Individual Writing Analysis

Individual Writing Analysis

Discover your strengths as a writer – and areas for improvement

Do you wonder if your writing is effective? Now you can find out through this opportunity developed in response to demand from participants in our Certificate in Business Communications.

Continue your learning through a personal writing analysis from our communications instructor, donalee Moulton. This will include feedback on key writing elements including completeness, conciseness, clarity, and grammar. As well, a comprehensive readability analysis will be completed to assess the reading level of the writing and readers' ease of understanding.

REQUIREMENT: Enrollment in the Certificate in Business Communications.


 $255 + HST/session
Facilitator: donalee Moulton, BA

Program Content

How Does it Work? 

If you are enrolled in our Certificate in Business Communications then you are eligible to participate. The completion of each writing-related seminar in your certificate entitles you to register for an additional feedback session.

We will need a one-to two-page sample of your writing, which will be analyzed and returned to you with detailed comments. Please contact Executive and Professional Development at to submit your writing sample. We will pass it on to donalee who will then contact you with her comments.

What You Will Learn

  • How well you currently write including areas of strength
  • What areas you need to work on to enhance your writing skills
  • How to critically assess your writing
  • Tips and techniques to assist with future projects
  • The grade level at which you have written

Who Should Take Part?

You will benefit from this seminar if you:

  • want a comprehensive analysis of your writing
  • have to write as a regular function of your job
  • are interested in improving your writing skills
  • need to ensure your writing is understandable to most people
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