Res Top 5

Res Top 5 is a service that gives residence students quick and easy access to the information they need to know about residence, Saint Mary’s, the Halifax community and more. It comes in an email format up to 3 times a week. Within the email, subscribers will find 5 small “articles” about upcoming events, workshops, services, and opportunities. It’s easy to view on your smartphone, subscribe today! 

Subscription Tips

Current residence students are automatically subscribed to the newsletter at the being of each term. If you would like to subscribe, use this link to join the mailing list: click here


If you would like to unsubscribe, use the link at the bottom of the Res Top 5 email to unsubscribe.

If you have any questions or concerns about Res Top 5, please email



Res Top 5 Submission Request Guidelines & Instructions

*Please note Residence Life will do our best to fit in your article by or before the date you have requested. The earlier you submit your request the more likely it will be entered by the date requested. If we cannot accommodate your article, we may change it to an announcement – in this is case we will email you to approve the new text. Please adhere to the guidelines below to ensure that your article is published on time. We also reserve the right to alter the text to fit the Res Top 5 format.

Instructions for Submitting:

1)      Email to

2)      Subject line: Res Top 5 Request for Submission: Date you would like it posted by (ex. Res Top 5 Request for Submission: January 30)

3)      Include the following information in your email body:


Title – One Sentence, short sweet and catchy (Maximum 6 word approximately)

Date & Time of the event/program – If relevant

Article body – 3-4 sentences (5 maximum) that lets students know the exciting stuff, or important/need to know information (will be hyperlinking to further information – goal of writing will be to get students to click the links to learn more)

Hyperlinks – Maximum 2 links can be to an email address or webpage. Please provide links or email addresses and text for hyperlink

ex. Sign Up Here –

Email the Centre if Interested –

 View Our Site –


Text – One sentence of text with essential information can be an upcoming date or recognition of someone or something.