaney  Online 

WOMS 3309  Feminism and Knowledge
T Th 12:00-01:15  Maki Motapanyane  McC 105

WOMS 3322 / POLS 3322(18)  Politics and Sex
M  04:30-06:00  Meredith Ralston  Online

WOMS 3341  Legal Status of Women
MW 10:30-11:45  Gayle MacDonald  SAC 505

WOMS 3365 / PSYC 3365  Psychology of Women
h  03:00-05:45  TBA  TBA

WOMS 3391 / POLS 3391  Gender and International Relations
MW  01:30-02:45  Maya Eichler  TBA

MSVU buildings for class location: SAC = Seton,  McC = McCain,  EV  =  Evaristus

Saint Mary’s University Elective Courses 2022-23

To upgrade to Graduate Level, please see Notes re Electives at SMU
Electives MUST be arranged in consultation with instructor of the course

Fall 2022

ENGL 2827.1  Disability Studies
TR 01:00-02:15  Seán Kennedy  ME 108

ENGL 3361.1  African Women’s Writing
TR 01:00-02:15  Gugu Hlongwane  MM 223

ENGL 3343.1  Cultural Studies
MW 230 – 345  Henghameh Saroukhani  ME 107

ENGL 3791.1  Writing Poetry ***
F 10:00-12:30  Luke Hathaway  L 178

ENGL 3462.1  Post-1945 Black British Writing
MW 1130-1245  Henghameh Saroukhani  Burke 218

HIST  3000.1  The Discipline of History
W 01:00-02:15  Tim Stretton  B 201

HIST 3471.1  History of Indigenous & Settler Relations
F 10-12:45  Heather Green  L 276

PHIL 4555 / 6585.1  Feminist Philosophy
MW 04:00-05:15  Emma McClure  L 177

POLI 4999.1  Public Policy Challenges: Gender, Race, and Class
R  04:00-06:30  Alexandra Dobrowolsky  MM211

SOCI 4210.1  Forced Migration and Refugees
TBA  Evie Tastsoglou  TBA

WGSS 4100.1  Trans* Studies
M  04:00-06:30  TBA  ME 104

Winter 2023

ENGL 3791.2  Literatures of the Black Atlantic
MW 2:30-3:45  Henghameh Saroukhani  MM 335

ENGL 4477.2  Advanced Poetry Writing ***
F 10:00-12:30  Luke Hathaway  MM 223

ENGL 4827.2  Literatures of Migration
MW 11:30-12:45  Henghameh Saroukhani  L 282

POLI 4510.2  Honours Seminar in Political Science
F 10:00-12:30  Lyubov Zhyznomirska  ATR217

SJCS 4432.2  Gender & Law
T  04:00-06:30  Val Johnson  B 201

SOCI 4382.2  Gender & International Migration 
M 04:00-06:30  Evie Tastsoglou  ME 104

SOCI 4827.2  Social Networks
TR 01:00-02:15  Augie Westhaver  ME 101

WGSS 3100.2  Reproductive Justice & Parenting 
MW  01:00-02:15  Tatjana Takseva  B 2018

WGSS 4826.2  ST: Transnational Feminism
MW 02:30-03:45  Harshita Yalamarty  MM 201 

  • If you are interested in a course that is not listed here, or you cannot find what you’re looking for, please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator, Michele Byers.

***Creative writing courses require submission of a writing sample and permission of the instructor. If you are interested, please contact the professor(s) as soon as possible.

a This course will include discussions of feminist theories contributions to international relations, security studies, and military studies (more information will follow in F2022).

b This is a required course for History Majors and involves a lot of reading. It will be useful for students who are interested in doing historical research, but they should check in with Prof. Stretton about what is required

*Notes on SMU courses: 

  • TR indicates classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursday (R would indicate just Thursday).
  • SMU Buildings—see the campus map 
  • MM refers to McNally Main, the main section of the McNally Building, whose main doors are at 923 Robie Street.
  • MS refers to the south wing of McNally.
  • MN refers to the north wing of McNally.
  • ME refers to the east wing of McNally.
  • B refers to the Burke building.
  • ATR refers to the Atrium building.
  • L or LOY refers to the Loyola building.
  • S refers to the Sobey building.
  • Hom is the Homburg Centre.
  • BDLI is the Buddy Daye Learning Center, 5450 Cornwallis St. Halifax
Faculty of Arts
Women and Gender Studies
McNally South, Room 424