Teaching Assistantships

The Sobey School of Business is always on the look-out for qualified and engaged Teaching Assistants (TAs) to support courses being offered in the Bachelor of Commerce program.

About the Role:

Teaching Assistants (TAs) support faculty members to improve the overall teaching and learning experience in a course.   

As a TA, your responsibilities will vary according to the course you are assisting. Duties might include things such as marking assessments, providing technical support on Brightspace, or facilitating tutorials / review sessions. 

Teaching Assistantships are merit-based positions, and students are compensated for their time and effort via a stipend. TAs are expected to work, on average, three (3) hours a week (per course).  TAs can support a maximum of two (2) courses per semester.  Training will be provided for TAs to help them understand the role, how to use the technology required, and how to interact with students in the course.  

Why Become a TA?  

Becoming a TA in the BCOM program can provide you with the opportunity to: 

  • Support a positive teaching and learning experience for your peers. 
  • Enhance your leadership skills and grow your CV. 
  • Participate in the Sobey School of Business community. 
  • Apply your skills and knowledge in a learning environment. 
  • Engage with faculty in a meaningful way.
  • Earn income on campus.
Am I Qualified? 

TA positions are typically assigned to current students within the program.  TAs will need to have completed and normally achieved a minimum grade of B+ in the courses that they assist, however, exceptions can be made at the discretion of the faculty member.    

How to Apply 

Students can apply for TA positions using the link below: 

*Applying does not guarantee a TA position. Successful candidates will be contacted.  Applicants will need to use their Saint Mary’s University email to apply.