Women and Gender Studies - Graduate Program

Program Requirements

The Master of Arts in Women and Gender Studies is a 30 credit program that includes both course work and a thesis. It can be pursued either full time or part time. The degree can be completed in two years. Graduate students have five years to complete all degree requirements. All students are required to complete the following courses:

  • Theories of Feminism (3 credit hours)

  • Feminist Methodology (3 credit hours)

  • Graduate Seminar (3 credit hours)
  • Elective in Theory or Method (3 credit hours)
  • Independent Study/Electives (6 credit hours)
  • Thesis (12 credit hours)
  • FGSR 9000

Students are encouraged to consult with the Women and Gender Studies Program Coordinator to identify electives and independent study courses that support their special area of interest.

Note: Students will register once for the Thesis course (and be giving a grade of an IP until their thesis is complete). Students must register for FGSR 9000 in every semester in order to maintain their status as a graduate student.

Faculty of Arts
Women and Gender Studies
McNally South, Room 424