Current Active Research at SMU

Current Active Research

If you are a research participant in one of the below listed research studies and have questions or comments, please contact for guidance.

SMU REB File Number Current Clearance Expiry Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Research Title  Principal Investigator
Affiliated Department
01-155 21/12/2022 Language Use In Speakers with Alzheimer's Disease.  Asp. E.  English and Linguistics
07-039 6/1/2023 Marketing 3376 Consumer Behaviour Course Project. Kim, C. Marketing
09-116 24/2/2023 Nova Scotia Commercial Fisher's Activity Opinion Survey. Charles, T. Finance, Information Systems and Management Science
10-088 22/2/2023 Performance Measurement in Co-operatives. Rixon, D. Accounting
10-163 26/2/2023 The Effects of Cognitive Control. Ivanoff, J. Psychology
11-097 26/4/2023 The Transnationalisation of Vietnamese Buddhism. Soucy, A. Religious Studies
12-118 8/6/2023 Identifying and Sharing the Secrets of Safety Success. Fleming, M.  Psychology
12-257 31/7/2022 International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) Safety Culture Perception Questionnaire Development and Evaluation. Fleming, M. Psychology
13-039 15/8/2022 Consumer Marketplace Metacognitions about the Marketing of Organic and/or Gluten-free Foods. Wei, M. Marketing
13-065 25/3/2023 Models of Carbon Markets: Assessing Global Market Design and Article 6 of the Paris Climate Agreement. Ervine, K. International Development Studies
13-107 23/5/2022 The Modernization of Buddhism in Global Perspective. Soucy, A. Religious Studies
14-186 17/4/2023 Communities in Action: A World of Communities, Conservation & Livelihoods. Charles, T. Finance, Information Systems and Management Science
14-222 28/7/2022 Barriers and Facilitators in Access to Child/Youth Mental Health Services in Atlantic Canada. Zhang, M. Finance, Information Systems and Management Science
14-302 24/7/2022 Feeding the Nation from the Wilderness: Food, Migration and Environment on China's Northeastern Borderland. Sun, X. History
15-212 22/2/2023 Talking About Campus Safety and Sexual Violence From Students' Perspectives.  Crocker, D.  Criminology
15-309 17/8/2022 Social and Environmental Impact of Co-operatives. Rixon, D. Accounting
16-081 15/2/2023 Ensuring a Sustainable Socially Responsible Business Model. McKee, M. Management
16-509 25/5/2022 Drivers of B Corp Certification: A Comparative Study. McKee, M. Management
16-511 24/5/2023 Social Movement Organizing in Defense of Natural Resources: A Case of Southern Ghana. Fridell, G. International Development Studies
16-513 22/7/2022 Saint Mary's Academic Resilience Team (SMART) Pilot Project. Schneider, S. Sociology
16-535 15/7/2022 First Impressions and Hiring - Does Perceptions of Criminality Matter? Smith, S. Psychology
16-566 18/7/2022 Maximizing the Potential of Age-Diverse Work Groups and their Leaders in Contemporary Workplaces. Loughlin, C. Management
16-584 28/7/2022 Socioeconomic Correlates of Honesty: An Experimental Approach. Dilmaghani, M. Economics
16-602 16/10/2022 Agency, Rememberance, Recovery: Voices from Contemporary Bosnia and Herzegovina.   Takseva, T.  English
17-007 14/9/2022 Nova Scotia Dialect Survey. Henry, E. Anthropology
17-008 5/10/2022 Effects of L-Tyrosine on the Dynamics of Human Information Processing.  Ivanoff, J.  Psychology
17-010 22/9/2022 The Skeptical Lie Detector: Investigating the Relationship Between Skepticism, Personality Variables and Lie Detection Ability. Ternes, M. Psychology
17-097 15/4/2022 A Study of Customer Experience. Venkat, R. Marketing
17-226 22/3/2023 Validating the Mating Competitiveness Theory. Fisher, M. Psychology
17-265 26/4/2023 The Development of a Social-Ecological Wellbeing Indicator Framework for Guiding the Effectiveness of Locally-Managed Marine Areas (LMMAs) Timor-Leste Southeast Asia. Charles, A. Environmental Studies
17-267 12/4/2023 The Experience and Expression of Anger in the Workplace. Kelloway, K. Psychology
17-326 8/6/2023 Back-way or Bust: Perceptions of Clandestine Migration from The Gambia, West Africa. Conrad, C. Geography
17-347 23/8/2022 Healthy and Productive Knowledge Workers: Negotiating Leaves of Absence Due to Personal or Familial Mental Health Issues and Return to Work. Kelloway, K. Psychology
17-367 23/7/2022 Picture Book Project.  Mandrona, A.  NSCAD, Art History & Contemporary Culture
17-420 29/8/2022 Exploring University Career Counselling Using Narrative-based Research.  Jeffrey, D.  Career & Experiential Learning
17-431 27/8/2022 Trade, Politics and Society. Fridell, G. International Development Studies
17-440 6/10/2022 Transitional Pedagogies of Hindu Religiosity: Vedic Heritage Classes for Children.  Krishnamurti, S.  Religious Studies
17-469 28/10/2022 Attentional Control and the Simon Effect Ivanoff, J.  Psychology
17-480 15/10/2022 Design, Development and Evaluation of Technologies for Engaging Communities.  Akiyama, Y.  Math and Computing Science
17-484 17/12/2022 Seeing the Unseen Dynamics in the Board Room: A Video Ethnographic Study on Board Team Interactions. Liu Feng Management
17-518 24/1/2020 LIST (Learn, Identify, Support & Treat): The Impact of a Comprehensive Mental Health Literacy Intervention for Post Secondary Settings- The Implementation and Evaluation of Transitions Among 6 Campuses in Atlantic Provinces. Zhang, M. Finace
18-136 20/12/2022 Reading Comprehension: The Intersection of Social, Motivational, and Cognitive Factors for Adolescent Readers. Conrad, N. Psychology
18-139 12/17/2023 Strategies of Deception and Detection for Academic Excuses. Ternes, M. Psychology
18-142 19/1/2023 Selection in the Teacher Profession, Teacher Labor Market Dynamics and Student Segregation.  Milla, J.  Economics
18-143 24/1/2023 Exploring Police Interrogation Techniques. Ternes, M. Psychology
18-158 16/2/2023 Not Queer Enough: Youth Belongingness in the LGBTQ* Community. Closson, L. Psychology
18-171 24/2/2022 The Wellbeing of Participants in Collaborative Work Groups. Loughlin, C. Management
18-182 10/4/2023 Healthy Relationships Survey. Closson, L. Psychology
18-185 23/4/2023 Interview Design Study. Roulin, N. Psychology
18-201 17/7/2022 Dignity at Work: Scale Development. Kelloway, K. Psychology
18-202 15/8/2022 Victim Impact Statements in Canada: Perspectives from Crime Victims, Victim Service Workers and Legal Professionals. Stinson, V. Psychology
18-208 15/7/2022 Minority Reporting: Preventative Detention in Canada and Northern Ireland.  Carver, A.  Criminology
18-211 22/10/2022 The Influence of Personality on Team Versus Individual Timed Logic Tasks. Ternes, M. Psychology
18-212 22/6/2023 Social Justice in Focus: Youth with Refugee Experience Explore Social Justice through Participatory Photography in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Mandrona, A.  NSCAD, Art History & Contemporary Culture
18-216 7/7/2022 Understanding the Career Goals of Undergraduate Student Library Employees. Carter, N.  Patrick Power Library
18-217 17/7/2022 The Impact of Parental Style on Adolescents' Shopping Behavior. Kim, C. Marketing
18-221 9/8/2022 A National Study of Opportunities and Obstacles to Successful Community Reintegration of Forensic Patients (NTP2). Livingston, J. Criminology
18-222 9/8/2022 Examining Physician and Nurse Wellbeing and Burnout. Day, A. Psychology
18-227 10/1/2020 International Mobility of Professional Accounting and Finance Designations. Song, X. Accounting
19-012 28/1/2023 Determining Customer Engagement in Retail Institutions. Venkat, R.  Marketing
19-016 10/1/2023 Shared Leadership and Top Management Team Decision Making. Liu, F. Management
19-024 21/1/2023 The Future of Coffee: Climate Resilience & Gender Policy and Practice in Kenya's Coffee Value Chain. Fridell, G. International Development Studies
19-032 14/4/2023 Imagining Age-Friendly "Communities within Communities": International Promising Practices.  MacDonald, M.  Economics
19-043 31/1/2020 Exceeding Customer Expectations: Exploring Customer Interactions and Emotional Labour on Front-line Employees' Ambulatory Blood Pressure. Kelloway, K. Psychology
19-045 31/1/2023 Developing and Partially Validating the Conditional Reasoning Test for Workplace Psychopathy: The CRT-WP. Roulin, N. Psychology
19-054 12/2/2020 The Influence of Social Media and How It Interacts with the Personality, Values, and Community Engagement of Youth. Bourgeois, D. Psychology
19-059 29/5/2023 Young Workers' Experiences. Kelloway, K. Psychology
19-066 9/3/2023 Examining the Psychometric Properties of LinkedIn as a Selection Tool. Roulin, N. Psychology
19-067 11/5/2023 Flash Forward Photovoice Project.  Mandrona, A.  NSCAD University, Art History & Contemporary Culture
19-068 23/9/2022 Communications, Experiences and Attitudes of Women Surrounding Pregnancy.  Fisher, M.  Psychology
19-075 1/4/2023 IMPACTS: Collaborations to Address Sexual Violence on Campus. Crocker, D. Criminology
19-078 22/5/2023 Exploring the Personality and Demographic Characteristics of Individuals in Romantic Relationships with Incarcerated Offenders. Ternes, M. Psychology
19-081 19/6/2023 Student Success: How Can Mobile Applications Be Better Designed to Improve Retention and Persistence in First-Year Students? Smith, S. Psychology
19-086 30/9/2022 Gendering Violence and Precarity in Forced Migration: Asylum Seeking Women in the Eastern Mediterranean. Tastsoglou, E. Sociology
19-091 11/9/2022 Tenancy Rights of Racialized International Students in Halifax. Bonjun, B. Social Justice and Community Studies
19-092 26/7/2022 Violence Against Women Migrants and Refugees: Analysing Causes and Effective Policy Response. Tastsoglou, E. International Development Studies
19-095 24/7/2022 The Impact of a First Year Seminar Pilot on Student Engagement and Success. Smith, S. Enrollment Services
19-096 18/8/2022 Intellectual Migration: The China-US-Canada Dynamics. Kwak, M. Geography & Environmental Studies
19-102 10/9/2022 Assessment of the "Pathway to Resilience" Program.  Kelloway, K.  Psychology
19-107 20/2/2023 Faculty and Staff Experiences: Supporting Students in Distress. Boland, C. The Counselling Centre
19-109 19/8/2022 Using the Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement to Assess SMU Student Success Factors. Smith, S. Pschology
19-111 28/10/2022 A Two-prong Investigation into Deception Detection: The Formation of Diadic Alibi Strategies and the Effect of Dual Language Acquisition on Cognitive Load-based Techniques. Ternes, M. Psychology
19-114 17/11/2022 In Between the Letters: How Do We Spell?  Conrad, N.  Psychology
19-115 17/9/2022 Social Innovation: Community Engagement and Ownership. Hervieux, C. Management
19-121 1/12/2022 Spatial Accessibility to Health-Promoting Resources for Immigrants in Halifax, Canada. Kwak, M. Geography & Environmental Studies
19-124 25/1/2023 Community Engagement in Coastal Futures Planning in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Charles, T.  Environmental Science
19-125 6/1/2023 The Effect of L-Tyrosine on Academic Student Performance.  Ivanoff, J.  Psychology
19-127 26/10/2022 Examining Victims' Needs in the Forensic Mental Health Context. Livingston, J. Criminology
19-129 21/12/2022 Understanding Halifax Bicycle Culture and Infrastructure. Soucy, A. Religious Studies
20-010 20/2/2023 Integrating User-Centered Design Approaches and Data Analytics Models for a Course Design Framework for Interdisciplinary Studies Teaching and Learning. Akiyama, Y. Math & Computer Science
20-011 20/2/2023 The Blue of the Rainbow: Sexual Orientation and Hiring Discrimination in Blue-Collar Occupations. Dilmaghani, M. Economics
20-012 8/2/2023 The Effect of Attention on the Kinematics of Computer Mouse Movements. Ivanoff, J. Psychology
20-013 27/1/2023 Student Time Management Experiences. Tabvuma, V. Management
20-014 8/2/2023 An Investigation Into the Effects of Perceptual Gestalt Processing as a Mechanism to Explain Distractor Inhibition. Ivanoff, J. Psychology
20-023 30/10/2022 Smoker Job Interview Stigmatization. Roulin, N. Psychology
20-026 20/1/2023 Recognition at Work: Through the Eyes for the Beholders.  Kelloway, K. Psychology
20-030 4/2/2023 Motivations for Lying. Ternes, M. Psychology
20-034 28/11/2022 Forced Sterilization and the Use of Health Care in India. Robitaille, M. Economics
20-037 27/1/2023 Spelling Matters Too! A Longitudinal Examination of the Relation Between Spelling and Reading Comprehension. Conrad, N. Psychology
20-039 19/12/2022 Asynchronous Video Interviews: Evaluating Applicant Performance. Roulin, N.  Psychology
20-040 24/1/2023 Cross-Cultural Impression Management Tactics of Koreans and Canadians in an Interview Context. Roulin, N. Psychology
20-043 12/5/2023 Design, Development and Evaluation of the Use of Single Cameras for Video Extraction and Analysis. Akiyama, Y. Math and Computer Science
20-048 13/12/2022 Perceptions of Mental Illness.  Fisher, M.  Psychology
20-050 6/4/2023 Sugaring: Attitudes and Experiences. Fisher, M.  Psychology
20-052 9/12/2022 Healthy Professional Workers: Examining the Gendered Nature of Mental Health Issues, Leaves of Absence & Return to Work Experiences from a Comparative Perspective.  Kelloway, K,  Psychology
20-061 24/4/2023 Perceived Accommodation: Hidden Effect of Work Culture.  Day, A.  Psychology
20-069 11/2/2023 Women in Leadership: The Influence of Stereotype Threat and Motivation for Transformational Leadership on Leadership Aspirations and Emergence. Kelloway, K. Psychology
20-072 10/5/2023 Women in Leadership: The Influence of Stereotype Threat and Motivation for Transformational Leadership on Leadership Aspirations and Emergence (Study 1 of 2.) Kelloway, K.  Psychology
20-078 20/2/2023 Learning to Read and Spell New Words. Conrad, N. Psychology
20-083 17/10/2022 The Interaction of Memory and Attention in the Context of a Directed Forgetting Task. Ivanoff, J.  Psychology
20-088 8/1/2023 Student Insights Into Co-operative Education Services.  Jeffrey, D. Career Services, Career & Experiental Learning
20-092 4/2/2023 Consumption in a Crisis.  Venkat, R.  Marketing
20-094 20/4/2023 Employee Perceptions During COVID-19 Pandemic- Study 3.  Kelloway, K.  Psychology
20-096 26/4/2023 Corona Cooking Survey: Canadian Sample.  Fisher, M.  Psychology
20-098 22/5/2023 The Impact of COVID-19 on Retail Environments. Pancer, E. Marketing
20-100 31/5/2023 Student Experiences of COVID-19: Identifying Students' Needs and Supports. Smith, S. Enrollment Services
20-102 27/6/2022 Leadership from a Gendered Perspective: The Case of Female Leadership in the Third Sector in Vietnam. Hervieux, C. Management
20-103 24/2/2023 Community, Labour and Migration in the Era of Globalization: A Case Study of Migrant Workers in the Acadian Village of Cheticamp, Nova Scotia. Soucy, A. Religious Studies
20-104 10/6/2022 An Exploration of Jury Summons Used in Canada. Stinson, V. Psychology
20-109 16/7/2022 Exploring Institutional Creation, Disturbance and Legitimacy Work: A Case Study of Professional Women's Hockey in North America.  MacDonald, C.  Center for Study of Sport and Health
20-111 10/10/2022 A Critical Ethnographic Case Study of (In) Visible/Hidden and Imminent Homelessness in Charlottetown, PEI. Bonjun, B. Social Justice and Community Studies
20-112 26/6/2023 Organizational Response to Disease Outbreak: Unemployment Diary Study. Kelloway, K. Psychology
20-113 24/6/2023 Organizational Response to Disease Outbreak: Work at Home. Kelloway, K. Psychology
20-115 30/6/2023 Organizational Response to Disease Outbreak: Small Business Study. Kelloway, K. Psychology
20-116 24/7/2022 Social Media and Selection Decisions. Roulin, N. Psychology
20-118 25/9/2022 Pathways to Criminality in Criminalized Women. Ternes, M. Psychology
20-120 12/10/2022 Assessing Alibi Believability.  Ternes, M.  Psychology
20-122 27/8/2022 Pride/Swell: An Arts & Activism Summit for Queer Atlantic Canadian Youth. Mandrona, A. NSCAD University, Art History & Contemporary Culture
20-126 12/10/2022 Victim Impact Statements: Medium.  Ternes, M. Psychology
20-132 31/8/2022 Price Wars: An Empirical Investigation of Competitive Pricing. Ivanoff, J. Psychology
21-001 26/10/2022 When Dark Meets Dark: Experienced Aggression and the Dark Tetrad. Kelloway, K. Psychology
21-002 14/1/2023 Gratitude as a Service Recovery.  Venkat, R.  Marketing
21-003 29/9/2022 Helping Employees Build Authentic Connections During COVID. Lee-Baggley, D. Psychology
21-006 21/9/2022 The Tower of Babel: The Effect of Linguistic Ostracism on Employee. Fiset, J. Management
21-007 2/6/2022 Implementing the Small-Scale Fisheries Guidelines: Recognizing and Enhancing Environmental Stewardship by Small-Scale Fishing Communities. Charles, T.  Finance, Information Systems & Management Science
21-009 16/11/2022 Ethical Striving. Vu, Tiffany Marketing
21-011 29/11/2022 Motivations Behind Online Deceptive Behaviours.  Ternes, M.  Psychology
21-012 20/11/2022 Adjusting to University Life: How Experiences Differ Based on High School Course Selection. Closson, L. Psychology
21-013 16/11/2022 Social Experiences Among Transgender, Non-Binary and Gender Questioning Youth. Closson, L. Psychology
21-014 3/11/2022 When There's No Choice But to Go Digital: Examining Perceptions Of, and Processes Used By, Faculty Translating Experiential In-Person Courses to an Online Format in the Wake of COVID-19.  Fiset, J. Management
21-020 7/3/2023 The Daily Question Assessment Methodology: The Development and Validation of Industrial/Organizational Constructs for Business Intelligence.  Fleming, M.  Psychology
21-026 8/2/2023 The Unbearable Weight of Not Being Out: Citizenship Consequences of Sexual and Gender Identity Concealment. Dilmaghani, M. Economics
21-028 19/1/2023 The Potential Relationship Between Cannabis Product Use and Risk Taking Behaviours in Young Adults. Smith, S. Psychology
21-032 19/12/2022 Insights on the Supply and Demand for Mental Health Programs and Services in Canadian Workplaces. Lee-Baggley, D. Psychology
21-033 17/1/2023 Burnout Recovery: A Longitudinal Workplace Intervention Study to Assist Leaders and Staff During COVID-19. Gilin D. Psychology
21-036 3/2/2023 Maternal Behavior Survey.  Fisher, M.  Psychology
21-037 30/8/2022 Mental Fitness Index Database.  Lee-Baggley, D.  Psychology
21-040 8/2/2023 Canada Study: Body Image in Nature Survey (BINS). Fisher, M. Psychology
21-043 18/3/2022 Experiences in the Foster Care System and Criminality in Women. Ternes, M. Psychology
21-044 18/1/2023 Canadians' Opinions of Jury Service During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Stinson, V. Psychology
21-047 28/1/2023 Public Perceptions of Crime Victims. Stinson, V. Psychology
21-048 18/2/2023 The Roles of Training and Practice in Asynchronous Video Interviews. Roulin, N. Psychology
21-053 23/2/2023 Investigating Leading Practices from the COVID-19 Pandemic on Safeguarding Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. Lee-Baggley, D. Psychology
21-060 12/3/2022 A Pilot Study of the ARTpreneurs Web Application for Fostering Entrepreneurial Intent in Young Artists. Mandrona, A. Art History and Contemporary Culture, NSCAD University
21-064 25/5/2022 Towards Freedom of Expression in Chinese College-level Art Education: A Collaborative Research-creation Exploration.  Largo, M.  NSCAD University, Art Education
21-043 17/5/2022 Towards Freedom of Expression in Chinese College-level Art Education: A Collaborative Research-creation Exploration.  Largo, M.  NSCAD University, Art Education
21-066 22/3/2023 COVID-19 and Attraction. Fisher, M. Psychology
21-070 7/6/2023 Identifying Leading Safety Culture Improvement Practices to Drive Innovation to Assist in the Prevention of Workplace Injuries.  Fleming, M.  Psychology
21-072 6/4/2023 The Socio-economic Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Nova Scotia. Kwak, M. Geography & Environmental Studies
21-073 27/4/2023 Exploring Experiences of Racialized Entrepreneurs in Accessing Funding for Startup Businesses. Wei, M. Marketing
21-074 10/5/2023 Perceptions of Professionals on the Development of a Preventions Program for People At-Risk of Sexual Offending Against Children.  Stephens, S. Psychology
21-075 14/5/2022 Elusive Desires: Queering Museum Education.  Largo, M.  NSCAD University, Art Education
21-078 6/4/2023 Overqualified but Excluded? A Longitudinal Examination of Incivility Experiences of Overqualified Employees. Holmvall, C. Psychology
21-080 1/3/2023 Saint Mary's University Student Project on Student Perspectives During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Ivanoff, J. Psychology
21-083 26/5/2022 Better Materials Consumption - Psychological Influences Study. Vu, T. Marketing
21-084 25/5/2022 Client Perceptions Regarding the Development of a Prevention Program for People At-Risk of Sexual Offending Against Children. Stephens, S.  Psychology
21-086 7/7/2022 Measuring Implicit and Explicit Attitudes of Vaping: How Can Attitudes Toward Vaping Inform Vaping Control? Al-Hamdani, M.  Psychology
21-090 12/5/2022 Wicked Questions. Hervieux, C. Centre for Leadership Excellence
21-092 18/5/2023 Intellectual Migration: The China-Canada-US Dynamics- Faculty Survey. - Phase III. Kwak, M. Geography and Environmental Studies
21-093 14/6/2023 Client Evaluation of Talking for Change.  Stephens, S.  Psychology
21-094 30/6/2023 Delphi Study on the Assessment and Treatment of Individuals Who Are Sexually Attracted to Children.  Stephens, S.  Psychology
21-096 21/5/2023 Family (& Work) Mattes: Family-Related Work Decisions and Well-Being of Parents of Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities. Day, A.  Psychology
21-098 13/7/2022 Nova Scotia Nonprofits and Poverty Reduction. Bradshaw, P.  Management
21-100 23/6/2023 Exploring the Effects of Race-Based Stress on Error-related Negativity Amplitude.  Lackner, C.  Psychology
21-101 27/7/2022 The Role of Data Intelligence Software in Assessing Materiality: What is the Potential and Their Limits?  Hervieux, C.  Centre for Leadership Excellence
21-102 30/7/2022 Landscape, Memory and the Poor: Poor Houses of Nova Scotia.  Neatby, N.  History
21-104 21/7/2022 Employee Engagement Survey.  Kelloway, K.  Psychology
21-105 21/7/2022 Impression Management in Environmental Messaging.  Pancer, E.  Marketing
21-106 12/7/2022 Caring for Care-Providers: Developing and Online Health Screening Tool to Investigate the Mental Health Status and Resiliencies of Frontline Community Pharmacy Workers in a Shifting Scope of Practice; Intensified by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Fleming, M.  Psychology
21-107 21/7/2022 Contract Academic Librarians in Canada Before and During COVID-19. Carter, N.  Patrick Power Library
21-108 25/8/2022 Accounting Professors' Experience in the Pivot to Online Teaching.  Rixon, D.  Accounting
21-109 27/8/2022 Technology, Social Media and Romantic Relationships.  Ternes, M.  Psychology
21-110 31/8/2022 What Do I Do with This Information? A Survey of Canadians' Opinions on Clare's Law.  Stinson, V.  Psychology
21-111 1/6/2023 Emotional Experiences of Brazilians in Canada and Their Relatives in Brazil During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Barbosa, R. History
21-113 28/9/2022 Development and Initial Testing of Real Estate Agent Professionalism Climate Survey.  Fleming, M.  Psychology
21-114 24/8/2022 Technology and the Future Work. Petersen, B.  Management
21-116 20/8/2022 The Evolution of Acadian Identity in Nova Scotia.  Henry, E.  Anthropology
21-117 9/8/2022 Mental Health and COVID-19: Bridging the Gap. Rixon, D. Accounting
22-001 23/11/2022 Fostering a Gender Equality Culture at Work: Inclusive Leadership and Self-Care Survey and Coaching Program.  Day, A.  Psychology
22-002 19/10/2022 The Experiences and Challanges of Black Entrepreneurs in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Kwak, M.  Geography and Environmental Studies
22-003 26/10/2022 The Role of the Environment on Irregular Migration in the Gambia, West Africa: Implications for Adaptation Policy. Conrad, C.  Geography and Environmental Studies
22-005 6/10/2022 Exploring Diurnal Attention and Aging with the Dalhousie Computerized Attention Battery.  Fisher, D.  Psychology
22-006 21/10/2022 Examining Differences in Remote Work Effectiveness with Social Supports: A Study of Canadian Remote Workers. Carroll, W.  Management
22-007 26/1/2023 Wine-making or Place Making? The Role of the Craft Wine Industry in Rural Revitalization. DeFuentes, C.  Management
22-009 14/10/2022 Social and Emotional Experiences During COVID-19.  Closson, L.  Psychology
22-010 1/12/2022 Self-perceptions and Perceptions of Others on Instagram.  Fisher, M.  Psychology
22-011 11/1/2022 From Decline to Re-emergence Pathway: Co-evolution of Technology and Market Category in Canadian Oat Milling Industry Revival.  Tajeddin, M.  Management
22-012 12/12/2022 How Approaches to Care Shape the Pathways of Older Adult Home Care Clients.  MacDonald, M.  Economics
22-013 14/11/2022 The Persistence of the Popping Hole: A Reflection on Sport Diffusion.  Reid, J.  History
22-014 8/12/2022 An Empirical Validation of the Inclusive Leadership Scale. Day, A.  Psychology
22-015 1/12/2022 The Effect of Affective Priming on Response Time and Accuracy in a Continuous Performance Test.  Carroll, S.  Psychology
22-016 1/12/2022 Leadership and Employee Well-Being.  Kelloway, K.  Psychology
22-017 22/11/2022 Workplace Stress and Mental Health.  Kelloway, K.  Psychology
22-018 1/12/2022 A Safer Workplace: A Longitudinal Examination of S.A.F.E.R. Leadership on Employee Outcomes.  Kelloway, K.  Psychology
22-019 20/1/2023 Empathy, Personality and Deception: Exploring Relationships Between Empathic Responsiveness, the HEXACO and Lying in Everyday Situations.  Ternes, M.  Psychology
22-020 3/12/2022 Parole Decision-Making. Ternes, M.  Psychology
22-021 3/12/2022 Relationship Status and Formation Differentiation Among Women.  Fisher, M.  Psychology
22-023 13/1/2023 Investigating Workplace Trauma in Nova Scotian Nurses. Kelloway, K.  Psychology
22-024 14/1/2023 Which Leaders Lead Employees to Cyberslack? Kelloway, K.  Psychology
22-025 7/12/2022 The Exploration of Personality and Antisocial Online Behavior.  Ternes, M.  Psychology
22-026 14/1/2023 The Media's Influence on the Stigma Surrounding Schizophrenia.  Smith, S.  Psychology
22-027 13/1/2023 The Motives and Correlates of Digital Dating Agression in Young Adults.  Ternes, M.  Psychology
22-028 20/1/2023 Examining the Use of Singular "they" Pronouns in Nova Scotian Youth: A Literature Review and Corpus-based Discourse Analysis.  Asp, E.  Linguistics
22-029 18/1/2023 Does Switching Between Languages Have An Impact on Emotion Regulations.  Cameron, J.  Psychology
22-030 10/1/2023 The Effect of "Perceived Gender" on Risk Taking: Evidence from a Gender Swapping Experiment.  Dilmaghani, M.  Economics
22-031 2/2/2023 Reconceptualizing Eating Disorders from an Intersectional Feminist Lens. Bunjun, B.  Social Justice and Community Studies/Women and Gender Studies 
22-032 18/1/2023 Impacts of COVID-19 on the Canadian Justice System and Access to Justice.  Stinson, V.  Psychology
22-033 26/1/2023 You Can Record an Asynchronous Video Interview Anywhere!... But Should you?  Roulin, N.  Psychology
22-034 15/12/2022 Trial of the Conditioning Reasoning Test of Workplace Psychopathy (CRT-WP). Roulin, N.  Psychology
22-035 11/2/2023 Drawn to Community: An Illustrated Exploration of Community-based Art Education in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.  Mandrona, A.  NSCAD, Art History and Contemporary Culture
22-036 18/2/2023 Examining Predictive Factors of Relationship Behaviours.  Bourgeois, D.  Psychology
22-037 3/2/2023 Public Perceptions of Victim Impact Statements and Methods of Delivery.  Stinson, V.  Psychology
22-038 1/2/2023 Types and Frequency of Social Media Information and Job Seekers' Attitudes Toward Cybervetting in China.  Roulin, N.  Psychology
22-039 11/2/2023 Language Barriers and Bridges in Nova Scotian Healthcare: An Investigation of Communication Between Healthcare Providers, People Who Do Not Speak or Are Not Fluent in English and Their Informal or Professional Interpreters.  Asp, E.  English Language & Literature and the Linguistics
22-040 14/2/2023 Exploring Subordinate Incivility.  Holmvall, C.  Psychology
22-041 9/2/2023 Leadership During Times of Employee Personal Crisis.  Holmvall, C.  Psychology
22-042 22/2/2023 The Role of Achievement: Motivation in the Relationship Between Athletic & Academic Achievement.  Bourgeois, D.  Psychology
22-043 14/2/2023 Impact of Rape Myths Images on Attitudes Toward Sexual Violence. Carolan, P.  Psychology
22-044 21/2/2023 Implicit and Explicit Attitudes Toward Bipolar Disorder.  Carolan, P.  Psychology
22-045 13/3/2023 Governing Migrants in South Africa.  Bhagat, A.  International Development Studies/Political Science
22-046 25/2/2023 Perceptions of Leaders at Work.  Holmvall, C.  Psychology
22-047 5/3/2023 Bettering and Balancing: Experiences of Maternal Self-Employment in Urban and Rural Nova Scotia.  Narisada, A.  Psychology
22-048 14/6/2023 Take Two: Remote Justice for Crime Victims in the COVID-19 Era. Stinson, V.  Psychology
22-049 31/1/2023 Improving the Construction of Eyewitness Lineups: Investigating the Impact of Concealment on Target Identification Accuracy Through a COVID-19 Lens. Smith, S.  Psychology
22-050 6/3/2023 Measuring the Effects of Work-Life Balance on Employee Motivation.  Bourgeois, D.  Psychology
22-051 11/3/2023 Life History Theory and Hypothetical Shoplifting.  Fisher, M.  Psychology
22-052 2/3/2023 Exploring the Underlying Structure of the Dark Tetrad at Work.  Kelloway, K.  Psychology
22-054 31/3/2023 Leader Experiences and Well-being.  Holmvall, C.  Psychology
22-055 22/3/2023 Why We Speed: A Qualitative Analysis of the Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviours Drivers Have Surrounding Speeding.  Livingston, J.  Criminology
22-056 17/2/2023 Development and Validation of Employee Pulse Surveys.  Kelloway, K.  Psychology
22-057 18/3/2023 Migration as an Adaptive Strategy to Climate Change: Evidence from Eastern Uganda.  Conrad, C.  Geography and Environmental Studies
22-058 14/3/2023 The Impact of Message Framing on COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in Parents.  Gilin, D.  Psychology
22-059 22/3/2023 An Experimental Study on Perfectionism, Self-compassion and Burnout.  Gilin, D.  Psychology
22-060 25/3/2023 The Impact of Humanizing Ex-offenders on Perceptions and Attitudes of Redeemability.  Gilin, D.  Psychology
22-061 4/5/2023 Jury Decision Making in Sexual Offense Trials.  Gilin, D.  Psychology
22-062 30/3/2023 Study of Innovation in the Retail Sector: Drivers, Barriers, Facilitators and Impacts.  Venkat, R.  Marketing
22-063 10/6/2023 Heroism and Psychopathic Traits.  Carolan, P.  Psychology
22-065 1/4/2023 A Review of Safety Culture Assessment Methods.  Fleming, M.  Psychology
22-066 2/5/2023 Social Determinants of Success and Gender Differences for Technology and Innovation Entrepreneurs.  DeFuentes, C.  Management
22-067 27/4/2023 Modest is Hottest: Reimaging Female Sexuality in Evangelical Communities.  Gonick, M.  Women and Gender Studies
22-068 14/4/2023 A Good Currator...: Exploring Curational Ethics and Practice Among Curators in Canada.  Mandrona, A.  NSCAD, Division of Art History & Contemporary Culture, Art Education
22-069 26/3/2023 Remote Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Impacts on Learning Supports and Teacher Well-being.  Francis, L.  Psychology
22-072 20/5/2023 Working and Collaborating with Children; Exploring Partnerships Between Art Educators and Children to Support Their Voices and Perspectives in Art Education.  Mandrona, A.  NSCAD, Art History and Contemporary Culture
22-073 2/5/2023 Research Access in Correctional Facilities. Patry, M.  Psychology
22-074 27/5/2023 Development & Validation of a Culture Actualization Index.  Kelloway, K.  Psychology
22-075 31/5/2023 Executive Coaching: Where, When and How? Designing a Framework to Evaluate Executive Coaching Effectiveness on Leaders' Occupational Health, Self Efficacy, Learning, Performance and Business Outcomes.  Fleming, M.  Psychology
22-076 22/6/2023 A Study of Young Adults Involved in the Commercial Sex Industry.  Stephens, S.  Psychology
22-077 14/6/2023 A Relationship Between Engagement, Well-being and Academic Success.  Bourgeois, D.  Psychology
22-078 6/6/2023 Investigating COVID-19 Vaccination Hesitancy in Relation to Sensation Seeking and Risky Alcohol Use.  Conrad, N.  Psychology
22-079 25/5/2023 The Impact of Virtual Background Characteristics on Asynchronous Video Rating for Health Professions Education Admissions.  Roulin, N.  Psychology