SMUSA Fees 2021-2022

Student Fee – $167 (Full-Time), $62.50 (Part-Time)
Please note that the student fee covers from September 1 to April 30. Students enrolled in only one term will be charged half of the fee.

This fee break down is: 

Student Membership Fee | $122 (Full-Time), $36.50 (Part-Time)
This fee goes towards SMUSA’s 90 student employment opportunities, funding for societies and events, and pays for membership in external advocacy organizations.

Yearbook Fee | $7.25 (Full-Time), $ 5.25 (Part-Time)
This fee goes towards the production of the annual yearbook.

SMUSA Capital Initiatives | $20 (Full-Time), $5 (Part-Time)
This fee goes towards capital initiatives. Past projects include the Gorsebrook Patio and the 5th Floor Student Centre Student Lounge.

Global Initiative Fund | $2 (Full-Time), $1 (Part-Time)
This fee helps support our international students, societies, and other initiatives taking place abroad.

SMU Women’s Centre | $2 (Full-Time), $2 (Part-Time)
This fee funds coordinators and programming for the Centre.

World University Service of Canada (WUSC) | $2.50 (Full-Time), $1.50 (Part-Time)
This society helps support our WUSC students. SMU/SMUSA sponsors one WUSC refugee student annually. 

The Journal Publishing Society | $4.25 (Full-Time), $4.25 (Part-Time)
Fees support the operation of this student-run news publication, which employs many students.

Mental Well Being Fund | $2 (Full-Time), $2.00 (Part-Time)
Fees support mental health initiatives for students, including Wellness Weeks.

Campus Fund | $5 (Full-Time), $5 (Part-Time)
This fee funds special events for students and societies. Additionally, it allows events in the Gorsebrook Lounge to be free of charge for students.

SMUSA Health and Dental Plan
These are insurance plan costs for domestic and international students, and the university collects the fee. It is contingent on the type of coverage and the number of dependents.  Plan coverage is from September 1 to August 31 (for students enrolling in September). It is a mandatory fee for all domestic students who do not have similar coverage elsewhere, and for all international students currently residing in Canada.

MBA Fee | $30 (Full-Time), $15 (Part-Time)
This fee, collected by the university,  goes directly to the MBA Society for their programming and initiatives.

U-Pass | $83 (Full-Time)
This fee, charged to all full-time students, is $82.25 per term and allows students unlimited access to HRM transit.  The pass is valid September 1, 2021- Dec. 31, 2022 (Fall Term) and January 1, 2022- April 30, 2022 (Winter Term). The Summer Term U-Pass will be valid from May 1-August 31, 2022. If students enroll only in the 2nd Summer Semester,  they can opt-in directly with SMUSA for the same rate and validation period.