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BComm Academic Advisors are expereinced in helping students navigate their academic journey in the BComm Program and Saint Mary's University. Academic Advisors strive to empower students by helping your learn about the resources, strategies, and tools needed to transition through your academic journey. BComm Academic Advisors are committed to providing a supportive environment that focuses on individual student need and prioritizes your educational, professional, and personal development. As your advisors, we can help you identify your goals, strengths, and interests to help you make informed decisions. 

Students can book an appointment through our online booking system to meet with an Academic Advisor. When booking an appointment, students can choose their preferred method of advising appointment delivery from a range of options: in-person, phone, email, or voice call or video call using Microsoft Teams.

Effective September 15, 2021, the BComm Advising Centre will offer a blend of in-person and virtual services for students. 

In-person Advising Information 

  • In person (on campus) advising appointments are available only to students through a booked appointment.
  • Advising will be offered in 20-minute appointments at the BComm Advising Centre, located in the Sobey Building, on the second floor. Students are asked to wait in the waiting area outside of room 252.
  • Students are asked to arrive no more than 5 minutes before their appointment and wait in the waiting area. Your Advisor will come and get you for your appointment. Students are asked not to enter the front desk area.
  • Students who are late for your appointment, please wait in the waiting area and your advisor will continue to check if you have arrived. Students who are more than 10 minutes late will need to reschedule their appointment.
  • Masks must be worn at all times, and all campus health and safety protocols must be followed. Students are asked to cancel and reschedule their appointment if feeling unwell.
  • Students will be required to complete the Check In & Out Form when they arrive and leave Campus.
  • In person drop-in advising will not be available. Students must book an appointment.
  • In support of safe hygiene practices, we are unable to accept forms or other documentation at this time. Students are asked to continue to email any forms, such as major declaration, to sobey.bcomm@smu.ca. Paper forms and documentation will not be accepted.

Online Drop-In Academic Advising

Online drop-in academic advising is available to students every Friday from 11:30am-12:00pm. Students can access online drop-in advising through the BComm Academic Success and Advising Centre Brightspace. Zoom links can be found in the Upcoming Events Calendar or through the Zoom option on the menu in Brightspace. 

Peer Academic Coaching for Bcomm Students

Not sure how to plan and manage your time and all the deadlines ahead? Are you thinking you might make better use of your study time? Want some tips for tackling tests? Wanting support on how to balance your academic life with everything else going on in your life?

Chelsea Greenham, BComm Peer Academic Coach, offers students the opportunity to have a one-to-one session with another student who has both experienced success in the BComm program and also has an awareness of what it’s like to be a student in the BComm Program.

The BComm Peer Academic Coach can meet  students to discuss individualized strategies and resources on a range of academic challenges in the BComm program.

Book an Academic Coaching appointment by clicking here!  

What is Academic Advising?

Academic Advising is an important part of your experience as a student in the Bachelor of Commerce program in the Sobey School of Business and Saint Mary’s University. Academic Advisors in the Sobey School are called BComm Program Advisors and are here to support and assist students to help guide you through your program. Academic advising is an on-going, collaborative experience. Academic Advisors in the BComm Program work together with students to navigate their academic program and offer support and advice to help students achieve academic and personal success throughout their undergraduate degree. 

Academic Advising Appointment Information

Appointments are approximately 20 minutes long and can be scheduled up to two weeks in advance. Students who require more in-depth advising are encouraged to schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor.

Academic Advising appointments are best used for questions about:

  • Review your degree requirements and monitor your progress;
  • Plan and sequence your courses that relate to your goals and interests;
  • Explore program options, such as major, minors, and certificates;
  • Understand university Academic Regulations and processes;
  • Help students experiencing academic difficulty and develop a plan;
  • Understand transfer credit and Letter of Permission;
  • Discover and discuss your education and career goals;
  • Develop and use strategies for academic success;
  • Identify opportunities to build skills in the university community (e.g. study abroad, Co-op)

Students can book and manage appointments using our booking page:

Book an Academic Advising appointment by clicking here!  

Why Speak with an Academic Advisor?

Your Academic Advisor can help you understand your degree requirements, academic expectations, where and how to get help, and how to design and plan your undergraduate student experience at SMU.

Your academic success is a shared responsibility where students work together with their Academic Advisor, professors, and other resources on campus to meet your goals. Students should speak with an Advisor at least once a year to review your progress and plan your next steps to ensure you are on track and meeting your goals. We are here to answer your questions and check-in on your progress.

How do I prepare to meet with an Academic Advisor?

Not sure how to prepare to meet with your Advisor? Academic Advising appointments are private meetings to offer students customized, individual support. This allows students to have discussions unique to their needs. Here are some suggestions to consider before attending your appointment:

  1. Create a list of questions or concerns you want to ask;
  2. Check Degree Works to review your degree progress and what questions you have;
  3. Review your academic program/major/minor in the Undergraduate Calendar for information;
  4. Review important academic dates and deadlines and Course Registration dates;
  5. If you need to cancel or change your appointment, please do so using the link or contact sobey.bcomm@smu.ca 

What Happens in an Advising Appointment?

Your Advisor wants to help you as much as possible. When meeting with your Advisor try to provide as much information as possible to help us understand your situation and how we can best help. Advisors can work with students to help record important information or suggestions discussed during the meeting. Many times, during appointments advisors and students discuss and plan for next steps and students can schedule a follow-up appointment.

I need help, but don’t know where to go?

We know that many students experience different challenges during their time in the BComm program. If you need help, come to speak with an Academic Advisor. Not sure if we are the right place to help you? Visit us anyway. We can help students understand and explore different options and services on campus when you are experiencing personal challenges or an emergency.

BComm Advising Centre contact and location information:

Sobey 252 (just off the main Sobey Building lobby)
903 Robie St, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 3C3

Email: sobey.bcomm@smu.ca | Phone: 902-491-6532 


  • Bronwyn K. Lynn, BComm Program Manager
  • Jill Thomas, BComm Program Advisor
  • Emma Wicks, BComm Program Advisor
  • Yi Xie, BComm Program Secretary


 Looking for Graduate Student Advising? Contact info.sobeygrad@smu.ca

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