Booking Procedures

EMC facilities may be booked with EMC staff or his desginate prior to use.  Particularly if you are a new user of the facility, you may have to consult with EMC personnel regarding training and technical requirements and instrumental technique selection.  It is presumed by EMC staff that users are aware and able to effectively communicate their data requirements.

In order to maintain the integrity of the EMC, non-scheduled instrumentation servicing may be required.  Under such circumstances, EMC staff will attemp to contact users to re-schedule where possible.  However, the EMC reserves the right to  cancel a user's pre-booked schedule without notice where necessary for non-scheduling serving.  Please check the notice board frequently or call the EMC at 496-8292 or 420-5709 to determine if there are changes to the Center's hour of operation.


All EMC users with scheduled times are required to notify the EMC staff as soon as possible if they cancel or need to re-scheduled.  Normally, notification 24 hours prior to the scheduled lab time is required.  In cases where the schedule is tight, 5 working days notice prior to the schedule day is required.  Under extraordinary circumstances, at least 2 hours notice is required to re-schedule.  Failure to notify the EMC staff of a change in schedule may result in user fee charges being applied.