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Important Notes:

  • The application requires three initial steps (see also below): 1) Completing the Application Form, including all steps in the Application Agreement; 2) Applying to Saint Mary's University as a "Visiting Undergraduate," uploading your unofficial transcripts, and paying the $50 SMU Application fee (and receiving your "A-Number" from SMU usually within one or two business days); 3) Paying the application deposit ($500).

  • Non-SMU students must apply to become a "Visiting Undergraduate" at Saint Mary's to receive an A-Number (so long as you uploaded your unofficial transcript) before being eligible to log into the Saint Mary's Banner site and pay the deposit. Current Saint Mary's students can sign in with their existing A-Number and password in order to pay the deposit.

The CSSG 2024 application process is now live and will remain open until January 31, 2024. Apply early to guarantee a place!

Please read the following carefully

1) To complete your application, please fill out and submit the Application Form, including all the steps in the Application Agreement sections in this form (please note, you must read and check off each section). If you have any questions, contact the CSSG Director by sending an email to

The following must be completed as soon as possible after submitting your application to the CSSG program:

2) Application to Saint Mary's University if you are not currently a Saint Mary's student. A $50 application fee is charged. Click here to apply to Saint Mary's. From this link click on "Start a New Online Application," then create your "Login ID" and "PIN," and then select "Undergraduate Application" (under Academic level, select "Undergraduate" and under Academic Program, select "Visiting Undergraduate"). Please then fill out all the required information, upload your unofficial transcript, and submit your application to the University. Please note that your Visiting Student status cannot be processed without you uploading your unofficial transcript.

Saint Mary's will send you your A-number usually within one or two business days. You will still need to upload a Letter of Permission (LoP) or Visiting Student Authorization Form from your home university's Registrar's Office, granting you permission to obtain credits from Saint Mary's University. Without this, your application for Visiting Status will remain incomplete. In addition to uploading it to your SMU application, you must send it directly to

3) After you receive your A-Number and password from Saint Mary's, you must pay a non-refundable deposit of $500: pay online. The deposit is applied in full to the program fee. [Note: If you are not accepted into the CSSG program, your deposit will be returned to you in full.]

4) Once your CSSG program application is submitted, you will receive an email prompting you to submit two current photos of yourself. These photos are used to introduce you to your host family. A happy head shot with no sunglasses, please! Submit the photos by email to

5) The following must be completed after you have been accepted into the CSSG program (after January 31).

  • Letter for your host family. A copy will need to to be emailed to Dr. John L. Plews will provide more details as needed.

  • Confirmation of Travel Insurance form.

  • Program fee: Please see the Cost page for more details. Click here to pay onlineNote: This program fee does NOT include tuition or airfare between Canada and Germany.

  • Flight information, both Arrival and Departure.

  • Sign and return the Liability Waiver that will be sent to you.
  • Saint Mary's University tuition. Please see Cost page for more details. Click here to pay online.

FOIPOP Statement

Saint Mary’s University gathers and maintains information for the purposes of admission, registration and other fundamental activities related to being a member of the university community, and a public post-secondary institution in Nova Scotia; such as contact information regarding university programs, services, university advancement and development. If admitted, it will form part of the student record and may be disclosed to faculty or members of the university staff or contracted recruitment representatives for officially recognized and legitimate use. In signing an application for admission, any information placed into your student record will be protected and used in compliance with Nova Scotia’s Freedom of information and Protection of Privacy Act 1993, c5,s.1. Regulations relating to all academic matters and student conduct on campus are made by the Board of Governors and the Senate of the university. In making this application, the student agrees to abide by all regulations, from time to time promulgated by the university. Attendance refers to both full-time and part-time and even applies in cases of withdrawal before completion of an academic year or program.

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Canadian Summer School in Germany
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