Faculty and Talent Research Profiles

Dr. Hao (Leo) Lu

Dr. Hao (Leo) Lu obtained his PhD from the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business and has a strong academic and industry background in corporate social responsibility (CSR), risk management and insurance. He has been published in reputable journals including Business & Society and the Journal of Business Research. 

The opportunity to join the Sobey School came at a great time for Hao, as he was in the process of changing his research focus from CSR to social entrepreneurship and social innovation when he learned of the role.  

Hao is working closely with Sobey faculty members Dr. Claudia De Fuentes and Dr. Joniada Milla to examine impact assessment of innovation policy. He is excited to have the opportunity to jump into the dataset as a member of the first research team that has access to Statistics Canada’s comprehensive data.  

Hao says he feels there is a strong fit between his research agenda and the mission of the Sobey School of Business, which “prepares citizens of the world to lead sustainable, entrepreneurial businesses and communities.” 

What else attracted Hao to the Sobey School of Business? “The collegial working environment and the cooperative culture, the level of research support provided to faculty members, and the level of freedom I have in conducting research that I am interested in.” 

In addition to his research project with Dr. De Fuentes and Dr. Milla, Hao is interested in “understanding the performance and sustainable development of social enterprises, and the social initiatives of small and medium enterprises.” He would like this research to “provide guidance to entrepreneurs in Nova Scotia and Canada, especially those who intend to contribute to the financial and social prosperity of local communities.” He also hopes his experience and research agenda in business ethics, CSR and social entrepreneurship can contribute to the future success of the Sobey School of Business.