About Us

The International Centre for Co-operative Management (the Centre) exists to elevate the global co-operative sector through education, research, and knowledge dissemination. 

The Centre was formed to provide a customized Master's program in co-operative management to meet a need identified by the co-operative sector. Leaders sprung to action which resulted in the incorporation of the Co-operative Management Education Co-operative in 2001 and over $1 million in financial support.

Tom Webb was the first Program Manager and John Chamard, the Academic Director. The efforts started with a co-operative alternative to an MBA program – the Master of Management, Co-operatives and Credit Unions – still the flagship program today.

By 2003, the first students were enrolled in online classes taught by co-operative researchers and practitioners from Saint Mary’s and around the world.

By 2013, the Graduate Diploma in Co-operative Management was added as a shorter online option for co-operative professionals.

Over 300 co-operative and credit union professionals have engaged in the Master’s level degree programs to date. Our alumni are highly engaged. They convene events, facilitate learning opportunities, mentor new students, speak at conferences, conduct research and more.

The Centre's program staff and faculty offer a Certificate in Co-operative Management, an international co-operative study tours and short leadership development courses, conduct and publish research, host symposia, offer webinars and more. 

Nearly 80 co-operatives, organizations, academic institutions and individuals form the Co-operative Management Education Co-operative guide the direction of the education, research and Centre partnerships to ensure the Centre's relevance and impact.

The Centre continues to develop activities and partnerships to expand the knowledge and network of professionals in the co-operative economy globally.

If you would like to support the co-operative education system with a contribution to our bursary fund, please click this link to make a charitable donation today.



The first  class on their co-operative study tour in Mondragon, Spain, 2004