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Co-operative Management Education Co-operative (CMEC)

The International Centre for Co-operative Management (ICCM) at Saint Mary’s University is the go-to Centre for education and research on co-operative management and governance. What’s more – co-operators and their co-operative, credit union, and mutual enterprises (CMEs) created the Centre to secure education, research, and knowledge about co-ops, by co-ops, for co-ops. Today, CMEC ensures that the activities of the Centre respond to the real business needs of the co-operative economy.

Membership is open to co-operatives, credit unions, mutuals, co-operative sector organizations, educational institutions, and individuals. Through leadership, commitment, and engagement, CMEC Members contribute expertise, advice, and funding to the Centre. Members gain access to a rich, global, co-operative network; to the latest co-operative management and governance insights; and pass benefits along to their own members, staff, and boards. Join us!

If you would like to support the co-operative education system with a contribution to our bursary fund, please click this link to make a charitable donation today.

CMEC Board of Directors

Andres Escobar, Individual, Canada

Ashley Grewal, Vancity Credit Union, Canada

Erbin Crowell, Neighboring Food Co-op Association, USA 

Elvy Del Bianco, British Columbia Co-operative Association, Canada

Faye Lageu, Individual Member, UK

Fred Freundlich, University of Mondragon/ LANKI, Spain

Marc Duplantie, CMEC Co-Chair, Co-operators, Canada

Terence L. Courtney, Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund, USA

Sonja Novkovic, Saint Mary's University, Canada 

Susanna Collins, Co-operative Management Education Alumni and Student Co-operative, Canada

Tracey Kliesch, CMEC Co-Chair, Central 1, Canada 

CMEC Members

For a complete list of CMEC Members, see the CMEC Membership May 2024 .

Download CMEC By-Laws (May 2020) .

For more information about what it means to be a CMEC Member, see the CMEC Members Flyer .

Get in Touch 

Write Erin Hancock, Education Manager, at erin.hancock@smu.ca

Marc Duplantie, CMEC Co-Chair, The Co-operators, Canada


Marc Duplantie


Tracey Kliesch, CMEC Co-Chair, Central 1, Canada 

Tracey Kliesch

"CMEC is a co-op with a global and diverse membership who come together because we know how important co-operative management is to the vitality of our sector. Strong co-ops need leaders who understand co-ops! Through CMEC, the ICCM offers programming that responds to the real needs of cross-sector co-operative organizations.

Support CMEC by enrolling in our programming so we can continue to grow co-operatively minded leaders. Consider membership if you would like opportunities to inform our educational offerings, share your expertise, share the value of our resources and join an international network of passionate co-operators."