The Administration function of Facilities Management is responsible for establishing administrative, financial and customer services and systems to strengthen and support the department's progressive business relations with the Saint Mary's University community. The services provided to students, staff, faculty and university community include:

Work Orders

Facilities Management has a work order management system which helps us to provide consistent and efficient work request and preventative maintenance services on campus and in residence.

Students living in residence must submit work orders through the Residence Desk at 902.420-5591. Campus customers may submit work orders online. Upon completing a work order, you will see our work priority chart. This may help you to define the priority of the work request and may provide you with an estimated completion time. If your work order has not been completed in the scheduled time based on the priority chart or by the date that you have scheduled, please call us at 902.420.5572 to inquire on the status of the work order.

Parking permit requests may be submitted on-line at To access the parking applications please click on the following links:

Staff & Faculty Parking Applications
Student Parking Applications

If you have parking permit policy and procedure questions, service problems or distribution questions call, please call 902.420.5572.

Key Request Forms are available on-line.

Pest Control
If you have a pest control problem on campus, please call 902.420.5572. Students living in residence must call the Residence Desk at 902.420.5591.

Elevator malfunctions or service problems may be reported by contacting Facilities Management or University Security.

Customer Service
If you have comments regarding our standard of service or questions regarding the design, updating and editing of the Facilities Management web site, please call 902.420.5572.

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