Residence Services

Residence Services

Reminder to all Residents:

Residents are reminded that they are prohibited from using nails, tacks, hooks, spikes, tape or any other materials to hang pictures, posters and other materials on the walls in their rooms. See the section below concerning assessment costs for using such items. Please Click Here to read more....

Download an instruction sheet for completing your Room Inventory Form. (pdf format)


Facilities Management maintains the University's buildings. If you experience a maintenance problem with your residence room or apartment, you report the problem at the Loyola Residence Desk, either in person or by phone at 902.420.5591. The Loyola Residence Desk will submit a work order to Facilities Management.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of service, please report this to the Manager, Residence Services by phone 902.496.8734 or by email at For more information please visit the Facilities Management Website.

Lost Keys

Keying In and Letting Residents into Their Own Rooms

In the first and second instances, residents will be let into their apartment without charge, but on all subsequent occasions residents will be charged a $10 fee. The Assistant Director, Residence Services controls this practice. Non-residents/residents are not permitted access to another resident's room. Approval is required by the Director, Housing & Conference Services and/or designate for any exceptions.

Upon taking occupancy of a Family & Graduate Housing (FGH) apartment, the occupants will be issued with one apartment security key and one mailbox key. If the occupants can justify the need (for example: extra keys for dependants above the age of 10), extra apartment door keys may be issued. Please make requests for extra keys to the Housing & Residence at

Lost Keys will be replaced at a cost of $10 per key. If residents need a replacement access card due the card being lost/stolen the cost is $20 per access card.

When a key is reported lost or stolen, the apartment or room lock will be changed within two hours as a matter of policy and not at the discretion of the tenant. A fee of $20 which is non-refundable will be charged for this service in addition to the cost of replacing the lost/stolen keys.


The University's custodial staff maintains all stair areas, common hallways, the general cleaning of all floor lounges, and the weekly scouring of the bathrooms (with the exception of apartment units in Rice Residence and the Senior Apartments in Vanier and Loyola residences, which are self-contained).

Resdents are responsible for their own rooms, and in the suites the occupants are responsible for the day-to-day tidiness of the apartment common spaces, kitchen, and bathroom.


There are two card-operated Laundry Rooms in the residence complex‌:

One is located on the 2nd floor of Loyola Residence; the other is in Henn Alley on the ground level close to the Rice Residence.

The University is not responsible for damages to, or loss of, personal items no matter how caused.

In order to load money onto a laundry card, the terminal across from the Loyola Residence Desk must be used. Money can only be loaded onto the laundry card by debit or credit card. There is a $5 minimum and $20 maximum on amounts to be loaded. There is no refund for laundry cards with balances returned upon check out.


The Residence Mailroom is located in Henn Alley. Residents pick up their mail from the Residence Mailroom. A mail clerk is available Monday-Friday to distribute packages which do not fit into individual resident mailboxes. Mailroom hours of operation are posted outside the mailroom.

The Residence Mailroom is NOT able to accept any mail, packages, or other items that require a 19+ signature. Anything delivered to the Residence Mailroom requiring a 19+ signature will be immediately returned to sender.

The Residence Mailroom / Housing Office / Loyola Residence Desk / University are NOT able to accept any delivered items, perishable mail, packages, or other deliveries / items (such as prepared meal boxes, flowers, etc.).

Unfortunately, we are not able to hold or forward mail for individuals after they have checked out of residence. Before checking out of residence, individuals should make sure they have provided a forwarding mail address to anyone who needs it and / or redirected mail / parcels appropriately.


Mailing Addresses

The mailing address for students in all three residences is:


Full Name

Room #, Residence / Building Name

Saint Mary's University

923 Robie Street

Halifax, NS  B3H 3C3


Individuals should ensure that mail is properly addressed. Please note that improperly or incorrectly addressed mail, including mail addressed to individuals not currently listed as living in residence, will be returned to sender.



Individuals ordering from Amazon should strongly consider having their Amazon orders shipped to a nearby Amazon Pick Up Location, such as the one located on Fenwick Street near the Saint Mary’s campus: FENWICK PO, 5595 FENWICK ST, HALIFAX, NS, B3H 1R0 Canada. This shipping option is available when checking out with Amazon. Using this method will help reduce issues associated with the courier delivery services Amazon often uses.



Packages and deliveries from couriers (FedEx, UPS, DHS, Intelcom, etc.) must be collected directly from the courier or delivery service by the resident receiving them.

Individuals should ensure they have provided a phone number to the courier or delivery service (so they can be contacted by delivery personal) and courier-delivered items are able to be picked up immediately at the time of delivery from the courier / delivery service by the resident in question. If a resident is unable to accept their courier delivery at the time it arrives at the residence complex, the resident and the courier will have to make alternate arrangements for a new delivery time.

The address to provide for couriers and delivery services is:


Full Name

Room #, Residence / Building Name

Saint Mary's University

5865 Gorsebrook Avenue

Halifax, NS  B3H 3C2


The Residence Mailroom / Housing Office / Loyola Residence Desk / University Mailroom are NOT able to accept any delivery service or courier-delivered items.



Please note: mail is delivered to the University’s central mailroom before it goes to the residence mailroom. As such, even if a parcel is listed as having arrived on campus according to a tracking number, it may not be available at the residence mailroom until the next business day.



Room Numbers

Housing & Conference Services does not provide the room numbers of residents to persons making inquiries (except to University officials). It is the resident's responsibility to provide their room number to friends and family members.

Cable TV and Internet Services

The University provides cable TV access in residence. There are flat screen televisions in each of the common lounges. Basic cable service is provided in all lounges and apartments.

Students also have access to the campus computer network and unlimited Internet from the comfort of the desk in your bedroom. You will need your own computer, either desktop or laptop, and a brand name Ethernet card installed in your computer including a RJ45 patch cord. You will need to register your computer's Ethernet card MAC address with the University's Enterprise Information Technology Department (EIT).

For information on obtaining internet access on campus (wired or wireless) please click here.

Of course, you must agree to abide by the Saint Mary's code of computer conduct or face possible disconnection. Questions or concerns with campus computer network should be directed to the EIT Help Desk at 902.496.8111.


Please refer to Facilities’ Management’s information regarding parking and permits here on their Parking page.


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