Alumni Volunteer of the Year Award

Paul Lynch Alumni Volunteer Award

The Paul Lynch Alumni Volunteer Award recognizes candidates annually who have shown outstanding voluntary service to the Saint Mary's University Alumni Association.

All University employees and members of the Saint Mary's University Alumni Association may submit a one-page letter of recommendation for a candidate, illustrating their suitability for this award. A completed Alumni Awards Nomination Form must accompany the letter.

Selection Candidates are considered annually by the Saint Mary's University Alumni Association's Awards & Nomination Committee.

Timeline The deadline to nominate a candidate for the 2024 Paul Lynch Alumni Volunteer Award is September 20, 2024.

Nomination Form

2023 Recipients

Keisha Turner BA’12
Keisha Turner

Keisha is an athlete, entrepreneur, innovator and philanthropist. Keisha has a unique lived experience that encourages her to disrupt status quo thinking by asking thoughtful and challenging questions, delivering meaningful solutions, and inspiring others to level-up the way they perceive the world.  
A first-generation Saint Mary’s University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology in 2012, Keisha is a former varsity volleyball athlete and served as an assistant coach for the Huskies for many years.  
Keisha is the co-founder of Starberry Drink Co and is the co-founder of Akwekon Enterprises Inc. an innovation and consulting firm that builds equitable pathways for organizations, businesses, and their leadership.  
Keisha brings a differentiated set of strengths and two-eyed perspectives to problem-solving, including strategic planning, equity and action, program development and innovation, corporate wellness coaching, assessment, and fostering collaborative and diverse energy between communities. 
Keisha’s passion for sport, fitness, health, and mindfulness continues to lead her toward overall good living at every stage of her life.  
Keisha is a community leader and a strong supporter of Saint Mary’s. She is committed to student success and positive change at Saint Mary’s and established the Turner Bursary for African Canadian and Indigenous Women. Whether speaking at an event, helping with volleyball camp, or through her ongoing work with the Arthur L. Entrepreneurship Centre, sharing her experience with students and other professionals, Keisha never turns down an opportunity to get involved. 

Denis Huck BA’74
Denis Huck

Denis Huck graduated from Saint Mary’s University in 1974 with a Bachelor of Arts degree and completed his Masters in Community Development at Dalhousie University in 1979. While at SMU, Denis was actively involved on campus, including serving as sports editor for the Journal from 1971 to 1974.  After university, he continued to be active in the community and demonstrated a commitment to public service and philanthropy. Denis has been involved in sports and recreational activities, including serving as Executive Director for Lake Recreation Association for 15 years. Denis also has three daughters who excelled in sports at the AUS level.

Denis is passionate about Saint Mary’s and established the Kathy Mullane Fund to support women’s sports and honour Kathy’s contribution to Saint Mary’s University   He has also helped raise funds for the Jon Reader Scholarship which supports new students of Saint Mary’s that attended Halifax West High School.

Denis has demonstrated exceptional voluntary service to his community and Saint Mary’s University.  

Past Recipients:

  • 2022: Joe Power BComm’11 and Bradley Farquhar BComm’08
  • 2021: Vivek Sood MBA’98 & Wendy Brookhouse BComm’91 EMBA’02
  • 2020: Sarah Ferguson BComm’09  & John Bishop BComm’74 BEd’76 
  • 2019: Karen Ross BComm'77 & Joann Boulos-Callias BA'82 BEd'83 MEd'89
  • 2018: Mary-Evelyn Ternan BA'69 BEd'70 MEd'88 & Jimmy Ho BComm'79
  • 2017: John Sime BComm'08
  • 2016: Mike McKenzie BComm'80
  • 2015: Murray Wilson 
  • 2014: Kathy Mullane
  • 2013: Paul Puma
  • 2012: Bob Warner
  • 2011: Nate Gildart, Marcel Dupupet, Meghan Van Gaal
  • 2010: Kathy Naulls amd Paul Hollingsworth
  • 2009: Frank Gervais and Carol Dodds
  • 2008: Zach Churchill
  • 2007: Paul Lynch and Paul O'Hearn
  • 2006: Richard Franklin
  • 2005: Dinah Grace
  • 2004: Bettina Pierre Gilles
  • 2003: Jamie O'Neil, Terry Donahoe, Sian Wren, Kirk Higgins and Paul Lynch
  • 2002: Tim Westhaver and Mary Lou Gomes