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Capital Project Customer Satisfaction Survey

Capital Projects and Renovations Facilities Management

We are interested in finding out how satisfied you are with the recent capital project in your area. This feedback will help us improve our services and increase customer satisfaction.

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Please respond to each statement by placing the number of the appropriate response in the blank space next to each statement.

1 = Extremely Dissatisfied
2 = Slightly Dissatisfied
3 = Neither
4 = Slightly Satisfied
5 = Extremely Satisfied

Concerning this project, how satisfied are you with:

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The quality of the finished project.
The construction schedule.
The explanation of the project scope by the SMU Project Team. Did you fully understand the scope of work of this project?
The manner in which your concerns were addressed by the SMU Project Team.
The professionalism of the SMU Project Team.
Communications with the SMU Project Team.
The treatment you received from the external contractor / vendor.
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Please provide us with any comments and suggestions which would improve our service: