Tuition and Fees

Master's and Diploma Programs

Total master's and diploma program costs include orientation fees, tuition, books, materials and most in-country study tour costs (Master's program). We are an international centre and thus, we charge the same fees to all students, anywhere in the world (i.e. no international student fee differential). Fees are subject to annual changes.

Graduate Diploma
Year 1 $11,130 $11,130
Year 2 $14,785
(includes study tour)
Year 3 $8,016 N/A
Total costs
$33,931 CAD
$15,284 CAD

Additional Costs Not Included Above

  • Transportation to and from orientation (Halifax, Canada) plus lodging and some meals when orientation happens in person.
  • Transportation to and from study tour origin (Italy or Spain, depending on the year) and some meals (accommodation for additional nights if arriving early or departing late).
  • Transportation to and from graduation (Halifax, Canada) plus lodging and some meals (optional).

Modest Scholarship and Bursary Funds May Be Available

Tuition fees for each semester are due at the beginning of each term. For more information, consult this page Financial Aid and Scholarships.