Ambassador Program

Share Your SMU Experience With Future SMUdents 

What is the alumni ambassador program?

The Alumni Ambassador Program gives alumni a chance to share their Saint Mary’s experience with prospective and current students as well as young alumni. This allows prospective students to learn about what life is like at SMU to help them make the important decision of which post-secondary institution to enroll at. The program may also be a way for current students to speak to alumni about life after graduation and possible Graduate programs, and help Young Alumni navigate their new careers.  

Alumni are asked to share information regarding their programs, residence life, extra curricular activities, opportunities created through the SMU community, and more. We want our alumni to speak to their own experiences at Saint Mary’s and share all the aspects that made SMU feel like home!

Who can sign up to be an Alumni Ambassador?

All Saint Mary’s alumni are encouraged to apply to the Ambassador program, regardless of faculty or program. With Saint Mary’s being one of the most international universities in Canada, we also want to encourage alumni from across the globe to sign up – the majority of interactions are done online, so you do not have to be in Halifax or in a key recruitment market to join.

To become an Alumni Ambassador, you should:

  • Want to share their enthusiasm and love for Saint Mary’s University with others
  • Enjoy speaking with prospective students from diverse backgrounds
  • Have regular access to the internet and to email
  • Be willing to receive emails from student applicants, receive information about/invitations to assist at local events, including speaking engagements.

What are different ways to take part in the Alumni Ambassador program?

There are multiple ways you can be involved as an Alumni Ambassador!

  1. Speak with Students Online via Email: We often receive emails from prospective students looking to be connected with someone who took part in their program of interest to learn more about it, or from current students and young alumni wanting to be connected with someone in their prospective field. These students can then be connected with one of our Ambassadors via email or LinkedIn to get first-hand knowledge regarding their questions.
  2. Take Part in Webinars or Volunteer at Recruitment Events: Alumni Ambassadors have the opportunity to volunteer at university fairs, information sessions and open houses. 
  3. Attend Information Sessions in Your Area: Our Recruitment team travels across the world throughout the year to meet with prospective students and give them information about Saint Mary’s. Ambassadors in key markets will be given the chance to speak about their experiences at recruitment events in their area

 What is expected of Alumni Ambassadors and what is the commitment involved?

  • Understand that all Alumni Ambassadors take part in the program on a volunteer basis.
  • Speak with a member of the Alumni or Admissions & Recruitment Departments via email, phone, or video call to determine your fit for the program.
  • Read through the Alumni Ambassador 101 document (1-2 pages of general SMU facts. While the majority of the expectations are for you to offer your own experiences, it is helpful to have general information regarding Saint Mary’s to provide to students).
  • Participate in at least 1-2 activities during the year. An activity can include a webinar, information session, or contact with students/young alumni. Keep in mind that you are welcome to turn down any request that does not fit into your schedule.
  • Respond to student emails within three business days and use an automated "out of office" reply if you cannot check your email for more than 3 consecutive days.
  • Keep up to date on Saint Mary's University news and updates via our Alumni newsletter.
  • Represent Saint Mary's University in a positive and honest light.
  • Treat every student and young alumni with respect and sensitivity.
  • Keep all student and young alumni information shared with you confidential.
  • Be encouraging and resourceful, but always refrain from making any commitments or promises of admission.
  • If meeting with students in-person, always use an agreeable public space and include parents in the invitation; never meet in a private office or residence. 
  • Share your personal experiences about Saint Mary’s University and encourage students and families to contact Admissions & Recruitment for more detailed information.
  • Send an email to your liaison in Admissions and Recruitment to report on your interactions.
  • Please know that you are not required to take part in the program for any specific length of time and may end your involvement in the program at any time if you are no longer able to volunteer as an Alumni Ambassador.