Dr. Linda Campbell

Dr. Linda M. Campbell, Senior Research Fellow in Aquatic Ecosystem Health (Saint Mary’s University), is a leader in field research that provides critical assistance to governments and organizations as they attempt to monitor and manage environmental contamination issues.

Dr. Campbell and her team at the Dynamic Ecology and Environmental Health Research (DEEHR) Group provide unparalleled expertise and technological infrastructure to the study of contaminants in the aquatic environment. Her research extends to aquatic food webs, invasive species, terrestrial wildlife and human consumers of aquatic food. In 2013, Dr. Campbell was successful in securing funding from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation Leaders Opportunity Fund and the Nova Scotia Research and Innovation Trust to construct a Clean-room Trace Element Analytical Laboratory. The clean room technology has resulted in additional funding for projects such as assessing mercury concentrations in endangered bat populations across Atlantic Canada; mapping mercury concentrations in sport fish in Nova Scotia; and research on metal contamination from erupting volcanoes in Patagonia lakes, Argentina.

 Dr. Linda Campbell and her students in the lab

In recent years Dr. Campbell secured funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada to develop new techniques for remediation of arsenic and mercury contaminated soils and has also received Nova Scotia Freshwater Fisheries Research Cooperative Grants to research invasive species and their role in mercury biomagnification in Nova Scotia food webs.  In addition, Dr. Campbell previously conducted extensive research of mercury and metal trends in the Great Lakes and elsewhere, studied contaminant trends in fish from polluting Canadian & global emission sources and has carried out research on dozens of other projects concerning the health of aquatic ecosystems.

Prior to joining Saint Mary’s University Dr. Campbell served as the Canada Research Chair in Aquatic Ecosystem Health at Queen’s University.  Dr. Campbell has appeared as an author or co-author in over 60 peer reviewed publications and has presented over 150 papers at conferences around the globe.

Dr. Linda Campbell's Affiliations

Aquatic Ecosystem Health Laboratory

Canadian Foundation of Innovation

Environment Canada

Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada

Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture

Nova Scotia Environment

Nova Scotia Freshwater Fisheries Research Cooperative

Nova Scotia Innovation and Research Trust