Managing and Resolving Conflict in the Workplace

The common issue most employees struggle with is poor communication in their workplace. Whether with work colleagues, reports or managers, the issue stems from no communication to miscommunication. With the advent of digital and social media communication channels dominating our workplaces, conflict arising from communication issues cannot be ignored. 

This seminar will examine some of the key communication and conflict management skills necessary to more effectively reduce and resolve conflict in the workplace. There will be a specific focus on electronic communication and how it impacts organizational conflict management.

Knowing the best steps to take when conflict arises is important. Feeling comfortable and equipped to take those steps is essential if conflict is to be effectively managed. Practising using recommended conflict management strategies and techniques will provide that comfort in ability to step forward. Participants in this seminar will have the opportunity to learn and practise using a "conflict coaching" model suited for employees at all levels within the organization.

The capstone to this seminar will be a comprehensive focus on designing and delivering informal interventions to better manage and resolve complex, multi-party disputes in the workplace. The knowledge gained and time to practice in this seminar will leave you feeling more confident to respond effectively when conflict does arise in your workplace. 

Managing and Resolving Conflict in the Workplace is an elective seminar for the Certificate in Managing Conflict


(Online: 3 partial days, 9 am - 1 pm, Atlantic Time)

  • June 10 - 12, 2024 (Online)


Facilitator: Patrick Aylward, BA, LLB, CCRS, CPSL
Location: Online

Program Content

What is Organizational Conflict?

  • Causes of organizational conflict
  • Impact and costs of organizational conflict
  • Emerging trends in organization conflict

Appropriate Dispute Resolution Processes

  • Informal dispute resolution processes
  • Multi-party informal dispute resolution interventions
  • How to choose the most effective response to the conflict situation

Approaches to conflict coaching

  • What are your transferrable skills that will support this activity?
  • Practising conflict coaching

Electronic Communication and Conflict

  • Impact of technology and organizational conflict management
  • What role can individuals play in reducing miscommunication?
  • How can managers and leaders set good examples in their use of electronic communication?
  • What tools can be used to support improving communication within the organization

What You Will Learn

  • How to facilitate the conflict resolution processes as a third party and/or as a “conflict coach”
  • Which informal dispute resolution processes are most appropriate
  • How to effectively guide interest based discussions/appropriate interventions
  • The scope and impact of electronic communication and conflict

Who Should Attend?

You will benefit from this seminar if you:

  • are interested in developing leadership/conflict management skills
  • are an individual or group involved in a conflict
  • are HR personnel
  • are a supervisor or manager
  • are a leader
  • are interested in increasing your understanding and skill related to alternative dispute resolution