Postdoctoral Scholars and Professorships

Meet the new Sobey Postdoctoral Scholars

A post-doctoral fellow is a 1-3 year research position that enables a PhD graduate to continue their training as a researcher and gain skills and experience that will prepare them for their academic career.

The Sobey Post-Doctoral Fellows program was established to nurture, promote and advance highly innovative and creative multidisciplinary research at the Sobey School of Business. This program attracts early career talent and raises awareness of Canadian academic talent in emerging business disciplines, such as digital media marketing, business data analytics, crowdfunding and micro finance, the transformational role of crypto currencies, sustainable development, social entrepreneurship and managing technological innovation.

Sobey Post-Doctoral Fellows (Postdocs) past and present are members of the Sobey Scholars Network.

Dr. Wenyao Hu and Dr. Dieudonné Tamfutu Munsi are the current Sobey School of Business Sobey Postdoctoral Scholars in Emerging Disciplines. 


Meet the new Sobey Professorships

The Sobey Professorships were established to attract and retain the best faculty in the Sobey School of Business and to realize the long-term strategic objective of ensuring that the School can achieve and sustain a position as one of the leading business schools in Canada.  

The program is part of the broader initiative to grow the research and scholarship impact of the Sobey School and is funded from the historic gift received by the school from the Sobey Family, Sobey Foundation and Sobeys Inc. in 2019. 

The following Sobey School of Business faculty members have been awarded the first Sobey Professorships for a five-year term: 

Research Impact

We are pleased to share exciting research and innovation from our Sobey Professors and Postdoctoral Scholars

Building more inclusive workspaces

To see the change, you need to be the change. This is the mentality that Dr. Vurain Tabvuma, Sobey Professor in Management, and his PhD student Katelynn Carter-Rogers BA’11 CertHON’12 MSc’15 bring to their teaching and research practices. Their research, focused on understanding how inclusion within organizations can increase well-being and performance, has been built into the Sobey School of Business Management 1281 curriculum —a foundational course for all Bachelor of Commerce students.  

“My research with Dr. Tabvuma has taught me a lot about current practices in organizations and the changes that need to be made to make them inclusive," says KCarter-Rogers. "It’s one thing to be included, it’s another thing to feel like you truly belong.”

This addition to the course curriculum reinforces the importance of equity, diversity and inclusion in the minds of tomorrow’s business leaders. This is a big step forward in fostering more inclusive workplaces.  

“It’s important that organizations are able and ready to support people who come from very different perspectives, and include people who understand the world in very different ways,” says Dr. Tabvuma. (see full story)

Did you know? The Sobey School of Business is a proud signatory of the United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative. The school is also one of just two in Canada to be selected as a PRME Champion (2020-23), a leadership group committed to advancing corporate social responsibility in education and research.