Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

An ongoing challenge, at work and in our personal lives, involves the resolution of disputes. Despite the importance of resolving conflict in a fair manner, many managers have little training in the process. The workshop examines resolving disputes using interests, rights and power-based approaches and the advantages and disadvantages of such approaches.

The workshop follows a hands-on approach where you will have the opportunity to negotiate, mediate and litigate. Participants will be exposed to both traditional and interest-based styles of negotiation. The exercises, which deal with negotiations in several contexts (such as international business, game theory, renting an apartment, employee relations, etc.), are designed to provide an effective opportunity to apply the concepts and techniques learned in class.

Negotiation and Dispute Resolution is an elective seminar for the Certificate in Managing Conflict.


(Online: 3 partial days, 9 am - 1 pm, Atlantic Time)

  • January 20 - 22, 2025 (Online)
  • May 26 - 28, 2025 (Online)



Facilitator: Wendy R. Carroll, PhD Management, CPHR
Location: Online

Program Content

Negotiation and Dispute Resolution: The Big Picture

  • Interests, rights and power
  • Approaches to resolving disputes
  • Mixed-motives in negotiation

Preparing for Bargaining and Conducting Negotiations

  • Process of negotiation
  • Roles/team members
  • Gathering and interpreting data
  • Why negotiations go wrong

Negotiation Theories, Models and Strategies

  • Distributive bargaining (win/lose)
  • Integrative bargaining (win/win)
  • Selecting a negotiation strategy
  • Game theory
  • Living with the agreement

Ethical Issues and the Context of Negotiations

  • Three approaches to bargaining ethics
  • The use of deception
  • Questionable negotiation tactics

Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Using a mediator or conciliator
  • Arbitration or a tribunal hearing
  • Developing an internal grievance procedure
  • Innovative approaches to resolving disputes
  • Is going to court the answer?

What You Will Learn

  • the techniques, strategies, and procedures employed in contract negotiations and administration
  • an understanding of the negotiation process and alternative forms of dispute resolution
  • when to use a particular dispute resolution strategy


Who Should Attend?

You will benefit from this seminar if you:

  • fear confrontation and want to learn how to deal effectively with disputes
  • negotiate contracts as part of your job
  • supervise and/or manage employees
  • have to deal with disputes on a regular basis
  • use or plan to use mediation or have to appear as a witness before a third-party decision-maker (such as a judge, arbitrator or panel)