Management Department

Management is a multidisciplinary field in which managers use accounting, information technology, economics, human resource management, marketing, and finance skills to organize, plan, form policies, lead and direct operations. To be successful in this field, strong communication skills are a must, and will be developed throughout your studies.

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Whether you see yourself starting your own business or finding a great career, the Entrepreneurship program will give you the skills and knowledge you need to make your mark. Saint Mary’s provides an exciting opportunity for you to run your own business while attending university — a unique and gratifying experience.

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Learn how to determine an organization’s human resource needs and guide others through the demands of economic and societal changes with a major in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations. You can choose this major within the Bachelor of Commerce program at the Sobey School of Business. Successful completion of the major also fulfills the requirements for a Certificate in Human Resource Management.

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There is a Sobey Human Resources Society for students. For more information about student societies, check with the Saint Mary’s University Students Association.

Masters' Programs

Learn more about the Master of Management, Co-operatives and Credit Unions and other Co-operative Management Education programs

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Russel Summers, PhD

Department Secretary
Sandra L. Fougere

T 902-420-5781
F 902-420-5119
Sobey Building 245


Management Faculty

Patricia Bradshaw, PhD
Wendy Carroll, PhD
Claudia De Fuentes, PhD 
Cathy A. Driscoll, PhD 
Ellen A. Farrell, PhD 
Chantal Hervieux, PhD 
Camilla M. Holmvall, PhD
Feng Liu, PhD
Kellie (Xiaoyu) Liu, PhD
Catherine Loughlin, PhD 
Margaret McKee, PhD 
Jean Helms Mills, PhD 
Albert Mills, PhD 
James O’Brien, PhD
Firat Sayin, PhD 
Russel J. Summers, PhD
Vurain Tabvuma, PhD 
Terry Wagar, PhD 
David Wicks, PhD

Professors Emeritus

Larry Haiven, PhD
Jamal Badawi, PhD 
Patricia Fitzgerald, PhD 
Shripad Pendse, PhD
Hermann Schwind, PhD

Faculty & Staff

Patricia Bradshaw

Associate Professor
Acting Chairperson