Deferred Examination Request

Declaration of Extenuating Circumstances Request

What if I miss a test, exam, or assignment during the term?

Students who miss class work, test, or exam during the teaching period (First day of class to last day of class) can submit a Declaration of Extenuating Circumstances form to their home Academic Advising Office or directly to their instructor. 

In the case of extenuating circumstances that will or have resulted in a missed test or examination during the teaching period, students should complete and submit to their instructor a Declaration of Extenuating Circumstances form, available from the student’s Academic Advising Office. Instructors shall not normally request that students contact or visit medical professionals solely for the purpose of obtaining medical documentation for acute illnesses that impact assessments held during the teaching period. Review Academic Regulation 8 for more information.

Students can find the form here:Declaration of Extenuating Circumstances form (PDF)

Any questions about the Declaration of Extenuating Circumstances form can be emailed to 

Deferred Final Examination Request

If required, you may request to have a final exam in the official exam period rescheduled due to one of the following reasons:

(i)   serious illness, personal/family emergency, or unforeseeable adverse situation;
(ii)  religious grounds, as per Academic Regulation 8.n.;
(iii)  participation in regional, provincial, national, or international activity.

NOTE: Travel plans or other elective arrangements are not acceptable grounds for requesting a deferred final examination.  

Exceptions for anticipated or planned absences: (ii and iii):

Your exam rescheduling request should be submitted within seven calendar days of the announcement of the exam date and include appropriate documentation to support the request.  

Requests for unanticipated absences (i):

Your exam rescheduling request should be submitted within 48 hours of the missed exam (or, in exceptional cases, as soon as reasonably possible).

Requests for Deferred Exams are not considered retroactively for exams that have been written.

Review the Academic Regulation on Deferred Final Examinations.

NOTE: If approved, your instructor will set your make-up exam date. If you are unable to write the exam on your make-up date, you must submit a new deferred exam request, which will be assessed under the criteria above.

Students must use their email when submitting the form.