There are three costs attached to the CSSG: 1) SMU Visiting Student application fee; 2) Program fee; and 3) Tuition fee. There is no differential fee charged to international students. These costs do not include airfare to Germany.

You will pay the SMU Visiting Student fee ($50) and a deposit ($500) when you apply to the CSSG program (before January 31). The deposit is refunded if you are not accepted into the program. The first step for payment is applying to Saint Mary's University as a visiting student ($50). If you are currently a SMU student or have previously attended SMU as a visiting student you may skip this step. Once you have applied, you will be issued an "A-Number" and password. This usually takes at least one full business day. Once you have your A-Number you will be able to pay the deposit (step two). The remaining program fee and tuition fee (final steps) are due only after you have been accepted into the program (after February 1).

See below for information about the university application fee, the deposit, the program fee, and the tuition fee. Please also scroll down for cost breakdowns.

1. SMU Visiting Student fee: $50.00

If you have never attended Saint Mary's University, you must complete a Saint Mary's University application form. A $50 application fee is charged. After you have applied, you will receive an "A-Number" and a password to enable you to use the online-system and pay your deposit, tuition, and program fee. The "A-Number" usually takes at least one full business day. Click here to apply to Saint Mary's. From this link click on "Start your undergraduate application," then create your "Login ID" and "PIN," and then select "Visiting Student." Please then fill out all the required information and submit your application to the University. You do not need to submit transcripts from your home university for the CSSG application unless asked to do so by the CSSG Director. 

If you are currently attending Saint Mary's University, you are not required to complete the university application form or pay this admission fee again.

2. Deposit (non-refundable): $500.00

This amount is due when you send in your application to the CSSG program and after you have registered at Saint Mary's and received your A-Number. It will be applied to the program fee. Please pay online as soon as possible upon applying to the CSSG.

3. Program fee:

The program fee for the CSSG 2024 will be $3,464. Your deposit paid on applying to the program is counted toward this amount.

The program fee includes:

  • textbooks and study materials
  • accommodation and meals in Kassel (except lunch on school days)
  • social/cultural activities (concerts, opera, theatre, museums, Bundesliga, etc.)
  • excursions (transport as well as accommodation and meals in youth hostels)
  • transit passes for Kassel for the entire program and Berlin for our stay there

Please pay online. The program fee is due by February 20. 

*Note: This program fee does NOT include tuition or airfare between Canada and Germany.

4. 2024 CSSG Tuition for 6 credits: $1,986 for all students

Once you receive your acceptance to the CSSG program (in early February), you can click here to view your tuition assessment and to pay your tuition online: pay online.

All CSSG courses are 6 credit-hour courses. 

The tuition fee is due March 31. 

The tuition fee IS NOT the program fee. The program fee is to be paid in addition to the tuition fee. 

Please note: International students are NOT required to pay an international student tuition for courses in this program.

Breakdown of total cost for the CSSG 2024.

  • Saint Mary's Visiting Student fee: $50 
  • Program fee: $3,464
  • Tuition fee: $1,986
  • Total: $5,500 (SMU application + tuition + program fee)

This breakdown does not include the cost of flights.

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