Research Details

Details of the CPI Research

Research Objectives

The primary objective of this research is to investigate the measurement of non-financial impact of co-operatives in Canada. Objectives include:
  1. Identifying social, environmental and co-operative performance indicators that the Canadian co-operative sector could report for their co-operatives;
  2. Identifying the appropriate process through which co-operatives will report their social, environmental and co-operative impact;
  3. Collaborating with a select group of co-operatives on the development of indicators and process; and
  4. Collaborating on a knowledge mobilization and sustainability plan to ensure that social and environmental impact assessment of co-operatives will continue beyond the initial project life of SSHRC funding and can lay the foundation for future research, take up and funding.  

Research Questions

To accomplish these objectives, there are four research questions guiding this study.
  1. What drives the adoption of reporting and measurement by co-operatives?
  2. What indicators could best represent the co-operative principles?
  3. What process of collection would best suit co-operatives?
  4. What types of analysis, reporting and dissemination would co-operatives like to see and are most beneficial?

Research Outcomes

The intended outcomes of this research are the following:
  1. List of ten indicators and metrics that co-operatives can collect, report on and evaluate themselves on.
  2. An online, non-financial indicator collection tool that has been beta tested and is ready for populating.
  3. A process whereby co-operative can successfully participate in the collection, reporting and evaluating of non-financial indicators.
  4. A fruitful collaborative approach involving researchers and co-operatives to developing and implementing non-financial impact assessment.

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