Alumni Volunteer of the Year Award

Paul Lynch Alumni Volunteer Award

The Paul Lynch Alumni Volunteer Award recognizes candidates annually who have shown outstanding voluntary service to the Saint Mary's University Alumni Association.

All University employees and members of the Saint Mary's University Alumni Association may submit a one-page letter of recommendation for a candidate, illustrating their suitability for this award. A completed Alumni Awards Nomination Form must accompany the letter.

Selection Candidates are considered annually by the Saint Mary's University Alumni Association's Awards & Nomination Committee.

Timeline The deadline to nominate a candidate for the 2023 Paul Lynch Alumni Volunteer Award is September 22, 2023.

Nomination Form

2022 Recipients

Joe Power BComm’11 

Joe Power grew up in rural Nova Scotia and graduated from Saint Mary’s University, with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2011. He moved to the United States in 2013 to chase his entrepreneurial goals in the green energy space where he has achieved the INC 5000 fastest growing US business award 3 years in a row and the top Energy Reduction Company award for California 5 years running.  
In 2019, Joe partnered with another SMU graduate, friend and successful entrepreneur, Brad Farquhar to co-found Purple Cow Internet.  
As the current co Alumni-in Residence alongside business partner Brad Farquhar,  both Joe and Brad never hesitate on an opportunity to connect with the Sobey School. Joe is actively engaged with Saint Mary’s through dedicating his time to student learning, providing guidance to rising entrepreneurs and contributing to their success. 
Joe loves playing hockey, Ironman triathlons, travel and time with family and friends. 

Bradley Farquhar BComm’08

Bradley Farquhar graduated from Saint Mary’s University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, with a double major in finance and marketing. Born in Nova Scotia, he is an aspiring astronaut, and co-founder of Purple Cow Internet alongside friend and entrepreneur, Joe Power.  
Through his engagement with the Sobey School of Business Alumni-in-Residence program, Bradley has demonstrated dedication to student success and learning. Both Brad and Joe never hesitate where an opportunity is presented to connect with students, faculty and other SMU alumni. They continue to dedicate their time and energy to this program and to the university. 
Bradley’s passions include endurance challenges with notable accomplishments of swimming the English Channel, summiting Denali, running 250 miles across the Sahara Desert, and most recently racing 14 dogs a thousand miles across Alaska in the Iditarod race. 

Past Recipients:

  • 2021: Vivek Sood MBA’98 & Wendy Brookhouse BComm’91 EMBA’02
  • 2020: Sarah Ferguson BComm’09  & John Bishop BComm’74 BEd’76 
  • 2019: Karen Ross BComm'77 & Joann Boulos-Callias BA'82 BEd'83 MEd'89
  • 2018: Mary-Evelyn Ternan BA'69 BEd'70 MEd'88 & Jimmy Ho BComm'79
  • 2017: John Sime BComm'08
  • 2016: Mike McKenzie BComm'80
  • 2015: Murray Wilson 
  • 2014: Kathy Mullane
  • 2013: Paul Puma
  • 2012: Bob Warner
  • 2011: Nate Gildart, Marcel Dupupet, Meghan Van Gaal
  • 2010: Kathy Naulls amd Paul Hollingsworth
  • 2009: Frank Gervais and Carol Dodds
  • 2008: Zach Churchill
  • 2007: Paul Lynch and Paul O'Hearn
  • 2006: Richard Franklin
  • 2005: Dinah Grace
  • 2004: Bettina Pierre Gilles
  • 2003: Jamie O'Neil, Terry Donahoe, Sian Wren, Kirk Higgins and Paul Lynch
  • 2002: Tim Westhaver and Mary Lou Gomes