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What can the Sobey Executive MBA do for your organization?

Gain a competitive advantage from an educated workforce.

Many CEOs dream of a C-suite of high-performing strategic, big-picture thinkers.

Investing in your emerging leaders:

  • Leverages their knowledge of your business and industry
  • Deepens their ability to make a significant and strategic contribution

Achieve a unified vision.

When your team employs Evidence-Based Management principles, the path to your mission becomes clearer and obstacles easier to overcome.

Benefit from better, faster decisions.

When your leadership team evaluates evidence through a proven process, they don’t waste valuable time chasing “what ifs” and responding to irrelevant information. You’ll spend less trying out tactics and experimenting with ideas.

Save money on recruitment and retention.

Compare the overall cost of recruiting, hiring, and training to the cost of retaining your top talent and all their institutional and industry knowledge. The numbers are clear: investing in your people makes solid business sense and the benefits multiply when you send more than one student.

Don’t wait.

Your leaders put what they’re learning to work from the very first day of classes. Watch shifts in thinking, the infusion of fresh ideas, and more mature decision-making as your leaders are exposed to new best practices. Contact us to discuss how we can address your company’s unique needs.

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