Sputter Coater

Bio-Rad JBS-PS-3 Sputter Coater

sputter_coaterEMC is equipped with a Bio-Rad JBS-PS-3 Sputter Coater. This unit has been designed as a simple diode sputtering system for coating SEM specimens. The main cabinet contains a high voltage power supply, vacuum manifold and gauging. A work chamber, which can be evacuated, is fitted onto the top surface of the cabinet. The top plate assembly on the work chamber contains the target material (we use gold in the EMC) which is to be sputtered onto the specimen holder and incorporated a magnetic deflection system to reduce thermal damage to specimens by electron bombardment.

The rotary pump is connected to the chamber using the shortest length of the vacuum hose. Argon gas is fed from the cylinder regulator. Cooling water may be circulated in and out through the base plate via connections. The design of the cooled base plate also acts as a baffle to condense any oil which has back streamed from the rotary pump.