Confirmation of Enrollment


A Confirmation of Enrollment is a letter indicating you are currently registered in courses at the university.

These letters are sometimes required by:

  • Sponsors
  • Student aid
  • Banks
  • Employers
  • Customs and Immigration
  • Insurance providers

Confirmation of Enrollment letters are only issued for the current academic year.  If you need to confirm your past enrolment, you must request an Official Transcript.

How to order a Confirmation of Enrollment

Confirmation of Enrollment letters are requested online through Self Service Banner.  A PDF letter will be emailed to your preferred email address, provided in Self Service Banner the next business day. If your Enrollment Letter is not in your inbox the next business day please check your junk mail folder before contacting the Service Centre.


  • Login to Self Service Banner
  • Select "Student" 
  • Select "Student Records"
  • Select "Request Confirmation Letter"
  • Follow the on screen instructions

Note: A request can only be made for one term at a time.
 Ex: If you are registered in courses for the Fall and Winter terms, you will make two requests, one for each term.


External forms to confirm attendance

The Service Centre will sign confirmation forms issued by external parties.  Bring the form to our office or forward the form by mail, fax or email.