The  Nova Scotia Occupational Health and Safety Act states “Duty of employer to prepare list of chemicals

59 (1) Subject to Section 61, unless the employer has received from the Director specific written direction to the contrary and the direction has not been revoked by the Director, the employer shall prepare a list of all chemical substances regularly used, handled, produced or otherwise present at the workplace that may be a  hazard  to  the  health  or  safety  of  the  employees  or  that  are  suspected  by  the employees of being such a hazard, and the list shall identify all chemical substances by their common or generic names where they are known to the employer.

(2) The  list  referred  to  in  subsection  (1)  shall  include  the  trade name and the address of the supplier and manufacturer of any chemical substance, the chemical composition or common or generic name of which is unknown to the employer.”

The Faculty of Science has developed the following policy on how hazardous substances are to be managed.  

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