Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I place a work order?
A: If you are a departmental secretary or administrator, you should have a login to the Que Centre Work Order system. At http://www4.quecentre.com/smu/Login.aspx, you can log in and click "Create Work Order" under the Work Order menu. If you do not have a login and want to place a work order, contact us at facilities.management@smu.ca to get a login account or contact your departmental secretary or administrator and he/she can place the work order for you. Click here to learn more about using Que Centre.

Q: Who do I contact to get new furniture or if I would like to have existing furniture moved from one office to another?
A: All furniture requests, for new or used, must be submitted via the Furniture Request form. To have existing furniture moved from one location to another, an office move request must be submitted. Both forms can be found on the Facilities Management homepage.

Q: How do I order keys?
A: Key request forms may be downloaded from the Facilities Management web site or picked up at the Facilities Management office, McNally South, Rm011.

Q: Where do I pay or appeal parking tickets?
A: Tickets should be paid for in the Facilities Management office located in McNally South 011, basement.

If you would like to appeal your ticket, you may do so within 24 hours of receiving your ticket by visiting University Security in the McNally Main basement or by calling (902)420-5577.