Alumni Volunteer of the Year Award

Paul Lynch Alumni Volunteer Recognition Award

The Paul Lynch Alumni Volunteer Recognition Award recognizes candidates annually who have shown outstanding voluntary service to the Saint Mary's University Alumni Association.

All University employees and members of the Saint Mary's University Alumni Association may submit a one-page letter of recommendation for a candidate, illustrating their suitability for this award. A completed Alumni Awards Nomination Form must accompany the letter.

Selection Candidates are considered annually by the Saint Mary's University Alumni Association's Awards & Nomination Committee.

Timeline The deadline to nominate a candidate for the 2021 Paul Lynch Alumni Volunteer of the Year Award is August 27, 2021.

2020 Recipients

Sarah Ferguson BComm’09 

Sarah attended Saint Mary’s University for its highly recognized business program, small class sizes and student-focused faculty. She earned her Bachelor of Commerce in 2009 and went on to complete her CMA in 2011. During her time at SMU, Sarah was a frosh leader and was a member of the commerce society. She also volunteered at conferences with her professors. 

After graduating from Saint Mary’s, Sarah went on to work at a small accounting firm. In 2014, she started her own small business doing small business accounting, which she continues to do today. 

Sarah first joined the alumni council in the fall of 2010. She was the co-chair of the homecoming committee for many years and then joined the executive as secretary, then Vice President and finally as President. Sarah was also a member of the Board of Governors for two years. Sarah truly enjoyed her time on the alumni council and having the opportunity to meet and work with so many incredible people. It allowed her to continue learning about Saint Mary’s and she was able to give back to the SMU community. 

Sarah was also a recipient of a Halifax Regional Municipality volunteer award in 2014

John Bishop BComm’74 BEd’76  

John is a familiar face and voice to many at Saint Mary’s. He currently serves as the “Voice of the Huskies” in his role as stadium and arena announcer at the home football and hockey games. He served two terms as Alumni President and represented the Alumni on the Board of Governors for two terms.  

John graduated with a Commerce and Business Education degree in the ‘70’s. As part of his continued efforts to enhance his education, he participated in several insurance training courses which led to a CAIB distinction (Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker). He spent most of his career at his family owned and operated general insurance agency, Jack & Co. Ltd., as Vice President of Administration & Operations.  

In addition to his employment, John served as Deputy Chair of the Workers’ Compensation Board and as the International President of the Honorable Order of the Blue Goose, a fraternal organization with roots in the general insurance business.  He co-authored a book entitled Stolen Youth. My Daughter’s Battle with Kidney Disease, an easy to read memoir of the ups and downs of kidney disease and transplantation. 

As a way to further give back to his community, John volunteered for St. Agnes Church Parish Council and the IWK. Throughout his many years, he has always been an avid and active member of the community.  

Past Recipients:

  • 2019: Karen Ross BComm'77 & Joann Boulos-Callias BA'82 BEd'83 MEd'89
  • 2018: Mary-Evelyn Ternan BA'69 BEd'70 MEd'88 & Jimmy Ho BComm'79
  • 2017: John Sime BComm'08
  • 2016: Mike McKenzie BComm'80
  • 2015: Murray Wilson 
  • 2014: Kathy Mullane
  • 2013: Paul Puma
  • 2012: Bob Warner
  • 2011: Nate Gildart, Marcel Dupupet, Meghan Van Gaal
  • 2010: Kathy Naulls amd Paul Hollingsworth
  • 2009: Frank Gervais and Carol Dodds
  • 2008: Zach Churchill
  • 2007: Paul Lynch and Paul O'Hearn
  • 2006: Richard Franklin
  • 2005: Dinah Grace
  • 2004: Bettina Pierre Gilles
  • 2003: Jamie O'Neil, Terry Donahoe, Sian Wren, Kirk Higgins and Paul Lynch
  • 2002: Tim Westhaver and Mary Lou Gomes





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