Program Overview

Become Fluent in the Co-operative Enterprise Model with Our Online, Part-time Degrees

Learn about our Certificate in Co-operative Management (professional certification, 10 months, part-time, online)

Unique Features of Our Programs

  • Part-time so professionals can work while studying
  • Flexible and majority asynchronous sessions to fit into busy schedules
  • Online so students can study from their home or office
  • International curriculum, faculty and student body
  • Faculty is embedded within the co-operative economy
  • Students use their own co-operative/organization as a living lab
  • Professional degrees - applied, grounded in practice, informed by theory, accredited
  • Cohort approach that facilitates a peer-to-peer learning experience with fellow co-operators
  • International study tour to co-operative exemplars - typically Italy or Spain (part of Master's degree, optional for Graduate Diploma)
  • Research project to explore a topic of your choosing more deeply - supervisor provided (part of Master's degree)
  • Our programs are stepping stones to each other so students can elect to continue their studies (Certificate - Graduate Diploma - Masters)
  • Our program curriculum is informed by input from ~80 members (co-operatives, credit unions, mutuals and individuals) of the Co-operative Management Education Co-operative to ensure its continued relevance and impact

A Message from Dr. Sonja Novkovic, Academic Director & Co-operative Economist

“Our programs are professional programs, designed for people working in the co-operative economy. The curriculum is firmly grounded in applied co-operative experience, set in the context of wider economic and social influences.

Our current students, alumni, as well as our Co-operative Management Education Co-operative board members, all influence our direction and curriculum, as we collectively ensure our education enables and equips our students to be critical thinkers willing to see beyond the status quo.

Our students and graduates are the proof of the value of co-operative education we deliver together. Considering how they are approaching their work and how they are putting the co-operative principles and values into play for the benefit of their members and communities, tells us we are succeeding.”

Sobey School of Business Accreditation

The Sobey School of Business in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada offers a wide range of business education options. The school attracts independent thinkers who value cooperation and offer programs recognized with the prestigious Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accreditation, the highest standard of business education worldwide, Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) and the European Foundation for Management Development. See details on all of the accreditations here.