Researchers interested in using the Centre's facilities are encouraged to register for EMC training. Training is offered by University (course with credit) and by the EMC staff (hands on training). New users will learn how to operate the equipment and prpcedure specific to the EMC. Permission to use EMC equipment will be given to any user who has received adequate instruction in the use of the equipment by EMC staff, and/or has demonstrated to the staff's satisfaction that the equipment will be operated safely and effectively. No one is allowed to operate any instrument without prior trained or approval by EMC staff.

Priority will be given to those who have immediate need or are long standing client of the EMC.

Refresher training is mandatory to those who have had previous training but haven't put to practice to the operation of the electron microscopes for more than 6 months. Refresher training is similar to the standard training but in a fast pace. Users that complete refresher training mustseek approval from the EMC staff prior to operating EMC facilities independently.

Electron Microscopy training will consist of a lab safety training session, vacuum technology principle workshop session and a session about the general principle of SEM/TEM and other facilities in the Center, followed by a hands-on training session on how to operate the machines. New users must then attend a sufficient number of Operator Service sessions so that we are confident that the user can handle the standard tasks. To access the training materials, please click on following links: