Current Active Research at SMU

Current Active Research

If you are a research participant in one of the below listed research studies and have questions or comments, please contact for guidance.

SMU REB File Number Current Clearance Expiry Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Research Title  Principal Investigator
Affiliated Department
07-039 6/1/2022 Marketing 3376 Consumer Behaviour Course Project. Kim, C. Marketing
09-116 24/2/2022 Nova Scotia Commercial Fisher's Activity Opinion Survey. Charles, T. Finance, Information Systems and Management Science
10-038 15/11/2021 Examining Organic Food Consumption. Wei, M. Marketing
10-088 22/2/2022 Performance Measurement in Co-operatives. Rixon, D. Accounting
10-110 15/11/2021 Consumer Metacognitions and Reactions to Marketing Communications in the New Media Enviroment. Wei, M. Marketing
10-163 26/2/2022 The Effects of Cognitive Control. Ivanoff, J. Psychology
11-097 26/4/2022 The Transnationalisation of Vietnamese Buddhism. Soucy, A. Religious Studies
12-118 14/3/2022 Identifying and Sharing the Secrets of Safety Success of Enform. Fleming, M. Psychology
12-250 24/10/2021 Safety Culture Metrics. Fleming, M. Psychology
12-257 31/7/2022 International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) Safety Culture Perceptions Questionnaire Item Review. Fleming, M. Psychology
12-301 12/4/2022 The Anthropology of Low-Wage Labour in Canada. Higgins, R.  Anthropology
13-039 15/8/2022 Consumer Marketplace Metacognitions about the Marketing of Organic and/or Gluten-free Foods. Wei, M. Marketing
13-065 25/3/2022 Models of Carbon Markets: Assessing Global Market Design and Article 6 of the Paris Climate Agreement. Ervine, K. International Development Studies
13-107 23/5/2022 The Modernization of Buddhism in Global Perspective. Soucy, A. Religious Studies
14-186 17/4/2022 Communities in Action: A World of Communities, Conservation & Livelihoods. Charles, T. Finance, Information Systems and Management Science
14-222 28/7/2022 Barriers and Facilitators in Access to Child/Youth Mental Health Services in Atlantic Canada. Zhang, M. Finance, Information Systems and Management Science
14-302 24/7/2022 Feeding the Nation from the Wilderness: Food, Migration and Environment on China's Northeastern Borderland. Sun, X. History
15-212 22/2/2022 Talking About Campus Safety and Sexual Violence From Students' Perspectives.  Crocker, D.  Criminology
15-309 17/8/2022 Social and Environmental Impact of Co-operatives. Rixon, D. Accounting
16-055 17/11/2021 On the Perceptual Effects of Inhibition of Return. Ivanoff, J. Psychology
16-081 15/2/2022 Ensuring a Sustainable Socially Responsible Business Model. McKee, M. Management
16-192 9/10/2021 The Speed Accuracy Trade-off as an Approach Towards Evaluating the Temporal Dynamics of the Simon Effect. Ivanoff, J. Psychology
16-509 25/5/2022 Drivers of B Corp Certification: A Comparative Study. McKee, M. Management
16-511 24/5/2022 Social Movement Organizing in Defense of Natural Resources: A Comparative Study of Resource Defence Mobilization of Southern and Northern Ghana. Fridell, G. International Development Studies
16-513 22/7/2022 Saint Mary's Academic Resilience Team (SMART) Pilot Project. Schneider, S. Sociology
16-514 23/12/2021 Development and Validation of Scale to Measure Brand Relevance. Venkat, R. Marketing
16-535 15/7/2022 First Impressions and Hiring - Does Perceptions of Criminality Matter? Smith, S. Psychology
16-566 18/7/2022 Maximizing the Potential of Age-Diverse Work Groups and their Leaders in Contemporary Workplaces. Loughlin, C. Management
16-583 21/11/2021 Applying Intelligence to Evaluating Drawing Accuracy: Crown-Sourcing Study. Reichertz, M. Drawing Laboratory, NSCAD University
16-584 28/7/2022 Socioeconomic Correlates of Honesty: An Experimental Approach. Dilmaghani, M. Economics
16-602 16/10/2022 Agency, Rememberance, Recovery: Voices from Contemporary Bosnia and Herzegovina.   Takseva, T.  English
17-007 14/9/2022 Nova Scotia Dialect Survey. Henry, E. Anthropology
17-008 5/10/2022 Effects of L-Tyrosine on the Dynamics of Human Information Processing.  Ivanoff, J.  Psychology
17-010 22/9/2022 The Skeptical Lie Detector: Investigating the Relationship Between Skepticism, Personality Variables and Lie Detection Ability. Ternes, M. Psychology
17-035 19/10/2021 EMPOWER. Day, A. Psychology
17-096 16/11/2020 Decision Making in a Legal Context. Stinson, V. Psychology
17-097 15/4/2022 A Study of Customer Experience. Venkat, R. Marketing
17-128 27/4/2022 Foveal and Peripheral Vision in Observational Drawing: Image Manipulation Study. Reichertz, M. Drawing Laboratory, NSCAD University
17-184 24/1/2022 Changing Public Engagement. Dobrowolsky, A. Political Science
17-205 17/2/2022 The Learning Tree Tool: Learning From Our Safety Management Systems. Fleming, M. Psychology
17-226 22/3/2022 Validating the Mating Competitiveness Theory. Fisher, M. Psychology
17-240 29/8/2022 Exploring University Career Counselling Using Narrative-based Research.  Jeffrey, D.  Career and Exeriential Learning
17-265 26/4/2022 The Development of a Social-Ecological Wellbeing Indicator Framework for Guiding the Effectiveness of Locally-Managed Marine Areas (LMMAs) Timor-Leste Southeast Asia. Charles, A. Environmental Studies
17-267 12/4/2022 The Experience and Expression of Anger in the Workplace. Kelloway, K. Psychology
17-326 8/6/2022 Back-way or Bust: Perceptions of Clandestine Migration from The Gambia, West Africa. Conrad, C. Geography
17-347 23/8/2022 Healthy and Productive Knowledge Workers: Negotiating Leaves of Absence Due to Personal or Familial Mental Health Issues and Return to Work. Kelloway, K. Psychology
17-367 23/7/2021 Picture Book Project.  Mandrona, A. Art History & Contemporary Culture, NSCAD University
17-420 29/8/2021 Exploring University Career Counselling Using Narrative-Based Research. Jeffrey, D. Career Services
17-431 27/8/2022 Trade, Politics and Society. Fridell, G. International Development Studies
17-478 18/10/2021 Analysis of Student Risk Assessment and Patterns of Substance Use in a University Population.  Ternes, M.  Psychology
17-480 15/10/2022 Design, Development and Evaluation of Technologies for Engaging Communities.  Akiyama, Y.  Math and Computing Science
17-484 17/12/2021 Seeing the Unseen Dynamics in the Board Room: A Video Ethnographic Study on Board Team Interactions. Liu Feng Management
17-518 24/1/2020 LIST (Learn, Identify, Support & Treat): The Impact of a Comprehensive Mental Health Literacy Intervention for Post Secondary Settings- The Implementation and Evaluation of Transitions Among 6 Campuses in Atlantic Provinces. Zhang, M. Finace
17-521 25/10/2020 Job Seekers' Impression Management and Attitudes Toward Employers' Use of Social Media in Selection. Roulin, N. Psychology
18-136 20/12/2021 Reading Comprehension: The Intersection of Social, Motivational, and Cognitive Factors for Adolescent Readers. Conrad, N. Psychology
18-139 12/17/2022 Strategies of Deception and Detection for Academic Excuses. Ternes, M. Psychology
18-142 8/1/2022 Selection in the Teacher Profession, Teachers Labour Market Dynamics and Student Segregation. Milla, J. Economics
18-143 24/1/2022 Exploring Police Interrogation Techniques. Ternes, M. Psychology
18-151 30/1/2022 Teachers Belief and Practice in Spelling Instruction: A Canadian Perspective. Conrad. N. Psychology
18-158 16/2/2022 Not Queer Enough: Youth Belongingness in the LGBTQ* Community. Closson, L. Psychology
18-171 24/2/2022 The Wellbeing of Participants in Collaborative Work Groups. Loughlin, C. Management
18-174 22/4/2022 Class Project to Give Students Practical Experience In Conducting Social Science Research Methods as Part of a Research Methods Course in International Development Studies (IDST 3424). McAllister, K. International Development Studies
18-175 9/3/2022 Evaluation of Circles of Support and Accountability: Phase 1 (Narrative Interviews). Crocker, D. Criminology
18-182 10/4/2022 Healthy Relationships Survey. Closson, L. Psychology
18-185 23/4/2022 Interview Design Study. Roulin, N. Psychology
18-186 23/5/2022 A Pre/Post Legalization Study of Cannabis Use and Attitudes. Patry, M. Psychology
18-188 6/13/2022 Diversity Specific Transformational Leadership. Loughlin, C. Management
18-200 28/6/2020 Engaging (In) Justice Research. Crocker, D.  Criminology
18-201 17/7/2022 Dignity at Work: Scale Development. Kelloway, K. Psychology
18-202 15/8/2022 Victim Impact Statements in Canada: Perspectives from Crime Victims, Victim Service Workers and Legal Professionals. Stinson, V. Psychology
18-208 15/7/2022 Minority Reporting: Preventative Detention in Canada and Northern Ireland.  Carver, A.  Criminology
18-211 22/10/2022 Were You Being Coercive or Providing an Opportunity to Come Clean? An Investigation of Alternative Questions. Ternes, M. Psychology
18-212 22/6/2021 Social Justice in Focus: Youth with Refugee Experience Explore Social Justice Through Participatory Photography in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Mandrona, A.  NSCAD, Art & History & Contemporary Culture
18-216 7/7/2022 Understanding the Career Goals of Undergraduate Student Library Employees. Carter, N.  Patrick Power Library
18-217 17/7/2022 The Impact of Parental Style on Adolescents' Shopping Behavior. Kim, C. Marketing
18-221 9/8/2022 A National Study of Opportunities and Obstacles to Successful Community Reintegration of Forensic Patients (NTP2). Livingston, J. Criminology
18-222 9/8/2022 Examining Physician and Nurse Wellbeing and Burnout. Day, A. Psychology
18-226 7/1/2022 Pedagogies of Collaborative Teaching.  Zhyznomirska, L. Political Science
18-227 10/1/2020 International Mobility of Professional Accounting and Finance Designations. Song, X. Accounting
19-007 11/9/2021 Commodity Chain, Governance, and Urban Democracy- A Comparative Study of Four Canadian Cities: Halifax, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. DeFuentes, C. Management
19-012 13/1/2022 Determining Customer Engagement in Retail Institutions. Venkat, R. Marketing
19-016 10/1/2022 Shared Leadership and Top Management Team Decision Making. Liu, F. Management
19-017 10/2/2022 An Investigation of the "Seven Leadership Roles" and Transformational Leadership in Nova Scotia's Nonprofit Sector. Loughlin, C. Management
19-024 21/1/2022 The Future of Coffee: Climate Resilience & Gender Policy and Practice in Kenya's Coffee Value Chain. Fridell, G. International Development Studies
19-027 20/1/2022 Gentrification in Halifax, Perceptions from Community Based Stakeholders. DeFuentes, C. Management
19-032 13/11/2021 Imagining Age-Friendly "Communities within Communities": International Promising Practices. MacDonald, M. Economics
19-038 18/3/2022 Investigating Techniques to Help Managers' Hiring Decisions. Loughlin, C. Management
19-043 31/1/2020 Exceeding Customer Expectations: Exploring Customer Interactions and Emotional Labour on Front-line Employees' Ambulatory Blood Pressure. Kelloway, K. Psychology
19-045 31/1/2022 Developing and Partially Validating the Conditional Reasoning Test for Workplace Psychopathy: The CRT-WP. Roulin, N. Psychology
19-054 12/2/2020 The Influence of Social Media and How It Interacts with the Personality, Values, and Community Engagement of Youth. Bourgeois, D. Psychology
19-055 25/3/2022 Socially Conscious Customer's Purchase Behavior. Hervieux, C. Management
19-059 29/5/2022 Young Workers' Experiences. Kelloway, K. Psychology
19-066 9/3/2022 Examining the Psychometric Properties of LinkedIn as a Selection Tool. Roulin, N. Psychology
19-067 3/4/2022 Flash Forward Photovoice Project. Mandrona, A. Art History & Contemporary Culture, NSCAD University
19-068 23/9/2022 Communications, Experiences and Attitudes of Women Surrounding Pregnancy.  Fisher, M.  Psychology
19-075 1/4/2022 IMPACTS: Collaborations to Address Sexual Violence on Campus. Crocker, D. Criminology
19-078 22/5/2022 Exploring the Personality and Demographic Characteristics of Individuals in Romantic Relationships with Incarcerated Offenders. Ternes, M. Psychology
19-079 10/7/2021 Canadian Domestic Homicide Prevention Initiative with Vulnerable Populations (CDHPVP)- Survivor and Proxy Interviews. Crocker, D. Criminology
19-081 19/6/2022 Student Success: How Can Mobile Applications Be Better Designed to Improve Retention and Persistence in First-Year Students? Smith, S. Psychology
19-084 26/6/2022 Recidivism Study for CoSA (Phase 1). Crocker, D. Criminology
19-086 30/9/2022 Gendering Violence and Precarity in Forced Migration: Asylum Seeking Women in the Eastern Mediterranean. Tastsoglou, E. Sociology
19-091 11/9/2022 Tenancy Rights of Racialized International Students in Halifax. Bonjun, B. Social Justice and Community Studies
19-092 26/7/2022 Violence Against Women Migrants and Refugees: Analysing Causes and Effective Policy Response. Tastsoglou, E. International Development Studies
19-095 24/7/2022 The Impact of a First Year Seminar Pilot on Student Engagement and Success. Smith, S. Enrollment Services
19-096 18/8/2022 Intellectual Migration: The China-US-Canada Dynamics. Kwak, M. Geography & Environmental Studies
19-102 10/9/2022 Assessment of the "Pathway to Resilience" Program.  Kelloway, K.  Psychology
19-107 20/2/2022 Faculty and Staff Experiences: Supporting Students in Distress. Boland, C. The Counselling Centre
19-109 19/8/2022 Using the Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement to Assess SMU Student Success Factors. Smith, S. Pschology
19-111 28/10/2022 A Two-prong Investigation into Deception Detection: The Formation of Diadic Alibi Strategies and the Effect of Dual Language Acquisition on Cognitive Load-based Techniques. Ternes, M. Psychology
19-113 16/10/2021 Jury Instructions and Perceptions of Credibility.  Ternes, M.  Psychology
19-115 17/9/2022 Social Innovation: Community Engagement and Ownership. Hervieux, C. Management
19-121 1/12/2021 Spatical Accessibility to Health-Promoting Resources for Immigrants in Halifax, Canada. Kwak, M. Geography & Environmental Studies
19-122 26/11/2021 Young Worker's Working Conditions: Leadership, Training, Policies. Kelloway, K. Psychology
19-124 20/1/2022 Community Engagement in Coastal Futures Planning in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Charles, T.  Environmental Science
19-125 1/6/2022 The Effect of L-Tyrosine on Academic Student Performance.  Ivanoff, J.  Psychology
19-127 26/10/2022 Examining Victims' Needs in the Forensic Mental Health Context. Livingston, J. Criminology
19-129 21/12/2021 Understanding Halifax Bicycle Culture and Infrastructure. Soucy, A. Religious Studies
20-001 15/11/2021 Preserving Heritage through Innovation: The Case of Ross Museum. Hervieux, C. Management
20-007 17/4/2022 As Seen on TV: Deconstructing Non/Monogamies and Polyamory in Popular Culture.  Byers, M.  Women and Gender Studies
20-009 8/2/2022 The Impact of Exposure to Offensive Stimuli on Implicit Associations. Ivanoff, J. Psychology
20-010 20/2/2022 Integrating User-Centered Design Approaches and Data Analytics Models for a Course Design Framework for Interdisciplinary Studies Teaching and Learning. Akiyama, Y. Math & Computer Science
20-011 20/2/2022 The Blue of the Rainbow: Sexual Orientation and Hiring Discrimination in Blue-Collar Occupations. Dilmaghani, M. Economics
20-012 8/2/2022 The Effect of Attention on the Kinematics of Computer Mouse Movements. Ivanoff, J. Psychology
20-013 27/1/2022 Student Time Management Experiences. Tabvuma, V. Management
20-014 8/2/2022 An Investigation Into the Effects of Perceptual Gestalt Processing as a Mechanism to Explain Distractor Inhibition. Ivanoff, J. Psychology
20-017 30/1/2022 Queer Identity, Memory, and Place in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Byers, M. Women and Gender Studies
20-019 5/2/2022 Mapping Experimental Learning at SMU.  Hervieux, C.  Management
20-021 4/1/2022 Collaborative Design for Unstructured Play: Developing Local Economies Through Innovation in Materials and Technology.  Henderson, A. NSCAD University, Design
20-023 30/10/2022 Smoker Job Interview Stigmatization. Roulin, N. Psychology
20-025 8/1/2021 Calculator Availability and Standardized Tests.  Day, A.  Psychology
20-026 20/1/2022 Recognition at Work: Through the Eyes for the Beholders.  Kelloway, K. Psychology
20-030 4/2/2022 Motivations for Lying. Ternes, M. Psychology
20-033 18/3/2022 An Investigation of Adverse Outcomes Associated with Trauma. Ternes, M. Psychology
20-034 28/11/2021 Forced Sterilization and the Use of Health Care in India. Robitaille, M. Economics
20-036 18/5/2022 An Oral History and Examination of the Role of the Misty Moon in Halifax's History. Twohig, P. History
20-037 27/1/2022 Spelling Matters Too! A Longitudinal Examination of the Relation Between Spelling and Reading Comprehension. Conrad, N. Psychology
20-039 19/12/2021 Asynchronous Video Interviews: Evaluating Applicant Performance. Roulin, N.  Psychology
20-040 24/1/2022 Cross-Cultural Impression Management Tactics of Koreans and Canadians in an Interview Context. Roulin, N. Psychology
20-041 17/4/2022 Towards a Productive Relationship between Police and Community Safety Leaders in Racialized Socially Disadvantaged Neighbourhoods: Measuring the Impact of Formal, Partnership-based Community Crime Prevention Organizations. Schneider, S. Criminology
20-043 12/5/2022 Design, Development and Evaluation of the Use of Single Cameras for Video Extraction and Performance Evaluation. Akiyama, Y. Math and Computer Science
20-050 6/4/2022 Sugaring: Attitudes and Experiences. Fisher, M.  Psychology
20-052 9/12/2021 Healthy Professional Workers: Examining the Gendered Nature of Mental Health Issues, Leaves of Absence & Return to Work Experiences from a Comparative Perspective.  Kelloway, K,  Psychology
20-053 9/12/2021 Thinking Through Craft and the Digital Turn.  Sims, G.  NSCAD University
20-057 27/2/2022 Rural Agri-Business and Immigration Engagement. DeFuentes, C. Management
20-059 9/2/2022 Whistleblowing in the Live Entertainment Industry. Loughlin, C. Management
20-061 24/4/2022 Perceived Accommodation: Hidden Effect of Work Culture.  Day, A.  Psychology
20-068 13/5/2022 Regulating a Higher Floor Price for Cocoa in Ghana: Exploring Why it Happened Politically and Socially. Fridell, G. International Development Studies
20-069 11/2/2022 Women in Leadership: The Influence of Stereotype Threat and Motivation for Transformational Leadership on Leadership Aspirations and Emergence. Kelloway, K. Psychology
20-072 26/3/2022 Women in Leadership: The Influence of Stereotype Threat and Motivation for Transformational Leadership on Leadership Aspirations and Emergence (Study 1 of 2). Kelloway, K. Psychology
20-073 12/2/2022 Illustrating the Experience of Immigrant Families in Nova Scotia. Mandrona, A. NSCAD University
20-078 20/2/2022 Learning to Read and Spell New Words. Conrad, N. Psychology
20-081 2/4/2021 Too Much Caring, or Just a Bad Fit? Examining the Empathy Profiles, Personality Traits and Professional Outcomes of New and Experienced Trauma Workers.  Gilin, D.  Pscyhology
20-083 4/22/2022 The Interaction of Memory and Attention in the Context of a Directed Forgetting Task.  Ivanoff, J.  Psychology
20-088 8/1/2022 Student Insights Into Co-operative Education Services.  Jeffrey, D. Career Services, Career & Experiental Learning
20-092 31/3/2021 Consumption in a Crisis.  Venkat, R.  Marketing
20-093 15/4/2022 Retailing in a Crisis.  Venkat R.  Marketing
20-094 20/4/2022 Employee Perceptions During COVID-19 Pandemic- Study 3.  Kelloway, K.  Psychology
20-096 26/4/2022 Corona Cooking Survey: Canadian Sample.  Fisher, M.  Psychology
20-098 22/5/2022 The Impact of COVID-19 on Retail Environments. Pancer, E. Marketing
20-100 31/5/2022 Student Experiences of COVID-19: Identifying Students' Needs and Supports. Smith, S. Enrollment Services
20-102 27/6/2022 Leadership from a Gendered Perspective: The Case of Female Leadership in the Third Sector in Vietnam. Hervieux, C. Management
20-103 22/12/2021 Community, Labour and Migration in the Era of Globalization: A Case Study of Migrant Workers in the Acadian Village of Cheticamp, Nova Scotia. Soucy, A. Religious Studies
20-104 10/6/2022 An Exploration of Jury Summons Used in Canada. Stinson, V. Psychology
20-106 22/6/2021 Quarantine and Romantic Relationship Factors. Fisher, M. Psychology
20-109 16/7/2021 Exploring Institutional Creation, Disturbance and Legitimacy Work: A Case Study of Professional Women's Hockey in North America. Edwards, J.  University of New Brunswick, Kinesiology
20-111 10/10/2022 A Critical Ethnographic Case Study of (In) Visible/Hidden and Imminent Homelessness in Charlottetown, PEI. Bonjun, B. Social Justice and Community Studies
20-112 26/6/2022 Organizational Response to Disease Outbreak: Unemployment Diary Study. Kelloway, K. Psychology
20-113 24/6/2022 Organizational Response to Disease Outbreak: Work at Home. Kelloway, K. Psychology
20-115 30/6/2022 Organizational Response to Disease Outbreak: Small Business Study. Kelloway, K. Psychology
20-116 24/7/2022 Social Media and Selection Decisions. Roulin, N. Psychology
20-118 25/9/2022 Pathways to Criminality in Criminalized Women. Ternes, M. Psychology
20-120 12/10/2022 Assessing Alibi Believability.  Ternes, M.  Psychology
20-122 27/8/2022 Pride/Swell: An Arts & Activism Summit for Queer Atlantic Canadian Youth. Mandrona, A. NSCAD University, Art History & Contemporary Culture
20-124 7/8/2021 Pilot Project on Anti-Asian Experiences. Kwak, M. Georgraphy & Environmental Studies
20-126 12/10/2022 Victim Impact Statements: Medium.  Ternes, M. Psychology
20-129 30/10/2021 Leadership Experiences in the Workplace. Holmvall, C. Psychology
20-132 31/8/2022 Price Wars: An Empirical Investigation of Competitive Pricing. Ivanoff, J. Psychology
21-001 26/10/2022 When Dark Meets Dark: Experienced Aggression and the Dark Tetrad. Kelloway, K. Psychology
21-003 29/9/2022 Helping Employees Build Authentic Connections During COVID. Lee-Baggley, D. Psychology
21-004 15/12/2021 Restoring Climate Just Futures. Krishnamurti, S. Religious Studies
21-005 22/9/2021 The Influence of Dark Triads Traits, Parenting Attachment and Time Perspective on Nudging Behaviour from an Environmental Protection Perspective. Fisher, M. Psychology
21-006 21/9/2022 The Tower of Babel: The Effect of Linguistic Ostracism on Employee. Fiset, J. Management
21-007 6/12/2021 Implementing the Small-scale Fisheries Guidelines: Recognizing and Enhancing Environmental Stewardship by Small-scale Fishing Communities. Charles, T. Finance, Information Systems and Management Science
21-009 28/10/2021 Ethical Striving. Vu, Tiffany Marketing
21-010 28/10/2021 Development and Validation of Situational Judgement Tests of Conscientiousness and Hardiness. Roulin, N. Psychology
21-011 17/11/2021 Motivations Behind Online Deceptive Behaviours. Ternes, M. Psychology
21-012 20/11/2021 Adjusting to University Life: How Experiences Differ Based on High School Course Selection. Closson, L. Psychology
21-013 16/11/2021 Social Experiences Among Transgender, Non-Binary and Gender Questioning Youth. Closson, L. Psychology
21-014 3/11/2021 When There's No Choice But to Go Digital: Examining Perceptions Of, and Processes Used By, Faculty Translating Experiential In-Person Courses to an Online Format in the Wake of COVID-19. Fiset, J. Management
21-016 5/1/2022 "Houses Still Standing". Modernity Myth and Memory on Nova Scotia's Devi's Island. Freeman, K. History
21-017 25/11/2021 Benefits of Social Relationships in the Workplace for Individuals with Disabilities. Cameron, J. Psychology
21-018 26/11/2021 Perception of Allies: A Progress Report. Cameron, J. Psychology
21-019 8/12/2021 The Impacts of Unsustainable Tourism Practices at Pollett's Cove. MacCarthy, M. Anthropology
21-020 10/12/2021 The Daily Question Assessment Methodology: The Development and Validation of Industrial/Organizational Constructs for Business Intelligence. Fleming, M. Psychology
21-021 19/11/2021 Don't Panic: Scrambling as a Construct and Measure of Crisis Response. Kelloway, K. Psychology
21-022 13/12/2021 How Political Orientation Shapes the Way We Interpret Information. Bourgeois, D. Psychology
21-023 13/1/2022 The Attentional Blink. Ivanoff, J. Psychology
21-024 4/12/2021 Aesthetic Emotions: The Influence of the Cultural Dimensions of Individualism and Collectivism. Bourgeois, D. Psychology
21-025 7/12/2021 Understanding the Transition from Youth to Adulthood for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Cameron, J. Psychology
21-026 8/2/2022 The Unbearable Weight of Not Being Out: Citizenship Consequences of Sexual and Gender Identity Concealment. Dilmaghani, M. Economics
21-027 27/11/2021 The Impact of the Global Pandemic on International Student Recruitment: The Institutional Perspective. James, M. University of Prince Edward Island, Faculty of Business
21-028 19/1/2022 The Potential Relationship Between Cannabis Product Use and Risk Taking Behaviours in Young Adults. Smith, S. Psychology
21-029 6/1/2022 Methods of Vaping Cessation Among Canadian Youth and Young Adult E-Cigarette Users and Barriers to Staying Abstinent: A National Perspective. Al-Hamdani, M. Psychology
21-030 18/1/2022 Setup for Success: Improving Pathways for Talent Retention. Gilin, D. Psychology
21-031 5/1/2022 The State of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality's Economy in the Eyes of Local Actors. Novak, M. Geography
21-032 19/12/2021 Insights on the Supply and Demand for Mental Health Programs and Services in Canadian Workplaces. Lee-Baggley, D. Psychology
21-033 21/12/2021 Burnout Recovery: A Longitudinal Workplace Intervention Study to Assist Leaders and Staff During COVID-19. Gilin D. Psychology
21-035 19/3/2022 Fostering a Gender Equality Culture at Work:Leveraging Leadership, Inclusion and Self-care. Day, A. Psychology
21-036 18/1/2022 Maternal Behaviour Survey. Fisher, M. Psychology
21-037 30/8/2022 Mental Fitness Index Database.  Lee-Baggley, D.  Psychology
21-040 8/2/2022 Canada Study: Body Image in Nature Survey (BINS). Fisher, M. Psychology
21-041 19/1/2022 Effect of Screen Time on Time Perception. Bourgeois, D. Psychology
21-042 29/1/2022 The Way Attitudes Shape Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace. Bourgeois, D. Psychology
21-043 18/3/2022 Experiences in the Foster Care System and Criminality in Women. Ternes, M. Psychology
21-044 18/1/2022 Canadians' Opinions of Jury Service During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Stinson, V. Psychology
21-045 20/2/2022 The Co-operators Group Limited and Advancing the Circular Economy. Novkovic, S. Co-operative Management Education
21-047 28/1/2022 Public Perceptions of Crime Victims. Stinson, V. Psychology
21-048 18/2/2022 The Roles of Training and Practice in Asynchrounous Video Interviews. Roulin, N. Psychology
21-049 27/1/2022 "Ask Your Family Tree": Developing Participatory Health Education for Rural and Remote Communities in the 1980s. Digdon, L. History and Engineering
21-051 12/3/2022 Adapting to Being Beutiful: Dependency and Displacement in the Cape Breton Tourism Industry. Kehoe, K. History
21-052 24/2/2022 Communication in a Virtual Learning Environment. Gilin, D. Psychology
21-053 23/2/2022 Investigating Leading Practices from the COVID-19 Pandemic on Safeguarding Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. Lee-Baggley, D. Psychology
21-054 7/5/2022 An Exploration of Childeren's Artistic Development: Geometry in Preschool Education. Mandrona, A. NSCAD University, Art History & Contemporary Culture
21-055 28/2/2022 Mixed-methods Investigation of Gender Identity and Gender Expression and the Impact of Context on Gender Inclusion. Kocum, L. Psychology
21-056 5/3/2022 Study of Employee Stress in Remote-work Contexts. Gilin, D. Psychology
21-058 24/2/2022 Examining Health Related Changes of the COVID-19 Pandemic on a North American Sample. Gilin, D. Psychology
21-059 25/2/2022 Which Conflict Management Strategies? Interaction Between Forms of Empathy and Conflict Types. Gilin, D. Psychology
21-060 12/3/2022 A Pilot Study of the ARTpreneurs Web Application for Fostering Entrepreneurial Intent in Young Artists. Mandrona, A. Art History and Contemporary Culture, NSCAD University
21-061 21/2/2022 Differences in Perceptions of Virtual Leadership. Gilin, D. Psychology
21-062 23/3/2022 What We (The Maritimers) Are Doing Locally to Manage the Green Crabs in Compariason of What is Being Done in the US and if We Can Apply Any Significant Management Techniques/Practices in Atlantic Canada. Charles, T. Finance, Information Systems and Management Science
21-063 22/3/2022 Sport Psychology: Adopting to Virtual Athletic Training. Day, A. Psychology
21-043 17/5/2022 Towards Freedom of Expression in Chinese College-level Art Education: A Collaborative Research-creation Exploration.  Largo, M.  NSCAD University, Art Education
21-066 15/3/2022 COVID-19 Attraction. Fisher, M. Psychology
21-067 19/2/2022 Culture and Perspectives on Sexual Assault Policy (APSAP), Phase 3. Takseva, T. English
21-069 13/4/2022 To What Extent are Worker Cooperatives Creating Liberatory Cultures. Novkovic, S. Co-operative Management Education
21-070 7/6/2022 Identifying Leading Safety Culture Improvement Practices to Drive Innovation to Assist in the Prevention of Workplace Injuries.  Fleming, M.  Psychology
21-071 10/4/2022 Reducing Racial Bias: An Additional Benefit of Asynchronous Video Interviews. Roulin, N. Psychology
21-072 6/4/2022 The Socio-economic Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Nova Scotia. Kwak, M. Geography & Environmental Studies
21-073 27/4/2022 Exploring Experiences of Racialized Entrepreneurs in Accessing Funding for Startup Businesses. Wei, M. Marketing
21-074 3/5/2022 Perceptions of Professionals on the Development of a Prevention Program for People At-Risk of Sexual Offending Against Children. Stephens, S. Psychology
21-075 14/5/2022 Elusive Desires: Queering Museum Education.  Largo, M.  NSCAD University, Art Education
21-076 3/5/2022 Are Dominant Communications Perceived as Uncivil? Exploring the Moderating Roles of Leader Gender and Organizational Uncertainty. Holmvall, C. Psychology
21-077 31/3/2022 Differential Effects of Chronic Cannabis Use on Event-related Potential (ERP) Indices of Cortical Inhibition in Males and Females. Fisher, D. Psychology
21-078 6/4/2022 Overqualified but Excluded? A Longitudinal Examination of Incivility Experiences of Overqualified Employees. Holmvall, C. Psychology
21-079 13/5/2022 Fairtrade and Child Labour in Ghana's Cocoa Sector; Challenges, Gaps and Recommendations. Fridell, G.  International Development Studies
21-080 1/3/2022 Saint Mary's University Student Project on Student Perspectives During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Ivanoff, J. Psychology
21-081 4/5/2022 Procurement Canada Black Business Community in Atlantic Canada. Hervieux, C. Centre for Leadership Excellence
21-083 26/5/2022 Better Materials Consumption - Psychological Influences Study. Vu, T. Marketing
21-084 25/5/2022 Client Perceptions Regarding the Development of a Prevention Program for People At-Risk of Sexual Offending Against Children. Stephens, S.  Psychology
21-086 7/7/2022 Measuring Implicit and Explicit Attitudes of Vaping: How Can Attitudes Toward Vaping Inform Vaping Control? Al-Hamdani, M.  Psychology
21-087 17/6/2022 Signed-Spoken Language Interpreting in Canadian Professional Settings: A Review of Available Resources and Knowledge Gaps.  Campbell, L.  Environmental Science
21-088 26/5/2022 Motivations for Participation in Community-led Placemaking: A Case Study from Hubbards, Nova Scotia. Grek-Martin, J.  Geography and Environmental Studies
21-090 12/5/2022 Wicked Questions. Hervieux, C. Centre for Leadership Excellence
21-091 15/6/2022 WSPS Mental Harm Prevention Roadmap.  Lee-Baggley, D.  Psychology
21-092 18/5/2022 Intellectual Migration: The China-Canada-US Dynamics- Faculty Survey. - Phase III. Kwak, M. Geography and Environmental Studies
21-093 14/6/2022 Client Evaluation of Talking for Change.  Stephens, S.  Psychology
21-094 7/6/2022 Delphi Study on the Assessment and Treatment of Individuals Who Are Sexually Attracted to Children.  Stephens, S.  Psychology
21-096 21/5/2022 Family (& Work) Mattes: Family-Related Work Decisions and Well-Being of Parents of Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities. Day, A.  Psychology
21-098 13/7/2022 Nova Scotia Nonprofits and Poverty Reduction. Bradshaw, P.  Management
21-100 23/6/2022 Exploring the Effects of Race-Based Stress on Error-related Negativity Amplitude.  Lackner, C.  Psychology
21-101 27/7/2022 The Role of Data Intelligence Software in Assessing Materiality: What is the Potential and Their Limits?  Hervieux, C.  Centre for Leadership Excellence
21-102 30/7/2022 Landscape, Memory and the Poor: Poor Houses of Nova Scotia.  Neatby, N.  History
21-103 21/7/2022 Defence Shipbuilding Supply Chain Best Practices.  Taghavi, M. Finance Information Systems and Management Science
21-104 21/7/2022 Emplyeee Engagement Survey.  Kelloway, K.  Psychology
21-105 21/7/2022 Impression Management in Environmental Messaging.  Pancer, E.  Marketing
21-106 12/7/2022 Caring for Care-Providers: Developing and Online Health Screening Tool to Investigate the Mental Health Status and Resiliencies of Frontline Community Pharmacy Workers in a Shifting Scope of Practice; Intensified by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Fleming, M.  Psychology
21-107 21/7/2022 Contract Academic Librarians in Canada Before and During COVID-19. Carter, N.  Patrick Power Library
21-108 25/8/2022 Accounting Professors' Experience in the Pivot to Online Teaching.  Rixon, D.  Accounting
21-109 27/8/2022 Technology, Social Media and Romantic Relationships.  Ternes, M.  Psychology
21-110 31/8/2022 What Do I Do with This Information? A Survey of Canadians' Opinions on Clare's Law.  Stinson, V.  Psychology
21-111 1/6/2022 Emotional Experiences of Brazilians in Canada and Their Relatives in Brazil During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Barbosa, R. History
21-113 28/9/2022 Development and Initial Testing of Real Estate Agent Professionalism Climate Survey.  Fleming, M.  Psychology
21-114 24/8/2022 Technology and the Future Work. Petersen, B.  Management
21-116 20/8/2022 The Evolution of Acadian Identity in Nova Scotia.  Henry, E.  Anthropology
21-117 9/8/2022 Mental Health and COVID-19: Bridging the Gap. Rixon, D. Accounting
22-005 6/10/2022 Exploring Diurnal Attention and Aging with the Dalhousie Computerized Attention Battery.  Fisher, D.  Psychology
22-009 14/10/2022 Social and Emotional Experiences During COVID-19.  Closson, L.  Psychology



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