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Sobey Alumni in Residence

The Alumni in Residence program aims to bridge the gap between academic life and the professional world by creating meaningful connections between our alumni and current students. Through this program, students have the opportunity to build relationships, receive advice and gain insights from successful alumni. The Alumni in Residence Program hosts various speaking events where students can seek advice, learn about industry trends, and expand their professional networks.

Wendy Luther EMBA’08, President and CEO of Halifax Partnership, is our Alumni in Residence for 2024. Read more.

Sobey EMBA Alumni Association

The EMBA Alumni Association was founded in February 2012 and is guided by the following Mission, Vision and Cornerstones:

The Mission of the Sobey EMBA Alumni Association is to build a strong, dynamic community of mutual support among current students and graduates with a strong focus on empowering EMBA Alumni in their pursuit of personal and professional growth and success.

The Vision of the Sobey EMBA Alumni Association is to develop an organization that builds a lifelong community of individuals dedicated to educating, learning from and supporting its members. We pride ourselves on sustaining friendships that allow us to engage in our communities and our professions in new and interesting ways.

The Cornerstones of the Association are:

  • Professional Growth – Provide opportunities for students and alumni to become continuous learners.
  • Ongoing Support - Support & inspire current students and alumni to give back to the Program.
  • Communication & Marketing – Increase the brand awareness of the Sobey EMBA and the Alumni Association.
  • Engagement – Allow a mechanism for Alumni to stay connected.

Find more information about Sobey School EMBA Alumni here.

Sobey MFin Alumni Chapter

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