Current SMU and NSCAD Active HREB Clearances

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SMU REB File Number Current Clearance Expiry Date (day/month/year) Research Title  Principal Investigator
Affiliated Department
07-039 6/1/2025 Marketing 3376 Consumer Behaviour Course Project. Kim, C. Marketing
09-116 24/2/2025 Nova Scotia Commercial Fisher's Activity Opinion Survey. Charles, T. Finance, Information Systems and Management Science
10-163 26/2/2025 The Effects of Cognitive Control. Ivanoff, J. Psychology
11-097 26/4/2025 The Transnationalisation of Vietnamese Buddhism. Soucy, A. Religious Studies
12-257 31/7/2024 International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) Safety Culture Perceptions Questionnaire Item Review. Fleming, M. Psychology
13-065 25/3/2025 Models of Carbon Markets: Assessing Global Market Design and Article 6 of the Paris Climate Agreement. Ervine, K. International Development Studies
17-097 15/4/2025 A Study of Customer Experience. Venkat, R. Marketing
14-186 17/4/2025 Communities in Action: A World of Communities, Conservation & Livelihoods. Charles, T. Finance, Information Systems and Management Science
14-302 24/7/2024 Feeding the Nation from the Wilderness: Food, Migration and Environment on China's Northeastern Borderland. Sun, X. History
15-309 17/8/2024 Social and Environmental Impact of Co-operatives. Rixon, D.  Accounting
16-013 21/7/2024 The Effects of Language and Schema on Drawing Performance (Writing Study). Reichertz, M.  NSCAD, Drawing Lab
16-062 13/2/2025 Unforgetting: Voices from Contemporary Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Takseva, T.  English, Women and Gender Studies
16-081 15/2/2025 Ensuring a Sustainable Socially Responsible Business Model. McKee, M. Management
16-511 24/5/2025 Social Movement Organizing in Defense of Natural Resources: A Case of Southern Ghana. Fridell, G. International Development Studies
16-513 22/7/2023 Saint Mary's Academic Resilience Team (SMART) Pilot Project. Schneider, S. Criminology
16-535 15/7/2024 First Impressions and Hiring - Does Perceptions of Criminality Matter? Smith, S. Psychology
16-583 23/9/2024 Applying Intelligence to Evaluating Drawing Accuracy: Crowd-sourcing Study. Reichertz, M.  NSCAD, Drawing Lab
17-007 14/9/2024 Nova Scotia Dialect Survey. Henry, E. Anthropology
17-008 3/11/2024 Effects of L-Tyrosine on the Dynamics of Human Information Processing. Ivanoff, J.  Psychology
17-010 22/9/2024 The Skeptical Lie Detector: Investigating the Relationship Between Skepticism, Personality Variables and Lie Detection Ability. Ternes, M. Psychology
17-128 21/7/2024 Foveal & Peripheral Vision in Observational Drawing: Image Manipulation Study. Reichertz, M.  NSCAD, Drawing Lab
17-226 15/11/2024 Validating the Mating Competitiveness Theory. Fisher, M.  Psychology
17-267 12/4/2023 The Experience and Expression of Anger in the Workplace. Kelloway, K. Psychology
17-326 4/7/2024 Back-way or Bust: Perceptions of Clandestine Migration from The Gambia, West Africa. Conrad, C.  Geography and Environmental Studies
17-431 27/8/2024 Trade, Politics and Society. Fridell, G. International Development Studies
17-484 12/1/2025 Don't Waste a Crisis: CEO & Board Team Strategizing in Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Liu, F.  Management
18-139 2/2/2025 Strategies of Deception and Detection for Academic Excuses. Ternes, M.  Psychology
18-142 23/2/2025 Selection in the Teacher Profession, Teacher Lab our Market Dynamics, and Student Segregation. Milla, J.  Economics
18-158 16/2/2025 Not Queer Enough: Youth Belongingness in the LGBTQ* Community. Closson, L. Psychology
18-182 10/4/2025 Healthy Relationships Survey. Closson, L. Psychology
18-186 22/9/2024 Cannabis Use and Attitudes throughout Federal Legalization and the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Patry, M.  Psychology
18-188 23/6/2024 Diversity Specific Transformational Leadership. Loughlin, C.  Management
18-208 21/10/2024 Minority Reporting: Preventative Detention in Canada and Northern Ireland. Carver, A.  Criminology
18-211 22/10/2024 The Influence of Personality on Team Versus Individual Timed Logic Tasks. Ternes, M. Psychology
19-016 10/1/2025 Shared Leadership and Top Management Team Decision Making. Liu, F. Management
19-032 29/11/2024 Imagining Age-Friendly "Communities within Communities": International Promising Practices.  MacDonald, M.  Economics
19-045 31/1/2025 Developing and Partially Validating the Conditional Reasoning Test for Workplace Psychopathy: The CRT-WP. Roulin, N. Psychology
19-059 29/5/2024 Young Workers' Experiences. Kelloway, K. Psychology
19-068 21/11/2024 Communications, Experiences and Attitudes of Women Surrounding Pregnancy.  Fisher, M.  Psychology
19-078 26/5/2025 Exploring the Personality and Demographic Characteristics of Individuals Involved in Romantic Relationships with Incarcerated Offenders. Ternes, M.  Psychology
19-081 19/6/2024 Student Success: How Can Mobile Applications Be Better Designed to Improve Retention and Persistence in First-Year Students? Smith, S. Psychology
19-095 24/7/2024 The Impact of a First Year Seminar Pilot on Student Engagement and Success. Smith, S. Enrollment Services
19-102 10/9/2024 Assessment of the "Pathway to Resilience" Program.  Kelloway, K.  Psychology
19-107 20/2/2025 Faculty and Staff Experiences: Supporting Students in Distress. Boland, C. The Counselling Centre
19-109 19/8/2023 Using the Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement to Assess SMU Student Success Factors. Smith, S. Psychology
19-111 28/10/2024 A Two-prong Investigation into Deception Detection: The Formation of Diadic Alibi Strategies and the Effect of Dual Language Acquisition on Cognitive Load-based Techniques. Ternes, M. Psychology
19-113 8/7/2024 Jury Instructions and Perceptions of Credibility.  Ternes, M.  Psychology
19-114 11/9/2024 In Between the Letters: How Do We Spell?  Conrad, N.  Psychology
19-124 25/1/2025 Community Engagement in Coastal Futures Planning in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Charles, T.  Environmental Science
19-125 7/1/2025 The Effect of L-Tyrosine on Academic Student Performance.  Ivanoff, J.  Psychology
20-010 20/2/2024 Integrating User-Centered Design Approaches and Data Analytics Models for a Course Design Framework for Interdisciplinary Studies Teaching and Learning. Akiyama, Y. Math & Computer Science
20-012 8/2/2025 The Effect of Attention on the Kinematics of Computer Mouse Movements. Ivanoff, J. Psychology
20-013 27/1/2025 Student Time Management Experiences. Tabvuma, V. Management
20-014 26/2/2024 An Investigation Into the Effects of Perceptual Gestalt Processing as a Mechanism to Explain Distractor Inhibition. Ivanoff, J.   Psychology
20-023 30/10/2024 Smoker Job Interview Stigmatization. Roulin, N. Psychology
20-037 13/2/2025 Spelling Matters Too! A Longitudinal Examination of the Relation Between Spelling and Reading Comprehension.  Conrad, N.  Psychology
20-040 24/1/2024 Cross-Cultural Impression Management Tactics of Koreans and Canadians in an Interview Context. Roulin, N. Psychology
20-048 13/12/2023 Perceptions of Mental Illness.  Fisher, M.  Psychology
20-078 20/2/2024 Learning to Read and Spell New Words. Conrad, N. Psychology
20-092 4/2/2024 Consumption in a Crisis.  Venkat, R.  Marketing
20-100 13/7/2024 Student Experiences of Covid-19: Identifying Students' Needs and Supports. Smith, S.  Psychology
20-103 24/2/2024 Community, Labour and Migration in the Era of Globalization: A Case Study of Migrant Workers in the Acadian Village of Cheticamp, Nova Scotia. Soucy, A. Religious Studies
20-104 9/8/2024 An Exploration of Jury Summons Used in Canada. Stinson, V. Psychology
20-106 2/11/2023 Quarantine and Romantic Relationship Factors. Fisher, M.  Psychology
20-114 29/6/2024 Accessible Recruiting: Experimental Testing of Inclusive Job Ads. Kocum, L.  Psychology
20-118 25/9/2024 Pathways to Criminality in Criminalized Women. Ternes, M. Psychology
20-120 27/10/2024 Assessing Alibi Believability.  Ternes, M.  Psychology
20-126 12/10/2024 Victim Impact Statements: Medium.  Ternes, M. Psychology
20-132 9/9/2024 Price Wars: An Empirical Investigation of Competitive Pricing. Ivanoff, J. Psychology
21-001 26/10/2024 When Dark Meets Dark: Experienced Aggression and the Dark Tetrad. Kelloway, K. Psychology
21-002 26/1/2025 Gratitude as a Service Recovery. Venkat, R.  Marketing
21-005 18/10/2023 The Influence of Dark Triads Traits, Parenting Attachment and Time Perspective on Nudging Behaviour from an Environmental Protection Perspective. Fisher, M.  Psychology
21-006 21/9/2024 The Tower of Babel: The Effect of Linguistic Ostracism on Employee Withdrawal and Occupational Health and Safety.  Fiset, J. Management
21-007 2/6/2024 Implementing the Small-Scale Fisheries Guidelines: Recognizing and Enhancing Environmental Stewardship by Small-Scale Fishing Communities. Charles, T.  Finance, Information Systems & Management Science
21-011 29/11/2023 Motivations Behind Online Deceptive Behaviours.  Ternes, M.  Psychology
21-013 16/11/2024 Social Experiences Among Transgender, Non-Binary and Gender Questioning Youth. Closson, L. Psychology
21-020 7/3/2025 The Daily Question Assessment Methodology: The Development and Validation of Industrial/Organizational Constructs for Business Intelligence.  Fleming, M.  Psychology
21-026 8/2/2025 The Unbearable Weight of Not Being Out: Citizenship Consequences of Sexual and Gender Identity Concealment. Dilmaghani, M. Economics
21-032 19/12/2023 Insights on the Supply and Demand for Mental Health Programs and Services in Canadian Workplaces. Lee-Baggley, D. Psychology
21-037 30/8/2024 Psychological Safety Culture Audit (PSCA).  Lee-Baggley, D.  Psychology
21-040 8/2/2024 Canada Study: Body Image in Nature Survey (BINS). Fisher, M. Psychology
21-048 18/2/2024 The Roles of Training and Practice in Asynchronous Video Interviews. Roulin, N. Psychology
21-053 23/2/2025 Investigating Leading Practices from the COVID-19 Pandemic on Safeguarding Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. Lee-Baggley, D. Psychology
21-055 29/6/2024 Inclusive Recruitment: Experiment Testing the Impact of Gender Inclusive Culture on Organizational Attractiveness and Intentions to Apply for a Job. Kocum, L.  Psychology
21-070 7/6/2024 Identifying Leading Safety Culture Improvement Practices to Drive Innovation to Assist in the Prevention of Workplace Injuries.  Fleming, M.  Psychology
21-080 1/3/2024 Saint Mary's University Student Project on Student Perspectives During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Ivanoff, J. Psychology
21-083 31/1/2025 Better Materials Consumption - Psychological Influences Study. Vu, T.  Marketing
21-091 23/6/2024 WSPS Mental Harm Prevention Roadmap. Lee-Baggley, D.  Psychology
21-093 14/6/2024 Client Evaluation of Talking for Change.  Stephens, S.  Psychology
21-094 30/6/2024 Delphi Study on the Assessment and Treatment of Individuals Who Are Sexually Attracted to Children.  Stephens, S.  Psychology
21-096 10/2/2025 Family & Work Matters: The Impact of Family and Work Factors on Employment Status and Well-being for Parents of Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities.  Day, A.  Psychology
21-100 15/1/2025 Exploring the Effects of Race-Based Stress on Error-related Negativity Amplitude. Lackner, C.  Psychology
21-102 30/7/2024 Landscape, Memory and the Poor: How Communities Remember the Poor Houses of Nova Scotia.  Neatby, N.  History
21-104 21/7/2024 Employee Engagement Survey.  Kelloway, K.  Psychology
21-109 27/8/2024 Technology, Social Media and Romantic Relationships.  Ternes, M.  Psychology
21-110 31/8/2024 What Do I Do with This Information? A Survey of Canadians' Opinions on Clare's Law.  Ternes, M.  Psychology
21-113 28/9/2024 Development and Initial Testing of Real Estate Agent Professionalism Climate Survey.  Fleming, M.  Psychology
21-114 24/8/2024 Technology and the Future Work. Petersen, B.  Management
22-010 1/12/2023 Self-perceptions and Perceptions of Others on Instagram.  Fisher, M.  Psychology
22-011 27/10/2024 From Decline to Re-emergence Pathway: Co-evolution of Technology and Market Category in Canadian Oat Milling Industry Revival. Tajeddin, M,  Management
22-017 28/2/2024 Workplace Stress and Health. Kelloway, K. Psychology
22-019 20/1/2024 Empathy, Personality and Deception: Exploring Relationships Between Empathic Responsiveness, the HEXACO and Lying in Everyday Situations.  Ternes, M.  Psychology
22-020 3/12/2024 Parole Decision-Making. Ternes, M.  Psychology
22-025 7/12/2024 The Exploration of Personality and Antisocial Online Behavior.  Ternes, M.  Psychology
22-027 2/2/2025 The Motives and Correlates of Digital Dating Aggression in Young Adults.  Ternes, M.  Psychology
22-028 20/1/2023 Examining the Use of Singular "they" Pronouns in Nova Scotian Youth: A Literature Review and Corpus-based Discourse Analysis.  Asp, E.  Linguistics
22-030 10/1/2025 Determinants of Financial Investment.  Dilmaghani, M.  Economics
22-033 26/1/2024 You Can Record an Asynchronous Video Interview Anywhere!... But Should You?  Roulin, N.  Psychology
22-034 9/6/2024 Trial of the Conditioning Reasoning Test of Workplace Psychopathy (CRT-WP). Roulin, N.  Psychology
22-038 1/2/2024 Types and Frequency of Social Media Information and Job Seekers' Attitudes Toward Cybervetting in China.  Roulin, N.  Psychology
22-041 9/2/2023 Leadership During Times of Employee Personal Crisis.  Holmvall, C.  Psychology
22-043 14/2/2025 Impact of Rape Myths Images on Attitudes Toward Sexual Violence. Carolan, P.  Psychology
22-048 14/6/2024 Take Two: Remote Justice for Crime Victims in the COVID-19 Era. Stinson, V.  Psychology
22-052 2/3/2025 Exploring the Underlying Structure of the Dark Tetrad at Work.  Kelloway, K.  Psychology
22-057 18/3/2025 Migration as an Adaptive Strategy to Climate Change: Evidence from Eastern Uganda.  Conrad, C.  Geography and Environmental Studies
22-073 19/10/2024 Research Access in Correctional Facilities. Patry, M.  Psychology
22-076 4/7/2024 A Study of Young Adults Involved in Camming, Escorting, Sugaring and Other Sexual Services. Stephens, S.  Psychology
22-078 27/7/2024 Investigating COVID-19 Vaccination Hesitancy in Relation to Sensation Seeking and Risky Alcohol Use.  Conrad, N.  Psychology
22-079 25/5/2025 The Impact of Virtual Background Characteristics on Asynchronous Video Rating for Health Professions Education Admissions.  Roulin, N.  Psychology
22-080 21/9/2024 Conservation Genomics of the Endangered North Atlantic Right Whale. Hart, R.  Sociology
22-082 19/7/2024 Juror Perceptions of Masculinity and Femininity in Cases of Intimate Partner Violence in Same-sex Female Couples.  Smith, S.  Psychology
22-084 21/8/2024 Determinants of Safety Leadership Engagement in a Change Context: How and Why Do Leaders Engage in Safety Initiatives? Fleming, M.  Psychology
22-085 16/8/2023 A Review of the Applicability of Safety Culture Indicators.  Fleming, M.  Psychology
22-086 23/8/2023 Analyzing the Significance of Place and American Eel for the Mi’kmaq in Pomquet Harbour. Grek-Martin, J.  Geography and Environmental Studies. 
22-087 30/8/2023 Inherently Inhibited: A Correlational Investigation of Factors Relating to Social Inhibition. Bourgeois, D. Psychology
22-088 6/7/2024 "Manager" Experience with Supporting Bereaved Employees.  Kelloway, K.  Psychology
22-089 31/12/2024 Indigenous Knowledge of Berries in the Northwest Territories.  Cameron, E.  Environmental Science
23-003 4/1/2025 A Gendered Analysis of Syrian Refugee Livelihoods in Gaziantep and Erbil.  Fridell, G.  Global Development Studies 
23-004 24/2/2025 Trivial Pursuit for Safer Science Labs: Comparing Alternate Approach to Pre-lab Safety Lectures.  Fleming, M.  Psychology
23-005 18/11/2023 The Effect of Mood on Drawing.  Reichertz, M.  NSCAD, Fine Art
23-007 4/12/2024 Core Member Needs and Strengths Tool (CM-NAST).  Yates, P.  Psychology
23-010 14/12/2024 Private Literacy Tutoring in Nova Scotia. Conrad, N.  Psychology
23-012 21/10/2024 Accommodations for Physical, Mental and Cognitive Disability in the Workplace: A Survey of Human Resource Professionals in Nova Scotia. Roulin, N.  Psychology
23-013 31/12/2024 Stress and the Destructive Leadership Causes, Conditions and the Mitigating Role of Mindfulness. Walsh, M.  Management
23-016 8/3/2024 Actual versus Perceived Altruism, Narcissism, Emotionality and Impulsivity in Male Hockey Players.  Carolan, P.  Psychology
23-017 23/11/2024 Exploring Capabilities Impacting Banks' Performance in Digital Transformation in Different Regulation Regimes. DeFuentes, C.  Management
23-018 7/12/2024 Adverse Childhood Experiences and Criminal Classifications.  Ternes, M.  Psychology
23-019 14/2/2025 The Examination of Psychopathic Personality and Academic Misconduct Through the Lens of the Triarchic Psychopathy Model.  Carolan, P.  Psychology
23-025 2/2/2025 Romantic Relationships with Justice Involved Individuals.  Ternes, M.  Psychology
23-026 16/1/2025 Loversee: Romantic Communication Survey.  Fisher, M.  Psychology
23-027 23/12/2023 Adherence to COVID-19 Mitigation Measures: The Role of Politics and Personality.  Bourgeois, D.  Psychology
23-028 6/1/2024 Acculturation in Immigrant and Second Generation Adolescents.  Bourgeois, D.  Psychology
23-029 29/2/2025 Exploring the Job Mobility Experiences of Immigrants of Colour in Atlantic Canada.  Tabvuma, V.  Management
23-030 11/1/2024 Attitudes Toward Homelessness: The Role of Empathy Plays in Fostering Compassion.  Bourgeois, D.  Psychology
23-034 4/1/2024 Evidence Preference Orders: Do Jurors and the Legal System Think Alike?  Carroll, S.  Psychology
23-036 23/12/2023 Coping Strategies as Predictors of Adjustment to Post COVID-19.  Bourgeois, D.  Psychology
23-037 20/1/2025 Maternal Instinct Survey.  Fisher, M.  Psychology
23-039 17/1/2024 Literacy Programs in Nova Scotia Correctional Institutions: An Educator's View on Efficiency.  Conrad, N.  Psychology 
23-040 10/1/2025 Social Media Usage by Women and Its Impacts on Mental Health. Fisher, M.  Psychology
23-042 6/12/2024 Tell me more! Examining the Benefits of Adding Structured Probing in Asynchronous Video Interviews.  Roulin, N.  Psychology
23-043 1/2/2025 E-cigarette and Cannabis Use in Nova Scotian 15- 34 Year Olds.  Smith, S.  Psychology
23-047 26/1/2024 The Sociocultural Determinants of Human Values.  Bourgeois, D.  Psychology
23-048 16/12/2024 Combating Technology-Facilitated Sexual Violence: Supporting Young People in Schools, Social Relationships, and on Social Media  Dodge, A.  Criminology 
23-049 21/12/2024 Leaps & Bounds: From Reading Words to Understanding Texts.  Conrad, N.  Psychology
23-050 1/2/2025 Investigation and Enhancement of Students' Conceptions of pH Buffers.  Sheppard, M.  Chemistry
23-051 14/2/2025 On the Influence of Conflict, Motivation and the Speed-accuracy Tradeoff on the Error-related Negativity (ERN).  Ivanoff, J.  Psychology
23-052 8/2/2024 Reactance Theory as it Relates to Publication Bans.  Stinson, V.  Psychology
23-053 22/3/2024 Meeting the Primary Healthcare Needs of Justice-involved People.  Crocker, D.  Criminology
23-054 13/2/2024 Experiences of Sexual Assault Complainants within the Canadian Justice System.  Stinson, V.  Psychology
23-055 13/3/2025 Department of Psychology EDIA Advisory Committee Culture, Climate and Opportunities Survey Winter 2024. Kocum, L.  Psychology
23-056 15/2/2024 Do Canadians Understand the Risk of False Confessions? Patry, M.  Psychology
23-057 22/12/2024 Dyadic Conflict and Gambling Behaviour: Cross-sectional, Longitudinal, and Experimental Studies: Phase 2. Gilin, D.  Psychology
23-058 9/2/2025 Exploring Predictors of Juror Decision Making Regarding Violent Offences.  Ternes, M.  Psychology
23-059 20/3/2025 Refinement and Application of the Conditional Reasoning Test for Workplace Psychopathy (CRT-WP) in Retail. Roulin, N.  Psychology
23-060 20/2/2024 Transnational Feminisms and the Politics of International Development in Ghana.  Bunjun, B.  Women and Gender Studies & Social Justice and Community Studies
23-061 2/9/2024 Perturbations to Self-regulation and Attentional Control as a Function of Adverse Childhood Experiences – Part 1. Lackner, C.  Psychology
23-062 1/3/2024 The Caribbean Study Abroad Research Project.  Plews, J.  Languages and Cultures
23-063 22/2/2024 Workplace Incivility and Leader Well-being.  Holmvall, C.  Psychology
23-064 17/2/2025 Consumer Responses to Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Output.  Pancer, E.  Marketing
23-065 23/2/2025 The Effect of Job Interview Question Type on Faking and Applicant Reactions.  Roulin, N.  Psychology
23-066 22/2/2024 Professional Coach Selection Study.  Fiset, J.  Management
23-067 16/2/2024 The Effect of Individualistic and Collectivistic Environments on Stigma Surrounding Mental Health.  Bourgeois, D.  Psychology
23-068 22/2/2024 Sexual Assault on the University Campus: Familiarity and Use of Services Among Student Athletes and Non Athlete Students.  Ternes, M.  Psychology 
23-070 9/2/2024 Canadian Jurors' Experience with Jury Duty.   Stinson, V.  Psychology
23-072 9/5/2025 Study of Brand Preference.  Venkat, R.  Marketing
23-073 3/4/2024 Defining and Enacting Inclusion in the Retail Workplace: Developing an Inclusion Matrix for Retail Managers.  Kocum, L.  Psychology
23-074 27/3/2024 Investigating the Relationship Between the Canadian Public's Knowledge and Stigma Towards Individuals Who Have Committed a Sexual Offence.  Ternes, M.  Psychology
23-078 29/3/2024 Precarious Labour in Canadian Anthropology. Henry, E.  Anthropology
23-079 13/4/2024 Transforming Museums Into Welcoming Spaces for Everyone: A Case Study of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.  Taunton, C.  NSCAD, Art History and Contemporary Culture
23-082 4/7/2024 Rural Agri-business and Immigration Engagement.  DeFuentes, C.  Management
23-085 1/6/2024 The Links Between Connecting to Nature (Land and Water) and Health.  Charles, T.  School of Environment Studies/Sobey School of Business
23-086 12/5/2025 Psychological Barriers of Women with Substance Use Issues Reintegrating Into the Community After Incarceration.  Ternes, M.  Psychology
23-087 6/6/2024 The Medium Behind the Message: An Examination of the Delivery Method of Victim Impact Statements in Canada.  Stinson, V.  Psychology
23-088 26/6/2024 Ecological and Personal Well-being Through Artistic Site Reclamation/Intervention.  Schwab-Cartas, J.  NSCAD, Division of Art History & Contemporary Culture
23-089 13/3/2025 An Examination of the Impacts of Tuition Waiver Programs on Access to Post-secondary Education Among Former Youth in Care.  Smith, S.  Psychology
23-090 30/5/2024 Views of People Living with Mental Health Issues in Nova Scotia About Crisis Response Services.  Livingston, J.  Criminology
23-091 29/6/2024 Manager's Perception of the Role of Technology in Managing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.  Paterson, B.  Management
23-093 8/7/2024 Satisfaction and Well-being of International Students in Atlantic Canada.  Akbari, A.  Economics
23-095 3/8/2024 Found in Translation: An Audiovisual Exploration of Identity Made by International Students.  Nagler, S.  NSCAD, Media Arts and Film
23-096 10/11/2024 Blurred Lines: Experiences and Affect in Individuals with Multiracial Identity.  Bourgeois, D.  Psychology
23-097 15/9/2024 The Effect of ChatGPT on Interview Performance and Applicant Reactions in the Asynchronous Video Job Interview.  Lukacik, E.  Psychology
23-098 2/8/2024 Disability Disclosure in Asynchronous Video Interviews.  Lukacik, E.  Psychology
23-099 31/8/2024 Understanding Barriers to Employment for Individuals with Criminal Records.  Smith, S.  Psychology
23-100 31/7/2024 Investigating Relationship Between, Work, Family and Leadership and Gender Differences.  Kelloway, K.  Psychology
23-101 16/8/2024 Examining the Potential Pitfalls of Using Chat GPT in Situational Judgment Tests.  Roulin, N.  Psychology
23-102 22/8/2024 Bordering Processes: Citizenship Politics and Performances of Hindu Refugees.  Bhatia, M.  Sociology
23-104 6/9/2024 The Flaxmobile Project: From Producer to Maker, Closing the Material Security Gap Across Mi'kma'ki.  Green, J.  NSCAD, Division of Craft
23-105 5/9/2024 Conscientiousness Clues in AVI's: How Cues Interact.  Roulin, N.  Psychology
23-106 1/9/2024 Assessing Impact of Accessibility and Mental Health Services on Student Success.  Smith, S.  Psychology
23-107 21/11/2024 Exploring Employee Perspectives on and Experiences of Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.  Lee-Baggley, D.  Psychology
23-108 13/10/2024 Applicant Behaviour in Job Interviews.  Lukacik, E. Psychology
23-109 19/10/2024 Ethnic Enclaves and Socioeconomic Outcomes of Immigrants.  Chen, Z.  Sociology
23-131 12/7/2024 Hazing in Canadian Ice Hockey.  MacDonald, C.  Centre for the Study of Sport and Health
24-001 6/12/2024 Building Comprehension From the Word Up.  Conrad, N.  Psychology
24-002 6/11/2024 Emotional Processing of Workplace Relationships.  Gilin, D.  Psychology
24-003 21/11/2024 Game Based Assessments vs Interviews: Interview Anxiety and Performance Among Individuals with and without ASD. Roulin, N. Psychology
24-004 15/11/2024 Conditional Reasoning Test for Workplace Psychopathy and Career Interests in Post-Secondary Students.  Roulin, N.  Psychology
24-005 14/11/2024 Commemoration of the Cupers Cove Colony of Newfoundland in 1910 and 2010: A Comparative Approach.  Neatby, N.  History
24-006 10/9/2024 SMU: Scene Salience.
Guelph: Economic Experiments in Virtual Reality. 
Thomas, S.  Economics
24-007 11/11/2024 AI as Coach in Graduate ESL Practicum: Activity Theory Insights into Student-Teachers' Critical Evaluation and Transformation.  L'Enfant, J.  Education
24-008 8/11/2024 Virtual Interviewers in Asynchronous Video Interviews. Roulin, N.  Psychology
24-009 20/11/2024 Navigating a Police Interview.  Ternes, M.  Psychology
24-010 5/12/2024 A Study of Public Perceptions of a Child Sexual Abuse Perpetration Prevention Program.  Stephens, S.  Psychology
24-013 29/11/2024 Leading the RIGHT way: Prolific Longitudinal Study. Kelloway, K.  Psychology
24-014 23/2//2025 Towards the Formalization of Artisan and Small-scale Gold Mining in Zimbabwe. Tabvuma, V.  Management
24-015 27/12/2025 A Review of Canadian Clinical Service Delivery for Preventing and Responding to  Sexual Offending Perpetration.  Stephens, S.  Psychology
24-017 9/2/2025 Evaluation of ImpACT Me app. Lee-Baggley, D. Psychology
24-018 15/12/2024 Impression Management: Interview Tactics and Workplace Behaviour.  Roulin, N.  Psychology
24-020 22/1/2025 Metacognition and Action.  Ivanoff, J.  Psychology
24-021 9/1/2025 Leading the RIGHT Way: Implementing and Evaluating a Psychologically Healthy Workplace Training Program for Leaders. Kelloway, K.  Psychology
24-023 7/2/2025 Effects of Mindful Doodling.  Reichertz, M.  NSCAD, Drawing Lab
24-024 17/1/2025 Curating Togetherness and Attending to Human Relations Through Skill Sharing in the Kitchen.  Lee, N.  NSCAD, Division of Art History & Contemporary Culture
24-025 22/1/2025 Art Education Experiences of Black Women Undergraduate Students in Post-Secondary Art Institutions in Nova Scotia and Ontario.  Lee, N.  NSCAD, Division of Art History & Contemporary Culture
24-026 14/12/2024 Assessing Psychologically Healthy Work Environments.  Day, A.  Psychology
24-029 12/2/2025 Understanding Emotions in Video Job Interviews.  Lukacik, E.  Psychology
24-030 23/1/2025 Methods of Language Instruction in German for English-Speaking L2 Learners.  Tsedryk, E.  Linguistics
24-031 30/11/2024 Inconsistent Leadership: Item Generation Study.  Kelloway, K.  Psychology
24-033 2/2/2025 Predictors of Varsity Athletes' Performance and Well-being.  Cameron, J.  Psychology
24-035 8/12/2024 Perceptions and Reactions to Counterproductive Workplace Behaviours in the Context of Dementia Diagnosis and Gender: A Pilot for a Randomized Vignette Study.  Roulin, N.  Psychology
24-036 7/2/2025 Seeking Harmony After Harm: Exploring Factors Influencing Victim-to-Perpetrator Forgiveness.  Ternes, M.  Psychology
24-037 30/1/2025 Political Behaviours Amongst Generation Z. Cameron, J.  Psychology
24-038 20/2/2025 Assessing Impact of United Way Halifax Wildfire Response.  Smith, S.  Psychology
24-040 29/2/2025 Perception of Parental Issues and Their Impact on Mental Health and Attachment Styles in University Students. Bourgeois, D.  Psychology
24-041 28/2/2025 Exploring Cross-Cultural Factors in Adherence to Covid-19 Public Health Measures.  Bourgeois, D.  Psychology
24-042 28/2/2025 Examining Factors Related to Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviours.  Ternes, M.  Psychology
24-043 31/12/2024 Examining Community Safety and Surveillance Groups in Canada. Sibley, M. Criminology
24-044 10/10/2024 Building Healthy Leadership Systems Starts with our Leaders. Loughlin, C.  Management
24-045 16/11/2024 2SLGBTQ+ Poverty in Canada. Dilmaghani, M.  Economics
24-049 7/2/2025 Managing Health and Safety in Small Construction Companies in Canada.  Fleming, M.  Psychology
24-050 9/6/2024 Explainable Artificial Intelligence in Lending. Kelley, S.  Management
24-051 29/1/2025 Experiences of Associated Stigma: Providing Services to People who Sexually Offend. Livingston, J.  Criminology
24-052 27/2/2025 GDST 3424 Research and Action Class Project: The Impact of the Housing Crisis on Universities in Halifax.  McAllister, K.  Global Development Studies
24-056 26/2/2025 Building Comprehension from the Word Up II. Conrad, N.  Psychology
24-069 16/2/2025 Inconsistent Leadership: An Analysis of the Factor Structure and Construct Validity.  Kelloway, K.  Psychology



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