This section lists the operational instructions and elctron microscopy related internet resources.

EM related educational videos and journals are also available in the Center.  Please contact the EMC staff for further information.

The following is a list of videos available in the Centre:

Elecron Microscopy Lab Safety:

  • Round Table: Safety Issues in the Microscopy Lab (Microscopy Society of America, 60 minutes, 2000)

Electron Microscopy Principle and operation:

  • Electron Microscopy: Principles and Practice (Microscopy Society of America, 153 minutes/ B&W, 1975)
  • Introduction to SEM (Microscopy Society of America, 57 minutes/color, 1982)
  • Operation of the JEOL 100C/CX TEM (Microscopy Society of America, 75 minutes, 1982)
  • Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis (Microscopy Society of America, 90 minutes/color, 1985)
  • Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (Microscopy Society of America, 52 minutes/color, 1984)

Electron Microscopy Sample Preparations:

  • Biological Procedures in EM (Microscopy Society of America, 41 minutes/ B&W, 1971)
  • Introduction to Ultramicrotomy (Microscopy Society of America, 36 minutes/color, 1982)
  • Preparation of Support Films for TEM (Microscopy Society of America, 14 minutes/color, 1980)
  • Ultramicrotomy (Microscopy Society of America, 50 minutes, 1990)
  • Using the LKB Knifebreaker (Microscopy Society of America, 17 minutes/color, )