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Will electrical bills ever go down? It's likely, if this SMU researcher has his way using renewable energy (Dr. Adel Merabet, Engineering)

New study to investigate how genetic factors impact the recovery of the North Atlantic right whale (Dr. Timothy Frasier, Biology)

Researchers hope gene study will reveal new clues in right whales' rapid decline (Dr. Timothy Frasier, Biology)

Canada-U.S. scientists to hunt for genetic clues to help struggling North Atlantic Right Whale rebound (Dr. Timothy Frasier, Biology)

Sociology Professors mining text data to cover wider ground in immigration study (Dr. Evie Tastsoglou and Dr. Eugene Kwon, Sociology)

Saint Mary's University Anthropoligst investigates former Shubenacadie residental school site (Dr. Jonathan Fowler, Anthropology)

Searching begins at former Shubenacadie residental school site (Dr. Jonathan Fowler, Anthropology)

Saint Mary's study suggests a future for medical-grade pulp production in Nova Scotia (Dr. Christa Brosseau, Chemistry)

Study shows long-lasting impacts to lake health from old gold minds (Dr. Linda Campbell, Environmental Science)

Sky high levels of arsenic in Dartmouth lake are from old gold mines (Dr. Linda Campbell, Environmental Science)

Saint Mary's researcher aims to solve cleanup of toxic gold mine tailings (Dr. Linda Campbell, Environmental Science)

Saint Mary's scientist enters into a five year partnership with Atlantic Gold (Dr. Linda Campell, Environmental Science)

Saint Mary's professor unearths invasive species that have wormed nto Canada (Dr. Erin Cameron, Environmental Science)

Saint Mary's University professor takes high tech 3D sensing to sensational new dimensions (Dr. Jiju Poovvancheri, Mathematics and Computing Science)

Nova Scotia professor studies light at the edge of supermassive blackholes (Dr. Luigi Gallo, Astronomy and Physics)

Saint Mary's Faculty Collaborate to make New Pet Wellness Products (Dr. Christa Brosseau and Dr. Clarissa Sit, Chemistry)

How microbes could help clean up Nova Scotia's abondoned mines (Dr. Linda Campbell, Environmental Science)

SMU Chemistry students, faculty create rapid test kit for COVID-19 (Dr. Robert Singer, Chemistry)



Past News

Sobey School researcher looking into the factors that may impact COVID-19 transmission (Dr. Yigit Aydede, Economics)

Nova Scotia chemists team up with mill to make N95 masks using pulp (Dr. Christa Brosseau, Chemistry)

SMU Chemistry students, faculty help with hand sanitizer project (Dr. Clarissa Sit, Chemistry)

Potential solution to white nose syndrome in bats among projects at SMU research expo (Dr. Clarissa Sit, Chemistry)

Omics project takes de-risking NS's offshore to next phase (Dr. Todd Ventura, Geology)

Natural Moovement: Halifax researcher hopes cow tendons can replace metal in orthopedic patients (Dr. Sam Veres, Engineering)

Plant research fuels N.S. biomass industry (Dr. Kevin Vessey, Biology)

Transforming unusable land into profits for farmers (Dr. Kevin Vessey, Biology)

Flushing old meds can contaminate water systems (Dr. Clarissa Sit, Chemistry)

Scientists looking to bats and bees in fight against antibiotic-resistant superbugs (Dr. Clarissa Sit, Chemistry)

Helping breast cancer survivors return to work (Dr. Lucie Kocum, Psychology)

What breast cancer survivors need to return to the workplace (Dr. Lucie Kocum, Psychology)

Halifax scientist helps develop high-tech fabric that helps diagnose diseases (Dr. Christa Brosseau, Chemistry)

Fabrics are being used to assess health conditions (Dr. Christa Brosseau, Chemistry)


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Joint Geology Conference
Halifax, Nova Scotia
May 15th to 18th, 2022