BComm Advising

The BComm Academic Success & Advising Centre provides students with advice, support, engagement opportunities to make the most out of their degree. BComm Academic Advisors are experienced in helping students navigate their degree program and academic journey in the BComm Program and Saint Mary's University. Academic Advisors strive to empower students by helping you learn about the resources, strategies, and tools needed throughout your time in the BComm program. 

Students can book an appointment through our online booking system to meet with an Academic Advisor. Appointments are available in-person or online (MS Teams). Appointment delivery is identified when booking your appointment. 

Academic Advising Resources

Drop-In Academic Advising Information

Students can access in-person and virtual drop-in academic advising through the BComm Academic Advising & Success Centre Brightspace. Students can attend a drop-in advising session via Zoom for one-on-one advising or in person in the Advising Centre. Students will wait in a queue in the Waiting Room of the Zoom meeting and the advisor will admit students one by one throughout the drop-in period. Students attending on campus can visit room SB 252 to check in and wait to meet with an advisor

Drop-In Advising Sessions take place:

Students can email bcomm.advising@smu.ca with any questions. 

BComm Back in Business Program

Are you a business student who is looking for extra support to stay on track and meet your goals? Students can join the Back in Business Academic Success program to help set goals, create a success plan and receive dedicated support. Learn more about the program: Back in Business Academic Success Program Guide (PDF)

Apply to the Back in Business program using this link: https://forms.office.com/r/vmh6eDkvgA  

Any Commerce student as well as those students participating in the Back In Business Program can access this website: Welcome to the BComm Back in Business Program

BComm Academic Success Resources

The BComm program offers free academic success resources for undergraduate commerce students. More information and resources can be found on the BComm Academic Success Brightspace. Support and resources include:

I need help but don’t know where to go.

We know that many students experience different challenges during their time in the BComm program. If you need help, speak with an Academic Advisor. We can help students understand and explore different options and services on campus when they are experiencing personal challenges or an emergency. Contact us by email or drop in to our office. 

Learn more about where to get support using the BComm Success Pathways Inventory (PDF)

BComm Academic Success & Advising Centre contact and location information:

Sobey 252 (just off the main Sobey Building lobby)
903 Robie St, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 3C3

Email: bcomm.advising@smu.ca | Phone: 902-491-6532 


  Jill stands with her arm resting on a railing inside a sunny room. She has light skin, wears her dark hair pulled back and a black dress.
Jill Thomas, Senior Academic Advisor
SB 237

Emma has light skin and short brown hair. She stands with her arm resting on a railing inside a sunny room. She wears a black shirt and green sweater.
Emma Wicks, BComm Academic Advisor
SB 254

Wendy stands with her hand resting on a railing inside a sunny room. She has olive skin,  shoulder-length dark hair and wears a red blouse, white blazer and black pants.
Wendy Wang, BComm Academic Advisor
SB 239

Sarah stands with her hand resting on a railing inside a sunny room. She has light skin and long brown hair. She wears a light green sweater and black pants.
Sarah Joyce, BComm Program Assistant
SB 252

Looking for Graduate Student Advising? Contact info.sobeygrad@smu.ca