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HSK Centre

The HSK is an international standardized exam that tests and rates Chinese language proficiency. It assesses non-native Chinese speakers’ abilities in using the Chinese language in their daily, academic and professional lives. HSK consists of six levels, namely the HSK (level I), HSK (level II), HSK (level III), HSK (level IV), HSK (level V), and HSK (level VI).

For people who want to take HSK IV or higher level test, you must follow the following official schedule to register before the deadline. Anyone who wants to take the HSK  III or lower level,  can reach us to arrange a HSK test anytime, which means that you don't have to stick to the following official HSK schedule.

2017 Official Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Schedule

Test Dates Registration Deadline Date of Results Announced Status
14th Jan. 18th Dec, 2016 4th Jan. 6th Feb.  Closed
12th Feb. 16th Jan. 2nd Feb. 27th Feb.  Closed
25th Feb.   15th Feb. 13th Mar.  Closed
19th Mar. 20th Feb.  9th Mar. 3rd Apr.  Closed
22nd Apr. 26th Mar. 12th Apr. 8th May.  Closed
7th May.   27th Apr. 22nd May.  Closed
20th May. 23r Apr. 10th May. 5th Jun.  Closed
11th Jun. 15th May. 1st Jun. 26th Jun.  Closed
24th Jun.   14th Jun. 10th Jul.  Closed
15th Jul. 18th Jun. 5th Jul. 31st Jul.  Closed
29th Jul.   19th Jul. 14th Aug.  Closed
12th Aug. 16th Jul. 2nd Aug. 28th Aug.  Closed
27th Aug.   17th Aug. 11th Sept.  Closed
17th Sep. 21st Aug. 7th Sep. 2nd Oct.  Closed
15th Oct. 18th Sep. 5th Oct. 30th Oct.  Closed
28th Oct.   18th Oct. 13th Nov.  Open
11th Nov. 15th Oct. 1st Nov. 27th Nov.  Open
26th Nov.   16th Nov. 11th Dec.  Open
3rd Dec. 6th Nov. 23th Nov. 18th Dec.  Open


2017 Official Chinese Speaking Proficiency Test (HSKK) Schedule

Test Dates Registration Deadline Date of Results Announced Status
12th Feb. 16th Jan. 2nd Feb. 12th Mar.  Closed
19th Mar. 20th Feb. 9th Mar. 19th Apr.  Closed
20th May. 23rd Apr. 10th May. 20th Jun.  Closed
15th Jul. 18th Jun. 5th Jul. 15th Aug.  Closed
15th Oct. 18th Sep. 5th Oct. 15th Nov.  Closed
3rd Dec. 6th Nov. 23rd Nov. 3rd Jan.  Open


  1. The Saint Mary’s University (SMU) HSK Test Centeris located at the Confucius Institute at SMU.
  2. To learn more about the HSK test (structures, test samples etc.) please visit

Test Fee

Level Fee  (CAD)
HSK Level    I 20
HSK Level    II 30
HSK Level    III 40
HSK Level    IV 50
HSK Level    V 60
HSK Level    VI 70

Note: The full fee has to be paid before the Registration Deadline. Otherwise, the registration is invalid.

Instruction For Taking The HSK Test

1. Registration - There are two ways for test takers to choose

a) On-site registration:
Location: Confucius Institute, McNally Main 205, Saint Mary’s University, 923 Robie Street, Halifax NS
  • (12:00am~ 1:00pm, Tuesday and 3:00pm~4:00pm, Thursday)
You are required to bring:
  • A valid photo ID card
  • photos (e-photo: under 100kb in jpg format or two paper photos: 40mm*30mm, recently taken, white background, shows head and shoulder)
b) Online Registration (recommended):
Please fill in the information required according to the instructions on the website.


2. Admission Ticket - (the test level, time, site, requirements will show on the admission card)

There are two ways to get the admission ticket:
  • The test taker can print the test admission ticket on his/her own:  Log on the registration website to print the test admission ticket
  • Pick up the test admission ticket at the SMU HSK test center

3. On the HSK Test Day

The test taker must bring:
  • Admission ticket
  • A  valid original photo ID card (the one when used for registration)

4. Check the Test Result

Please log on with the admission number and name to check the test result one month after the test day.

5. Pick up Test Report

The test taker has to pick up their Test Report at the SMU HSK Test Center.