Work Instructions

To ensure a safe working and learning environment, the Faculty of Science has developed the following work instructions as part of a Safety Management System for information purposes and usage.

  • Work Instruction 1: The Policy for the Board of Saint Mary's University Concerning Chemical Exposures and Safety Management
    This document informs the Board of Governors of Saint Mary’s University with respect to legal responsibilities and directs the Dean of Science to oversee the operation of an effective Safety Management System.
  • Work Instruction 2: A Review of the Management of Chemical Exposures in the Science Building
    This document provides Saint Mary’s University with a risk assessment for chemical exposures in the Science Building
  • Work Instruction 3: Safety Management System for Control of Chemical Exposures
    This document outlines objectives, principles and responsibilities of all persons in the Faculty of Science with regards to the development, documentation, control, review, amendment, variance, and audit for the control of chemical exposures.‌
  • Work Instruction 4: Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) Training of Science personnel
    The Faculty of Science department chairpersons and/or program co-ordinators are responsible to ensure that all students, teaching or research assistants, lab instructors, technicians, and full-time/part-time faculty members receive the appropriate WHMIS training. This document provides guidelines concerning the provision of WHMIS training to those within the Faculty of Science.‌
  • Work Instruction 5: The Faculty of Science Safety Committee
  • Work Instruction 6: Mechanical Equipment for Chemical Hazard Control in the Science Faculty
    This document is to ensure that appropriate mechanical equipment is installed and functioning for chemical hazard control within the Faculty of Science.‌
  • Work Instruction 7: Monitoring Equipment and Reporting for Chemical Exposure
    This document involves the Dean of Science in ensuring that appropriate chemical exposure monitoring and reporting is done, with specific responsibilities assigned to the Director of the Facilities Management Department, the Occupational Health and Safety Program Manager, departmental chairpersons/program co-ordinators, and technicians.‌
  • Work Instruction 8: Ordering, Receiving, and Inventory of Chemicals and Biologicals in the Faculty of Science
    This document explains how all chemicals are to be ordered, received, documented, and stored within the Faculty of Science.‌
  • Work Instruction 9: Transport of Chemicals: Liquids, Solids, and Gases
    This document provides protocols for the safe transport of chemicals - liquids, solids, and gases.‌
  • Work Instruction 10: Control of Exposures in Teaching Laboratories
    This document provides checklists and monitoring advice to ensure that teaching labs using chemicals or chemical solutions do not expose students to unacceptable chemical levels.‌
  • Work Instruction 11: Control of Exposures in Research Activities
    This document provides checklists and monitoring advice to ensure and document that research does not expose researchers and others involved to unacceptable levels of hazardous chemicals or vapours.‌
  • Work Instruction 12: Safety Management While Conducting Field Work
    This document will provide checklists and monitoring advice to ensure and document that safety is properly managed while conducting field work.
  • Work Instruction 13
    This document provides protocols for the safe handling of chemical waste in both teaching and research laboratories.‌


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